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Another big Herefordshire Fox

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Out again last night after some long range rabbits, i called in a fox to 50 yds and somehow missed it as it trotted away,

Then i spotted another one amongst some sheep, at one point i had the cross hairs on its chest but it had a ewe as a back stop so i had to wait, it ran to the far side of the field then turned and trotted back, i tried all the usual ways to stop it but it refused so i took it out with a perfect running chest shot at 100 yds,

After taking some photos i had a quick look round the field and saw what i thought was a badger, i had a look through the scope and was amazed that it was in fact another fox, i got down and gave a squeak at which the fox sat down and stared at me :rolleyes:

40 grn v-max straight through the chest at 200 yds, as you can see he was a big dog fox although not as well endowed as the one i got last week,

i then shot a dozen rabbits with the furthest a very pleasing 220yds


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hey mate your rattling through those foxes out your place. there is a couple about here to. dave said there isnt many over by him tho this year !


When your mentor free, go out and get them, if the weathers ok on sunday i know where there might be some for you to feed some 50grn v-max out of your 22-50.

They dont like it "up-em"

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