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Is anyone else having as much fun as I am with the young "branchers" this past week??


I'm using the air rifle to pop the little ones off the branches (or as they make a run for it after falling out of the tree  :laugh:  :laugh: ), then use the shotgun to blast mummy and daddy who've been circling and cawing for the last 15 mins!!


Oh what fun!   :evil:


*Note - B4 anyone else says so, I do become mildly psychotic at this time of year (well, more psychotic than the rest of the year  :laugh:  :laugh: ).

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Has anyone seen babby pigeons around theres loads in a cow shed I know any way there quite young and cant fly there great fun to shoot :(


Theres nothing like spotting a brancher in your back garden it brings the whole garden out in a spring time joy!  :(

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Hiya Steve, we've been knocking off some young rooks in the rookery. We shoot the young with the rifle's & then shotgun the adults as they come back. The trees we are shooting into are tall trees, so the 12 bore shots are being taken at 55 yards. So it's 3/4 & full time. :(

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martin why do you just take the breast? thats a bit off old chap when you can make crow stew from the rest an indeed an indian headress from the feathers, not forgetting a jolly good back scratcher from the feet like you said whats the point of killing it if you are not going to use it old boy " what... what..."

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