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Not to burst your bubble, but all Iphones have a sim card which is designed for the Iphone (not meaning shape). Putting a different one in (any other network other than O2 wont work) will land you with a whopping great big bill on data usage, unless you have a decent package (which would far outweigh the monthly cost of just buying an Iphone contract)


I tried for months to get myself an Iphone when they first came out and I ended up waiting for a year for the new one and nearly lost a couple of hundred quid trying to import one from Germany that wouldn't have worked in the end!

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I can sell the handset when i like as long as i pay my contract it does not matter


As for the phone yes you would have to be on 02 and also if you dont have a data plan with them it would be best to turn of 3g and any other data to stop yourself getting a huge bill

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as long as he has ihis sim it is ok i have had loads of fone off peopel on contract you just put your sim in n its a pay ngo and he puts his sim in another,its the sim wot the bill gose to not the fone,


till he switchs it off and you cant use it or if you miss a bill.phone can be opened to all networks but not if blocked..i would not bother with this lads.no offence to person who is trying to swap.best chance is to sell it else where and then buy a rifle.

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Thats fair enough i probly will sell on ebay anyway now


But do you really think i will miss a bill i have had lots of phones and never even made a late payment


One thing i will not mess around with i always pay bills on time as i dont want bad credit

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