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dead pigeons wanted asap in the plymouth area


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Come on guys, someone as to have some pigeons they have shot and want rid of in the southwest..


I have 2 very hungry Burmese Pythons that will only eat birds.


I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for these pigeons.


Help me out :good::D:D

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I have 5 in the freezer that have been air rifled off my roof. i was keeping for decoys but the snakes can have them if you like. I'm in gloucester.


I also take jackdaws off the roof everyday and the magpies, sometimes the odd crow. all with the air rifle.



Gloucester is abit far for me, otherwise i would be there like a shot.


But a big thank you anyways :blush:



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have you thought about lead shot in pigeons, wouldn`t like to see your snakes with lead poisoning.

Tony A.


Hey Tony, The ones i get atm are shot in the head, the pellet tends to go right through so no need for me to dig anything out. However after doing research on these things it would appear that it would not harm the snake anyways due to them eating the pigeon whole and sorting out what is worth keeping and the rest gets passed right through.. which aint a pretty site LOL like having to clean up after a horse LOL


I do have a good look at the bird before offering it to my snakes. I have been lucky to not have to go digging for the pellet as of yet, but i would if i had to :blush:.


Never worth the risk is it :lol:



Hi Nikki

Wish I'd seen your post earlier, just got rid of a load of pigeons and crows. Drop me a PM and let me have a contact number and I'll pass some in next time I'm out, probably not till next week.




Scout i have left you a PM :lol:


Thanks :hmm:

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