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First go on Wheat

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The birds around here are making the switch over to the wheat now the barley is going past the milky stage. I hadn’t looked at the ground i shot today since it got drilled but I’ve shot it for long enough to know there would be birds on it. When I arrived the birds were flighting down the 2 usual lines in good numbers. I got set up and the shooting started straight away. A mate of mine joined me after a couple of hours and we had some great shooting and lots of p#ss taking. The dogs worked well even with the heat and we finished the afternoon with 194 picked. I’m off to Dorset tomorrow for our annual family week away down there so I will be swapping the gun for the spinning rod in hope of some Bass. I’ll be back at the pigeons next Sunday 


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The dogs looked as if they had a good day as well as you and your buddie , I recon the Pigeons will breath a sigh of relief knowing you are off on your weeks holiday , maybe the fish where your heading for might not be too happy .  Another brilliant bag .   MM

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Pigeon shooting and spinning for bass. You just cannot better that for sport.

Well done on the pigeon and I hope that you do well with the bass.

Thanks for posting.


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We know that B B is at the top of his game but you still need a good quantity of Pigeons to achieve those sort of bags in two different places and in less than a week , so why do one county hold a lot of Pigeons whilst others hold very little ? 

We are in a very good agricultural county but lacking large holding woods , in the Breckland area around Thetford then things might be different with large areas of woodland that are used by the M O D , nearer to the coast , then we have got woodland but not massive ones , I used to travel all round the county on the top of a double decker bus using my bus pass and nowhere did I see anything out of the ordinary , yes we are not short of Pigeons and can often come across a good day , but those days are not a everyday event and like BB you have to know where to look , on what crops to look at , picking the right weather conditions for that field and above all you need to hold your gun straight , so where are the top counties and sadly where are the poorer ones ??      MM

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