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Max hunting range?

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What range?  What combo?  What stance?


I'm not interested in techicalities or the "ethical" max hunting ranges decided by the mags (they have to give cautious ranges so they don't come across all irresponsible).


I'm talking about the max range YOU can get consistent clean kills with YOUR combo.


I have took a few headshots on rabbits at 75yds, but mostly I won't take a shot if it's over 60yds (2" groups on paper targets).  The 21ft/lb of my Pro Elite makes for flat trajectory, accuracy, and plenty of kinetic energy left at this range.  Sitting position and up to 24x mag gives a good clear sight picture to make sure it goes where it's meant to.


What about you guys??  :(



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Sadly I cant take that many long shots any more as I can only Zero my Air Rifle in the back garden so I relly have to gess on long shots. But I once gota rat at about 75 yards but that was with my mates F.A.C Airgun I put the crosshair miles above his head and was suprised to hit him it was a bit stupid of me to try but I did kill him nice and clean :(

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I normally dont like takeing long shots because like Willam said your not relly shure of a clean kill. If the days airgunnings gone a bit wrong and theres nothing to shoot then why not set up a can to shoot some were You can have loads of fun trying all sorts of mad shots from miles away with out the risk of wounding animals + its good practise for the real thing.  :(


Whats your new gun going to be Willam? I rember last years birthday riping open my present to find a lovely Air Arms s200 and that was the best birthday ever!    :(

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Big Dave, it could be a BSA Meteor .22,

I also had one of those for a while. They had an under-cocking-lever and you put the pellet in a hole on the top of the "breech". A nice gun, but heavy to carry around for long.


I never persevered with air-guns, when I was growing up they were seen as part of the natural progression to a shotgun, not a sport in their own right.


If small pests had to be dealt with, we either used traps or a .410.

Things have changed a lot.

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I think dad thinks that air guns are just toys as he started me off with a 410 Untill I asked for one on my birthday . He tends to use traps for rats and stuff and cant understand why I use the air rifle for pest control. Also I think he dislikes them as he thinks that any old person in the town can get hold of one and shoot cats and things with them , there was an incdent on the shoot a wile back were some young partrages were shot with an air gun by some **** from one of the local towns but I think that was just a one off. He shot a few pigeons in the back garden with my air gun a wile back and said how inpressed he was with its abilty for clean kills

I think I have converted him


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The whole technology and sophistication of air weapons has changed dramatically in the last 25 years.


In my local gunshop, the target rifles look like something out of Star Wars.

Cut away butts, scopes, bipods,matt finish etc.

Some of the handguns look very realistic as exact copies of the "real thing".


I think they will eventually licence all air weapons, including paintball guns.

It seems strange that they haven,t, taking into account their attitude to everything else to do with guns and shooting.


It may help keep air weapons out of the hands of idiots.

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There should be no reason to licence air guns but sadly there is a reason now, and this problem has just crept up in the last few years because some ****** do stupid things with them and like Cranfield said they have let all us law abiding shooters down. Maybe the lincence should be less strict but at least it will stop ****** getting there hands on them.


I caught dad looking through an airgun mag today maybe I have compleatly converted him he espicaly likes one done up to look like a full bore so maybe that will be the next thing on his credit card  :(

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And Steve when I take shots I try to use a natural rest of some sort.  I don't have a bipod... yet...


William, if you buy a spring rifle like the Tomahawk a bipod is a waste of time - it'll open up your groups to about 12" at 20 yards!!  Never rest a springer on a hard surface, the forward recoiling of the piston knocks your shots off everywhere.  Use a natural rest, but always keep your hand on the forend between the rest and the rifle  :( .


Dave, whats your impressions of the S200??  I've heard some good reports on accuracy  :( .  Small reservoir though, how many shots do you get from a fill?

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I have to say that I think all air guns should be recorded. When I was younger a few people I knew had air guns & to be honest, you'd be struggling to hit the same target twice at 25 yards. Nowadays the air rifles are much more accurate.

I think maybe a database of who owns them would be ok, rather than a full license.

Just off the point a little...........I thought those BB guns that all the kids had a little while back, was disgraceful. To see young kids pointing pistols at each other really bothered me, and the damage they could do at close range.........

If people have nothing to hide & are responsible, surely there'd be no objection to register their air guns.

The other point  I have to make is this..........I know of several people who own air guns,and more than half of those guns are no longer standard power guns. When I say to them about putting those guns on an FAC, the reply is, it looks like a standard air gun. Would the police know by looking at it, that it's had different springs or washers put in to it..........I don't think so! So what their carrying around could be something that could kill at 50yards or more & is very accurate......unregistered!!!!!.

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All air rifles, air pistols etc have to go on to your FAC here, (although one FAC does everything), yet we're the only part of the UK where you can still have a handgun!!!  Weird.


I think some of you guys are right, with the increases in power and accuracy of modern air rifles they should definitely go "on ticket".  It's the irresponsible ones who spoil it for everyone else  :( .  I don't think sensible shooters would mind if it meant a reduction in the silly incidents and bad press caused by ****** with air rifles.

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I would take any "agreement" between the Police, BASC and HM Government, with a pinch of salt.


Licencing = Control and Income, two areas much loved by Authority.


I also agree that nobody owning an air weapon should object to being licenced or registered.

There are too many incidents of vandalism ,assault and animal cruelty that can be traced back to air weapons.

These idiots are classed as "shooters" with the rest of us, in the eyes of the general public.

I don,t want their "mud" sticking on me. :(

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You said it!  :evil:


Steve: the S200 Is the best air gun I have ever shot its deadly accurate and You get nearly 50 full power shots out of it and with the sliencer which I have of course   :( it is silent as there are no springs to make noise. The trigger when ajusted is perfect. Its not the most goodlooking gun but the wood work its relly good as with haveing that little place for you hand relly fits in my hand nicely makeing the gun more steady when you aim. The only troble is that some people have troble with the bolt on them as it flicks up when you fire but mine has never done that. Its not the cheapest gun at about £200 + charging equipment+ silencer when you have added all that it comes to nearly £300 and the pump gets relly anoying having to do that all the time,but its worth it.  :(

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Nice one Dave!


Despite Steve's advice on the pro-elite I really like the sound of the tomahawk


William, try going to this page www.totalairguns.co.uk/html/reviews/tomahawk.htm, its a pretty good review.  :(

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:angry: After reading some of your reports I got my beloved

Webley axor from my mums house for a play.


Again like Big Daves gun this is pumped up befor you go out with a sturup pump, ... I tried to recharge it and after 30 seconds I was absolutly knackerd....god knows how I used to do it.


I'd like to be able to use it again but as you read on a pervious post ... not allowed on my shoot :grumpy:


Will putting it away 1/2 charged ****** the seals do you know  :(


:crazy:  On the legal limit side, I brought it as 12 ft/lb,

and at the time all my mates had various diffrent guns, one of whom had his cronographed to- 11 1/2 ft/lbs, I could shoot further with mine and with the same brand of pellets it would

go into posts / trees alot further than all of there guns.


I've never had mine tested and it now sits in my house, if it's

above the limit and I haven't tamperd with it, were do I stand

legally, (I dont have a FAC).


:( Sould I take it back to my mums and let her go to jail?? :what:

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