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Broken Gun?

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I was Pumping up my air arms s200 today and had just put the pump away when I heard a sort of hissing noise so I picked up the gun and put it to my ear and the noise was comeing from the front part of the air bottel. I removed the lid cover and the noise stoped and as I put it on again it started up again put as every second passed the noise got less and less load until I could hardly hear it at all.


I dont know If its a leak but I have not pumped it up or used it for a while ( Since the winter were I used it every outher day ) and I think I just might have been hot or something.


+ The gun is not very old  


Your Thoughts Please

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If its the same type of valve as in the rapid bottles which is a ball valve, firstly u can try getting a punch or allen key and giving it a slight tap with a hammer (slight tap). OR you can get some air and just blow into it and try and remove the dirt. Ot if this dosent solve the problem, then just send it back to Air Arms or your local gun shop. If you dont feel comfortable doing the above best to just leave it for the shop to do.



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