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Transporting a ferret...


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Hi all...


Just a quick question really...


Iv seen a few 'ferret boxes' used to transport a ferret from hutch to field... a fairly small box with a shoulder strap.


What are these like to cary? I can imagine them to be very bulky and a chor to lug across a field?


Are there any alternatives?





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I bought a double bow back box on someone on a popular online tat bazaar we all know and love and it is superb. Well made, easy to carry and most of all, keeps my workers safe and dry.


They are not heavy and I hardly notice it, esp when lugging nets, spade and assorted tools with me.




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The bow back boxes look great!!For thoes of us that have 4wd and can drive close weight wont matter, just safty for the ferrets , however weight is a concideration for thoes on foot , and for thoes people I would implore you to please not use one of thoes ferret sack things, its sooooooooooooo easy to trip and land on / get excited and stamp on , etc etc, a really **** bit of kit!

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When me and my very old mate (75) went ferreting

he used a small barrel with the top cut of and a piece of ply with a door set in to replace it

and as the harness he used an old seat belt.


why he liked this was when he was walking if the box touched of his gun it done it no harm at all

well this was his thoughts

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