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Complaint's against guns

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Its the old story,I've got copys of airgun world from the early 80s and this thing about licensing and age limits used to be brought up nearly as often as it is know.If the current laws were implemented by the police there wouldnt be any problems,just because they dont have enough manpower to spend time finding the catshooters ect shouldnt mean the rest of us should suffer.I dont see how licencing could work  all that would happen is that the ones of us that were legit and had somthing to loose ie firearms certs revoked or dedicated airgunners who used there airguns responably would sign up and the rest would just carry on as they were before.As for age limits its the way most of us probably found our way into the sport in the first place,it would just be cutting out vital new sportsmen/women from trying a very enjoyable hobby.We should all be worried by this sort of thing  :(

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A few weeks ago a stall in our nearby town market was selling pistols that used a "gas bulb" and fired plastic pellets.

Very realistic looking and costing about £5.00.


The local juvenile inbreds were lining up to spend their drug money on them (cynical old Cranfield).

I didn,t notice any of them buying the targets, which were optional extras.

I suspect they had other "targets" in mind.


The same stall was also selling laser pointers and high powered catapults.


These are the sort of things that need to be controlled in some way.

Don,t forget there is no legal age limit on the purchase of any of the above items.

Its obvious that their purchase is for mainly anti-social reasons.

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I remember as a child having a cap gun that fired plastic pellets not very powerful but as you say powerful enough to blind you,the problem is were do you start licencing, ie at what power?The thing is i never fired mine at anyone as i was allways taught good gun handiling even if it was a toy.I know the kids that buy alot of these guns have no sense of these things.Its a very difficult subject.

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