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1915 J.P.Sauer and Sohn

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This another Holts bargain ( £50.00) which scratches a particular itch for a couple of reasons. Firstly, its the great grandfather of my beloved Baikal IZH54's which were based on the Sauer Model 9 when the Sauer factory was taken as reparations by the Russians after the War. Secondly, its a "hanging sear" system which has always intrigued me. I was told that it came to Holts as part of a huge consignment from a Danish collector and is mechanically very sound but not used for decades. This is the Holts image showing the crack in the stock at the head and the filthy chequering.

Holts Sauer.jpg

As I dismantled it I took pictures as it was found, before a thorough cleaning and polishing of the innards. These images show the action and the position and pivot of the hanging sear. There is also a schematic section of how it works. 



Sauer action.jpg

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The only work I had to do was on the stock which had a slight crack at the head at the right hand side and smaller similar one on the left. A good soak in Acetone to remove some oil saturation and then gluing with Titebond 2 along with a small dowel put that right. The stock probably split as a result of hand and breech pins coming loose and it being shot like that for some time




The result of this looseness had caused the hole in the stock for the breech pin becoming slightly elongated and thid was compounded by the fact that the pin is tapered.

Sauer Breech Pin.JPG

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I had exactly the same make of gun , mine was a hammerless s  x s and looked more like a hunting rifle , it had a check piece on the stock and swivels on the underside of the stock and the barrels , this was also bought at auction at Kings Lynn and if I remember rightly it cost about £75 all in , I took it to a roadshow where Robert Tilney and Bill Harriman were on a stall inspecting guns , I took mine to find out what chokes it had and they said the workmanship was far better than a lot of Spanish guns but these German guns were never really in favor , I had the gun for a good many years and put 1000s of cartridges through it , in the end the top rib came loose which I had done and a while later I was Pigeon shooting one day and after I took a shot the bottom rib fell off along with the fore stock , this was the end of the line for the ailing gun and it ended up in the melting pot , minus the bottom rib which I still have in my garage . that ole gun never owed me a penny .  MM

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All I had to do now was fit a stock extension as it had been cut down to about 12.5". I had an old Belgian stock of roughly the right size so cut a piece off it and fitted it to the Sauer. I've never done this before, and it shows ! but its to be a working gun. The original stock wood has some nice fiddleback on it with a bit more oiling and polishing will look fine.




Its choked at 5 and 15 thou and shoots 28g of Imperial Game very well out of its 29.5 " barrels and I got some of the first pigeons on fallen barley that I've seen this year.


All in all, an interesting gun which will get some use this year.

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