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Is Your Car Insured

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I've just spent a few minutes looking through BASC's magazine,Shooting & Conservation. There's an article in there, warning people that there is a clause in many policies,that means cars are not insured if they are used to transport compressed gases,which includes the cylinders on air rifles,or pre-charged pneumatic air rifles...........Does anyone know anything about this?

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What  the article said was, a shooter informed his insurance company out of courtesy, & was told if he carried the cylinder, it would nulify his insurance! He was also told by other insurance companies, that if he wanted to carry compressed air,he would need to take out a commercial insurance, which was mega-bucks.  He did however get a reasonable price in the end.But,from my experience with insurances.........if they can get out of paying.........they will!

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Telephoned my insurance yesterday (cornhill) and they said i was ok to travel with my air rifle (rapid mk2) and divers tank in my vehicle.They did ask for the dimensions of both buddy bottle and divers tank.I suppose it differs from one insurance company to another.One thing i did make sure of was to get it in black and white,you know what insurance companys are like.

                                Regards sean. :(

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