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The Perfect Wind

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Last Sunday I had a call from a farmer about pigeons on his Barley, due to work I couldn’t get there until this afternoon. I got there at 1.30 and was set up for 2. I’d liked to of got there earlier but I had to wait until a regular buyer of my pigeons came to collect some birds.

The strong wind was perfect for the field and really kept the birds moving. The line was coming out of the local town and it never really stopped all afternoon, at times I couldn’t touch the barrels of my gun or reload quick enough. By 5.30 it was all over, I gave it until 5.45 and called it a day as I had a lot of picking up to do. My lab worked his knackers off and I finished the afternoon with 291 picked. I’d of shot 320+ at a guess but I couldn’t find my clicker all for 400 shots. 


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The thought of shooting that many and then the clear-up after is making me feel knackered :), well done, great effort. :good:

All the pigeons I seen yesterday were on green wheat, not a one on any of the barley fields.

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Old 'un took the words out of my mouth , looking at that pile of Pigeons was making my back ache just with the thoughts going through my head , I needn't had worried because I doubt we have even got that many in the area , that was pretty impressive shooting as well to get 3.2 out of 4 and your ole dog must have slept well after the pick up , how did you feel after a nights rest ?   MM 

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