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Beer Yeast Bread


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Just made my first beer yeast bread. I was chatting to the chap who runs our local micro brewery and he was looking for outlets for the spent yeast and malted grain. So I took some yeast to have a go at baking. It turned out ok, very beery bitter aftertaste though. Which is not unpleasant.


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31 minutes ago, bruno22rf said:

That's interesting, what recipe did you use and did you need a yeast/bread improver?

I made a poolish of 30g of beer yeast slurry, 30g of strong white bread flour and 30g of water yesterday evening and left it overnight to ferment. 
This morning I made the dough as follows

420g strong white flour

100g strong whole meal flour

280g water

10g sea salt 

90g of the poolish 

80g of the beer yeast slurry

This was all mixed together and left to prove for an hour. Knocked back and then bulk fermented for 2 hours. Baked in a preheated Dutch oven at 240 degrees C for an hour, lid removed and baked for another 10 minutes to dry the crust.

 I think I used too much of the beer yeast slurry as it was quite vigorous! That is probably where the bitterness is coming from as well. I will try again but add some malt extract and less yeast.

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The slurry is the “spent” yeast from the fermentation tank. I believe it is also called trub. Of course it is not completely spent as you need some live yeast left for secondary fermentation in the cask for conditioning. I wasn’t sure how active it would be hence putting such a large amount in the dough mix. 

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