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Any mma fighters out there?

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I've been into martial arts most of my life & with the upserge of the sport with the likes of UFC & cage rage its getting more general acceptance,


In my experiance most serious fighters would rather stop a fight than start one, so I'm not talking the (look at me i'm ard) thug.


I have spared with farm lads in the past & without exception they have crazy strength, ... i dont know if its breeding or hard work from a young age but man there always a handfull


dose anyone else follow any combat sports?

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did karate hated it was too lardy dah

then did jujitsu.

and kick boxing got to brown belt before having to stop due to injury.

also did weapens training and a bit of display stuff whirlwind kicks that kind of stuff...


I have a karate black belt, but yeah some clubs are very traditional, thats not for me either, Jits is great but you need to train a stand up disyplyn aswell


with regard to injury I broke a vertibra in a sking acident 8 years ago, I had a back opp 6 years ago I was real bad but the specialist said exersize more so i went back to karate, the kicking and the leg work really strengthern your back..... it hurt like hel for 6 months but now i'm mainly pain free & i can do the splits again.......result!

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I wish I could do MMA. I watch it on tellie and it amazes me! You guys must **** yourselves when you get in the ring!


All the best though! :angry:

some of the lads at the gym are realy out of shape they take it easy & treat it as a hobby or a bit of fun, and good luck to em but they always end up fitter almost by accident

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I have trained mainly in Lau Gar kung Fu, Wado Ryu Karate, WKA full contact kick boxing and Kali, I gave up training last November due to worn knee cartliadges. I have also trained in some other styles in church halls etc with rubbish instructors.



I am also a grand master of batjitsu a little known martial art but widely used ............. with a baseball bat! :angry:

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my brother was big into Judo and did quite well. I was the Karate (Shotokan) fan, and did quite well, but big brother and me used to laugh all the time at these girlys doing "muay thai" :angry: as my nephew was doing it.


We discovered the joys of beer, and he discovered the joys of training hard, and reaping the benifits.......


we dont laugh at him any more :good:











so what if he is world champ, :good: ......id still kick his *** :lol:

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I'm very skilled in the ancient art of sitonarseee and drinkeeetea, I've been practising for years


i would of tried that but you need to much equipment, and you have to replace it everytime you train.....


there's biscit-chucks, & cake-itsus, as well as the damage to your health, heart ataccks & stretch marks

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For many years i have been an exponent of sha-kook the most deadly of the martial arts . Being a black belt fifth dan i am able to kill with a single finger . Harnser .





Kennym ,

Some body allways asks . Sha-kook is the noise that a pump action shotgun makes when you rack the trombone to load one in to the breach ,sha-kook ,sha-kook . Harnser .

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I really enjoyed UFC till it was taken over by bloody Setanta. Mind you there is some decent Cage Rage now. I did enjoy seeing old Mr Couture still winning and sad at Matt Hughes losing.Great sport but apart from some kick boxing have done nothing like MMA,except for some Cumberland Wrestling outside the pub.

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