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My mum keeps rabbits in the garden so it wouldn’t be long before a rat showed him self. So while she was planning on how to take action (Properly nicking one of my dads traps!)

I was out there ready. Now i have shot rats with many things like 22 rim fires and 410 shotguns but i couldn’t just use one in the back garden so i dusted off my old air rifle and was ready. I was amassed to find how effective they are. I shot 6 rats in one after noon and every one was a clean kill and it isn’t a full power air gun either.

Good old air airgun!  

:(  :(

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Try the same thing with a lamp at night Dave and you'll get a whole lot more!


Having been mentored by "savage" (see the great rifle shooting debate in 'Can you lamp pigeons?' forum), I can shoot the eye out of a moving rat at 150yds using a 12lb/ft air rifle with iron sights (at night with only the light of the moon!).


Hope you can take a joke mate!   :laugh:  :laugh:

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I've never used a catapult before Dave, but as you mentioned the dog - I've a little jack russell bitch who absolutely loves ratting, you want to see her go!  I tell you one thing, I never thought I'd feel sorry for a rat till I watched her at work.   :evil:

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