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Air Rifles

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Hiya All

I have very little knowledge of air rifles!I've often thought about buying an air rifle!What is the killing range on a standard air rifle.Does a modified rifle need to be put on a FAC & what would be a reasonable price to pay? :D

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Hi Lazza,


I use a FAC Air-Arms Pro-Elite running @ 24lb/ft which knocks over birds & bunnies out to about 60 yards.  Any air rifle that develops more than 12lb/ft muzzle power requires an FAC, so always check the power of a modified rifle on a chronograph to keep yourself on the right side of the law.  Price depends on whether you want single-shot/multi-shot, spring powered/pneumatic etc.  £200-£300 would get you a good quality starter rifle - but it's up to you!  


I would definitely recommend getting one - they are good fun and cheap to shoot.


Hope this helps.


Steve  :D

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I am a keen airgun fan, a legal airgun up to 12lbs power will kill a rabbit up to 45 to 50 yds depending how good a shot you are, they great for just pinking about pellets are cheap, look out for the airgun mags like airgun world and airgunner, there plenty of adverts for different guns.

mike :D

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Hi Mike.


I notice on your website that you shoot a Rapid 12 in .20 cal.  Do you find the .20 a good compromise between the flat trajectory of .177, and the hitting power of .22?  Also, what about availability of good pellets?


I've been thinking of changing to .20 for a while now.



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Hi Steve

To be honest i prefer .177 I can't get on with a .22 at all, I find the .20 very good like a .177 but with a bit more hitting power, I use H&N pellets good groups and if you hit your target right it's dead. No trouble getting pellets so far, I make sure I keep a fair few tins in stock. there not a lot of choice.

but h&n and accupell are my main ones, plenty of them about,

and they are good for up to 50 yds killing range if you are up to it, which I'am not, it old age creeping up.

all the best


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I currently run a Falcon FN12, at about 20lb/ft.  This is very effective on rabbits, pigeons, rats, etc., out to about 65-70 yards, providing you are on target  Most rifles running at 12lb/ft will consistantly kill, (cleanly), rabbits out to about 45 yards, maybe 50 if your lucky, but shooting should not be about luck especially rifle shooting, it should be about skill because the "lucky" hunter will wound alot more of his/her quarry then a skilled shooter.  It is best to keep air rifle ranges to a maximum range of 35 yards to be sure of killing cleanly.  If you cannot consistantly get 10 shots into a 2" circle at 30 yards you should not be trying to shoot game at that distance.  Air rifle shooting is all about field craft.  The art of rifle shooting is to get as close to your quarry as possible without being detected.


Practise makes perfect, so a good dose of target shooting every week will enable you to take good clean kills out in the field.


Good luck


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25-35 metres for Humane killing of live quarry every time. With experience you make take them further out but don’t suggest a novice can just start at humane killing at much more.

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I'm somewhat suprised that, considering it's ability to shoot Rabbits at 55 yards, the Imp has not won many competitions. I think our friend Si who made the original claims recived quite a slating and may even have taken some of the clips down? Not sure why he went overboard on such a gun, the cynical amoung us might think that he was a SFS shill.

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