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11mm to 3/8th adapter. Does such a thing exist?

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Does anyone know if you can get an adapter to mount a 3/8th inch scope with built in mounts onto a 11mm  air rifle dovetail rail 


I've just bought a Lyman 12x supertarget I wish to mount onto a Parker Hale Pheonix rifle with a 11mm rail.



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I've tried that and they don't work by turning the clamp 180 degrees.  This scope was made in the 60's I think and you had to get mounting blocks from Lyman  with the dovetail cut in and have a gun smith fit it to your rifle.  

Im going to file the two ends of the 11mm dovetail on the Pheonix down to see if I can fit it.    I used a full length Weaver rail on top of the 11mm dovetail mount on the Pheonix anyway with my more modern scope so the alteration won't be visible 

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Won't be doing that again. Hours and hours of hand filing .  Filed the last inch of both ends of the 11mm rail to a 3/8" to fit the scope.. if I want to swap back to a modern scope, I just swap the scope on a weaver rail which covers the alteration.   Scope bell clears the barrel by 5mm just enough room for vertical adjustment of scope



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