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i have cocker spaniels too silly lol if u had read my posts earlier u would of seen that


like i said different strokes for different folks


i have read you other posts and see you are only 14 so i would expect a bit of immaturity so i wont say to much back to your post . good luck :good:


p.s should you not be in bed it is late :good:



and i wont say much back to you. apart from the fact you have to hide your age and you sound like a patronising idiot.



Have a NICE DAY :D

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Being someone who owns another disliked breed (I have a Rottie) I know what a pain it can be when people steer clear of you because of the dog you're walking.


I have to say I agree with many of the comments though. Staffs, Rotties and alike are fashion items for low life chavs. Whether we like it or not they bring the breeds into disrepute and decent owners like us are tarred with the same brush.


Mention a Rottie and the image of a drug dealer comes to mind. Mention a Staff and a track suited chav with Burberry cap comes to mind. Let's face it, they're the ones seen walking down the high street, stood at the bus stops or pictured in the Sun.


A few on here need to lighten up, no one has been accused of being a chav. Some are merely pointing out Staffs are the Chav's 'dog of choice'.


Back on track, if you can train the dog to work for you all well and good but to be honest they're not really a shooting dog are they?

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and what did any of it have to do with you as you now sound like someone who likes to stick his nose in for an argument so

you obviously are the biggest idiot walking get a life saddo


p.s HAVE A NICE DAY :angry:



:lol::lol::lol::no: i have a life. i have a wife. i have a cat (two of) and some wellies :hmm::P


and as for "saddo" :good::no::no::lol:







he catches another one!!


im going to train my cats to retreve, and fox you all!!!! :lol::hmm:




Oh, and by the way chris198498210..............its a public forum.............meaning....





if you dont like my views... tough ****, dont reply to em :):good:

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I wouldn't be proud of owning a dog that could not be trusted implicitly, and had the ability to inflict so much damage. Why should other people have to 'watch out'?

How ignorant can one man be I'm a proud owner of two staffy's who I trust implicitly.As for inflicting so much damage,wake up mate any breed of dog can inflict damage,again its down to the owner and the dogs environment.My dogs are always on a lead not because of the breed but because I'm a responsible owner.You may have had a bad experience with staff's but please dont tar all staffy's with the same brush.Ian

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