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fleas and ferrets


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somewhere like here ,,anything that works on cats should be ok for ferrets :rolleyes:

what about the weight difference as frontline goes on weight wouldnt want to get it wrong and make them ill thanx for all the advice so far and the links :good::huh:

i get the spray versiton an the vet says 3ml per kg for my ferrets but i get it for the dogs

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feeding ferrets with fur should'ent be a problem, as rabbits should be frozen for at least 3 weeks before hand to kill any tapeworm that the rabbit maybe carrying, leaving them with fur on, stops them sticking together in freezer,


frontline spray is best, as stated it kills ticks too, as both fleas and ticks get onto your ferts when you put them down the rabbit hole

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We chop the rabbits up into 3rd's (with a big cleaver) and then freeze them for eating later.


This way I can quickly grab a 'ready meal' in the morning and defrost it in time for their evening feed.


Works best as we often end up with 15+ rabbits at a time.



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