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I sat up in my sisters bedroom with the air gun pointing out of the window after some rats. It was geting very dark and I still hadent got anything I was just closeing the window when along came mister magpie and sat on the fence so I opted for a trusty Hollywood heart shot just at the top of his wing before you reach his  neck It seams to kill quicker than a head shot. Any how he hit the deck dead and I am supposeted to be going to a farm tomoro with dad to try to take out some rooks In a shed

Could I put him in the freezer so I can use him as a decoy tomoro or do I have to gut him  :(

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We are not even allowed to bring them into the house! If we wanna eat them we need to take them to my grampas inconsiderate mum and she wont let us get a dog! :evil: I tried shooting targets in the garden with one of those stupid gat/spud guns then got accused of shooting the neighbouts cat  but im inosent im too scared to even look at one (unless its a flash clip) :(

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Bad luck everygoodnamewastaken My mum used to be the same the only way you can convert her is to make her some nice meat from all the little birdys you have killed




My mum never goes to my uncles house anymore because there is always dead deer hanging up out side ready to eat well she dosent mind eating it   :laugh:

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