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Thought you guys who have just lost a pal might like this, found on the net some time ago;


I see a familiar shadow,

Moving by my chair,

I reach down my friend to touch you,

But you're no longer there.

I suddenly remember,

You had to go away,

It broke my heart to lose you,

But I knew you couldn't stay.


Yet I look into the garden,

I'm sure that I can see,

You running chasing butterflies,

The way you used to be.

I'm sure I heard you barking,

It wasn't a mistake,

I strain to hear it once again,

For any sound you make.


When I walk down country lanes,

I know that you're there too,

You're chasing through the bracken,

The way you used to do.

The rustling of the undergrowth,

That only I can hear,

I know it's just to let me know,

That you are still here.


I feel you by my bed at night,

Your warm breath on my cheek,

But I know that you will disappear,

If I try to take a peek.

So I just lie here quietly,

And I am content to know,

That in spirit, you've come back to me,

And that you'll never go.

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My condolences radio1ham & Darebear.


I lost my Golden Lab Holly a few months ago so my heart goes out to you.


Aged 11, had her since I was 12. Daft as a brush and scared of her own shadow. But always waiting wagging her tail when I got home, or squinting down the stairs when I came in late and she had just woken up. Loyal to the end, the day she couldn't follow me around the house I knew it was time... Keep the fond memories close to heart.



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I rember bieng told -


How do you tell if a dog is truly "man's best friend" :good:??


Lock you're dog and your wife in the boot of your car and come back in a hour and see which one is most happy to see you....




Remember - All dogs apparently go to Heaven!

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I really dont think I can look at this post much longer, I am crying my eyes out :good: All our dog will be running free at Rainbow Bridge and we will see them again sometime.

The last dog I had to put to sleep as he was crippled with athritis was my black alb Teal, he was out of Drakeshead and was the most loyal dog we ever had, it was very sad but I couldnt watch him in so much pain, he was 11, unfortunately his son who we bred with my lab bitch, went missing in July last year, and we have had no sign of him since, he was the spit of his dad Teal x

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We had to have our oldest dog Pandora put down this evening. She was diagnosed with severe liver problems about a month ago and because the symptoms were stealthy we didn't realise how poorly she was until we noticed the jaundiced colour.


We opted against lengthy operations that she may not recover from and just kept her going the best we could. Over the last week her appetite had gone and she had laboured breathing and a couple of days she's been quite lame so we decided this evening we would take her to the vet. I feel a mixture of emotions at the moment, sorry I made the decision as she walked into the vets wagging her tail and glad as I know she would definitely have been in pain and not shown it. The Vet was excellent and so very caring.


So here's to a lovely dog


Pandora, Springerdor extraordinaire and wonderful companion. Aged 8.

Always happy, exuberant and a joy to share our lives with.




My thoughts as always are with those that have gone through this themselves.



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Our beautiful Great Dane Monty died today.

He was very old for a Dane 8 1/2 years.

He became very unwell and we had resigned ourselves to the fact that we must take him to the vet for the last time.

He died in the car on the way to the vets.

The house is very still.

We have cried so much.

Sweet dreams my darling boy.

We will meet again.

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We lost another of the Old mares Yesterday. Pride died at the age of 39 from a heart attack. She was with myself in the paddock and passed quickly. Pride was an excellanrt pony who had brought many smiles to children all over, giving pony rides at childrens festivals, and parties. She had been retired from the festivals for the last 8 years and had spent that time in the field with my other horses and been riden by my boys. She will be sadly missed by all of us.



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We had 'Tiny' put down today. :good::hmm:


Couldn't fetch a stick and paid **** all attention to anyone but i'm gutted. The house is a lot emptier without him. Even after he'd died he still looked half asleep, it must have been a talent.


Last Aug



In His Youth


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