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Couple of forays

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Shot a flightline last sat there was about 8 lines stretching the length of a farm track probably 1/2 mile long heading to a long thin strip of barley  Ii  shot one line near where I could pick birds  the other lines were across standing crops I picked 27 lost a few shot a different line today same land and it was heaving with birds they all got up to one of the shots late in the day and must of been over a 1000 birds in the sky  if you could get on the end of these flightlines you would need a lot of cartridges and a trailer to take the birds away we used to shoot this field but farmer decided he didn't want us shooting anything on his  land anymore for reasons I still Don't know or understand  anyway picked 35 and lost a few 


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That would had been a nice afternoon on the crop itself let alone a flight line , you had a lovely afternoon to be outdoors and ended up with a very respectable bag , far better than blazing away at the clay variety .    MM

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Real shame on the farmers decision to stop you shooting on the ground the pigeons were really going to! 
But well done for making the best of the situation, I do very much enjoy flightline shooting when the opportunity arises. 

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