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What's the best thermal hand held spotter

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17 hours ago, Dickymint23 said:

I'm looking to buy my first thermal hand held spotter for foxing on the land I have permission on.  I would be grateful for any advice please?  I have looked at the HikMicro so far.

Budget , and what ranges are you looking to cover ?

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On 09/07/2024 at 13:23, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, There is a Pulsar XS 30 S just gone on sale here, Worth a look, I would get one with separate battery rather than internal

Thank you

On 10/07/2024 at 10:58, Good shot? said:

I have a Pulsar Axion XM38 and find it to be ideal for foxing.

Small, lightweight, two batteries and charger with neck sling or case.


Many thanks


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I have a Zeiss, not sure of the model. Think it cost about £1500.

It is an absolute game changer and definitely is better then some of my friends £800 thermals.

I have shot an awful lot of deer that would prob still be waling  around happily if I did not have the thermal.

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Hello, If you want the best it comes at a high price, Pulsar do the XM 30 and a lot of people put this as the best £1000 thermal spotter yet there are very good thermals for less it is just a matter of choice, A 3 year Warranty comes with most makes and the higher the value Pixels the better screen clarity but this is not always the case, As i mentioned those with internal batteries do have a disadvantage where if found faulty needs to return for repairs, but that is not to say these should be discounted, So it is really down to price and what range you going to use at and screen clarity, My Thermal has a better pixel range than the XM 30 and a lot cheaper but for longevity the Pulsar may win

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6 minutes ago, Charliedog said:

Where do you get that intel from?

From looking through them all, there’s plenty of info on the net also. I use a Helion XP50 2 and it’s not a mark on the latest stuff from thermtec and hik, I’ve friends with both and we’ve done plenty of side by side comparisons

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