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Yet another how did we get on today thread..........

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I shot a disgraceful 26/50 this morning with the tyrelaver that I bought from Pavman for the princely sum of £25.


I have a sore shoulder, cheek, and finger from the *******G thing. Whoever suggested a S/S competition wants shooting. Although by someone else as I would probably miss.


It wasn't until the last stand that I actually hit something with the second barrel.


I did think about


A) chucking over a hedge

:rolleyes: giving it to someone


or C) running it over and claiming off the BASC.


However I have locked it away without cleaning it. It doesn't warrant using any cleaning products on it.

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I did Copfurn with Mung, Del & Bagsy.


I was high gun on 55/80. (after a shoot off)


As predicted EE called me on the way home and reckoned that he would

have swept the board....if he had turned up.


<insert "chinny-reckon" smiley here> :rolleyes:




p.s. selling my F3 Blaser & a few other toys to fund another project. PM me if you are interested.

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Yep, LV shot his pants off today, following which he attended at Copfurn and put in a good score.


We all agreed that had Elvis been there today he would have won, however, he wasn't and so he didn't.


Bagsy saved me from a bad hat day - cheers Mark owe you one. Shot like a bender again, it's just not happening and it's becoming less fun. Next couple of days out will be with the SBS, Pump and Extrema2 to get the grin back.

Edited by Mungler
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I did 31/75 at my first shoot today with South Cheshire Clay Club, quite happy with that :rolleyes: I’ve got a sore cheek though!!!


Clays coming from behind me, overhead and clays coming low and fast from right to left gave me the most trouble. Didn't hit many of those :blush:

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Dont worry stevec it will come and noit bad score for a newbie either. Get some lessons and you'll increase your score dramatically. :good:


MC, Tyrelever?:good: what were you thinking of???


LV, what did you put in their coffee then chap? Or were they getting jealous of you wearing the gaylord hat all the time :hmm:



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Or were they getting jealous of you wearing the gaylord hat all the time :hmm:


It would seem that way mate. Dont know what I did today. If I did I would have done it for the last 18 months !!


I wasnt even put off when Del Digweed went into the bushes to have a premature celebratery hand job :good:

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I went with Evil Elvis to Northampton Shooting Ground.


We met up with Outlaw, CJ, Berettaman1, Claybuster and Paulos.


It was a 100 bird CPSA with Skeet, DTL, ABT and Sporting.


It was a nice sunny day, EE and I were talking so much on the way up there that we missed the M1 junction !!!!! :good:


It was nice to finally meet Ron (BM1) who at 68 is a great shot and top bloke :good:


Berettaman1 saw this sign with F/U on it and miss understood what it meant. He began counting but only got as far as one :yes:






EE (Bazza) got 24 on the Skeet but it wasnt enough to make up for his score on the ABT...





I cant remember all the scores but I beat EE by one on 65 to his 64.


No doubt there will be a more detailed write up and a few stats from Bazza later ! :lol:

Edited by LV
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I did rather well this morning managing to tile my entire kitchen floor without swearing to loudly and even managed a trip to B & Q without losing my rag.


No shooting this weekend at all for me :good::yes::lol: :yp:


Hi Mate,

Sorry, Don't beleive the bit about B & Q, that cant happen!! :good:



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:good: Well.....technically matt only beat me by one.....and i only hit 8 on the abt.....so he was lucky!!!!!!! When he told me he didnt know what chokes to use on abt it was a tactic!!!! :good:


I'll tell you something else about Ron Mungler.....hes in your league when it comes to excuses!!!!!!

Edited by Evil Elvis
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Blimey Ron looks much older and drunker than I imagined


Andy, you would have enjoyed his company. He is a great shot. He moaned that the Kronenbourg 1664 in the clubhouse wasnt as strong as the 9% rocket fuel he normally drinks !!! :yes:


He had some Blue pills with him which he waved under all the womens noses. (they all spurned his advances). I reckon he may feel a little "stiff" tonight !!! :good::good:

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Nice to meet you fellows today :good: Good laugh, and definately an experience shooting with Ron :lol:

I do fear that the pink hat is going to haunt my dreams forever, I don't think I will ever shoot badly again - simply in fear of that hat! :yes:


Oh yeah, and I won something!!! :good:



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Shot the NSW shoot this morning. Had a bad day 27 ex 40. Just couldn't get on the clays for the first couple on each stand, then when I did find them, I proceeded to drop the odd one or two. Didn't help on the last two stands when the trapping (Manual) was somewhat lacking in the trappers ability to maintain concentration, but that I suppose is what happens when you go upto the borderlands :good:. ALl thumbs and no fingers :yes::yes:


Still, nice day out, good laugh, some good conversations about wildfowling issues in the region and even better to get home pot a few pigeons in the garden and then have a BBQ.



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Shot Purleigh Wood this morning. Quality shoot with some good testing targets (80 over 8 stands). Managed to get in and out without getting the car stuck too!


Diggy gained a cult following as we went round, dusting clays with his 100 year old SBS :rolleyes:

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