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Pigeons on laid barley report.

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This was the first day on pigeons this year for me courtesy of a very kind invitation from a friend and we ended up having  a great day on laid barley.

We had been watching two fields in particular earlier in the week and on Wednesday when we went to look, the pigeons were dropping in nicely. On Thursday we had a call from the farmer to say the sky is grey and there must be thousands on the one main field we were watching.

We were unable to get on until the Friday and thought we’d get set up early so arrived at 8am.

By 9am we were both shooting. My mate diagonally opposite to me on the other side of the field about 400 to 500 yards away.

The morning was steady but quiet and by 11am I’d had 32. In switching on the magnet, the activity started to hot up a bit and by 1.30pm I was upto 90. 
Conditions were cool with little sun and a stiff 15mph breeze right in my face which wasn’t ideal but the birds seemed to come in from various angles regardless.

At 200 I packed in which was about 5pm and checked in with my mate who had shot 120. All in all a great day and my ratio was just a tad under 2:1 and I was pleased with my shooting with multiple left and rights but missed a treble with my A400 auto but never mind. 

I would be back on today if I could but have other things to do and it will possibly be when it’s cut now when we get on it again.

I was using 30g 6 Pigeon Selects which I rate highly. 




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