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Hi guys.


Some money burning a hole in my pocket and I'd thought about buying one of those co2 pistols for a bit of fun.  Has anyone ever had a go with one of these??  As well as target shooting, could you use one to knock over starlings in the back garden?  I don't think you need a licence for one of these, but if anybody knows otherwise let me know!

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Poor wee starlings! What they ever do to you? :evil:  lol give em hell you maybe should take a wee look at this page i came across its quite funny  :( http://www.mebbs.com/klitten/Airgun.htm i hope that link works theres a bit about shooting starlings (and skunks, well allmost) it probibly depends on the stregnth if you need lisence or not. Thought about a sling shot? there a lot cheaper! and quite strong!

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I believe that in this country (UK) that it is illeagal to shoot any vermin with a hand gun. If you intend using it for that I would check first if I were you.


(someone has to keep you guys in check when Cranfield is on holiday)  :laugh:  8)

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