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Which pellets?

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Which pellets are you airgunners using and why?  (Please state calibre and what you are using them for).


I was a Crosman Accupell man for ages, but I've used Air Arms Field (.22 domed) for my last 1000 shots or so and found them really good in my rifle.  Good stopping power and fantastic accuracy (I'm now getting 27mm five-shot groups at 60 yards).


Use them for hunting mostly and some target practice.


What about you?

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William, I'm glad you got those Marksman pellets for free because I'd hate to think you paid for them.  I bought them in .22 a few years back thinking that pointed pellets would be the dogs danglies for slotting crows.  I know I can't swear on the forum, but those pellets were ...........!!  (Substitute the worst swear word you know in the space provided).


They were totally inaccurate and of completely different sizes!!!  Some wouldn't fit in the barrel and others simply fell out again!!!  Unbelievable!


For a rifle like your Meteor, Eley Wasps are a good choice (they're nice and "zippy").  I used to use Wasps in my TX200, but my Pro-Elite tends to make funny shapes out of them when hit with 23ft/lb  :laugh: .


I see you're coming round to thinking about a PE on another forum.  Great choice mate, you'll not be disappointed.  :(


In fact I'm off to the gallery to gaze at her now  :love: .

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I don't know the power figure for a Webley Tomahawk, but I've slotted bunnies at 65yds stone dead with the PE.  Anything over that distance starts to get a bit small looking unless you've a 50x scope or something.


The PE is not hard to cockadoodledo  :( at all, unless you're the guy in those Mr Muscle ads!


I don't know what you mean exactly by "slight pressure" but check the tin to see what the exact calibre is.  Eley Wasps (.22) come in 5.5mm (purple tin) and 5.6mm (blue tin).  My mate was jamming the 5.6mm ones into his HW77 and I gave him some of my 5.5mm ones - made a real difference in his accuracy.  I know you are shooting .177, but they might have 2 sizes of those too!


Tight-fitting pellets will not be better for accuracy, it will just lead the rifling of the barrel more quickly.  A pellet should just practically slide in with a small amount of pressure.  When the air blast hits the tail of the pellet, the tail expands and catches the rifling to impart spin to the pellet.


I may be off on a tangent here mate but check the sizes anyway, it might help you get even more accuracy from your gun.  :(

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Good job William!  Sub 1/2" groups at 30yds is pretty sharp  :( .  Nailing 2 crows is even better!!


But shouldn't you be studying for your GCSE's?  Maybe you were conducting a physics experiment about velocity, energy retention or the stability of spinning projectiles in air perhaps??   :laugh:  :laugh:


Good luck with the exams mate!

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I was always a H&N FTT man, they were great in all my guns and are a great weight at 15.54 grains (i think), then when i got My Falcon i gave AA Hunters a go and getting sub inch groups at 50yards and have never turned back, they are great pellets at great prices and would reccomend them to all as they work well in a very large number of guns

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