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Good afternoon all. My mongrel Celt is 7 in November and he has slowed down a bit this year. Anyway he had a yearly check up and kennel cough vaccine last week, and the vet suggested turmeric and cod liver oil to help with joint stiffness. So does anybody have any experience of using these? If so which ones do you suggest? The vet is a family friend and has looked after our families animals for years so i do trust his word. 

Comments? Advice? 

Many Thanks in advance. Aled

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We feed turmeric to our older dogs and as we also add it to the horses feed buy as powder in about 5kg packs. We also add glucosamine powder too. Depending on circumstances we sometimes use straight linseed oil in the winter [again for both] but only when we have run out of micronised linseed which we buy in bulk sacks. 


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On 09/07/2024 at 18:35, Svenandolaf said:

I give all my dogs pure flax oil - I think it’s a great product for coats etc. They also do something with turmeric but I’m not sure if it’s any good I’m afraid. https://pureflax.co.uk/pureflax-for-dogs/

Same here, our staffords joints are much improved (he is 11 now), pretty cheap, been using for 2 years

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