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Essex Masters Hepworth Hall

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Yes , Well done everyone, you too Mung, my friend.. My only excuse is---- I was awake at 4 AM, drove 40 miles to Burton on Trent to pick up 3 other shooters, then on to the shoot, another 162 miles!! Remember I am An old T**** now, I felt clapped out before the end of the first 100,...the second 100 as stated in my report I was so ***** off with the cold and pain I was in, I wished I had not turned up.. But I thought it was a very testing shoot, remember too I am nearly 70 years old!!!only way now is down!! cheers everyone... :rolleyes::lol:

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Well lads, You obviously didn't disgrace yourself. Well done :rolleyes:


Good weather as well, nice gentle wind and not too cold. Been out Pigeon shooting in it and hardly any wind. Wish'ed I had of come now knowing you had M.I.A's. Deffo doing it next year.


What I really want to know is did BTMS perform miracles again with open chokes and 9's?


Bagsy, sounds like you had the same experience as me and Pin last year early on, albeit you still shoot miles better than I did.


What are the overall scores from the day then as I see only a few on here.



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Just in case there is anyone else who does not speak cock-a-nee;


Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This

ly·can·thrope Audio Help /ˈlaɪkənˌθroʊp, laɪˈkænθroʊp/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[lahy-kuhn-throhp, lahy-kan-throhp] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation


–noun 1. a person affected with lycanthropy.

2. a werewolf or alien spirit in the physical form of a bloodthirsty wolf.





[Origin: 1615–25; < Gk lykánthrÅ*** wolf-man, equiv. to lýk(os) wolf + ánthrÅ*** man]

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Seconded, great bloke and some shot!


Some might say fluke but to hit three midi's quartering away at speed with open chokes with no9 shot, on the bounce, he knows something or two :rolleyes:


I've taken inspiration from him and used smaller shot at longer things and had results :lol:

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:lol: Sounds like a good shot!!!! Is he a member here? He's a bit scary looking like when I first met TP! lol :lol:



What part of "would you be referring to BTMS" didn't you understand EE. Go to members type in BTMS and voila :rolleyes:


BTMS stands for ***** The Mad Scot (SS edited name for forum reason).


As Pin said he hit one particular Bird at last year's EM more than once with Skeet chokes I believe and 9's. You had to be there to believe the time delay as to where he was shooting and the clay actually breaking, it was outrageous, so much so that we went and had a cup of tea and a slice of cake and came back out to watch the clay eventually break. That was some long range shot.



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A cracking day, good laugh. I have never seen so many people texting at one time....


Never took any nines this year it was down to the HB 6.5s pigeon loads. They certainly worked even gave a couple away to Tosspot on one nasty double riser they worked ended up have to leave before the scores were final counted, I had a hangover to go too..........


69 first round and ? 63 second round lost it on the last 2 stands shooting 7 out of 16 they were TOO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!


Thanks again chaps for an excellent day



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Yeah another good PW meet up, well done Mung for organizing everything :rolleyes:


I found the targets definatley more challenging than last years! I've only shot clays twice this year, so was a bit rusty :lol:


I carded 56 1st round & a 51 the second :lol: 19 targets off last years score :lol: (need more practice!)



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Well, it was a pretty testing round, drove there in the fog, it cleared a bit to enable us to start at 9am, some very testing targets, (as always), I decided not to bother changing chokes and shoot Light Mod (3/8) in both barrels all the way round.


I did an 86 on the morning course, but felt I could have done a lot better, (missed 4 on the L/R rabbit stand 10?).


We were first squad out in the afternoon, other scores showed it to be about 10 birds harder for most, it certainly was for me, I did a 77 :good: to finish on a 163.


I generally average 80 - 82% at this shoot, so I suppose it was a par performance.


Young Scott Greenfield was going well - he did a 98 in the morning and was going strongly when I left, he's probably the only one left who could challenge the leader.


I reckon they had about 1000 entries, at £70 a go that's a pretty good result.


I spoke to Neville Jay from Essex Gun, he reckons they're going to make it even better next year by trying to get a bit more adjacent land and having 2 x 100 birders running concurrently, it should be good..!! :yes:



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Ahem 67 and a 62 for a 129, shot like monkey on acid, no excuses just didn't get going


LV do you make a habit of going round photographing other mens bottoms? We know you have a mate who likes sending snaps of his own :good::yes:

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Some good photos there - must have been the only rabbit I hit all day. That's made a good wallpaper - much to the annoyance of the kids!!


Was good to meet BTMS - a sound shot with some top stories which made time go quicker between shoots :good:


MC - we must try and sort that day with the RC plane :yes:

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