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The 16" alloys are responsible for the appalling steering lock (I find 18"s OK). I'm with Harnser - the Disco is brilliant if you need a 4x4. It could never compete with the motorway-cruising luxury of an X5.

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Dare I say it......................


You should have bought Jap! :hmm:


On a serious note, I have had my Landcruiser for a year now (having binned the Disco) and it is a revelation. Yes it is huge (frighteningly so!) and oh boy is it thirsty (30mpg? yeah right!), but it is a joy to drive and a dream off-road. My only concern with it is that the prices for a decent second hand Cruiser have fallen through the floor! I saw a 55 plate LC5 with ALL the bells and whistles, and only 17000 on the clock, for £11500 in the Autotrader last month!


I haven't driven the LR3, but it would have to be something really special to make me change my mind about the big Toyota........

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The car is cosmetically immaculate and has been thoroughly checked over by a ex-Landrover technician who says that it is in good mechanical condition.(now)


It is honestly the most awful car for driving experience that I have ever owned and I cannot wait to get rid of it.


I used to have a Freelander (dreadful car) which spent most of its life in the dealer, undergoing MAJOR warranty repairs :hmm::lol: .


When it was in for repair, they had the unfortunate habit of giving me a Disco courtesy car :good: . I hated the drive, it used to roll round corners. Good job I've got sea legs, otherwise it would bring on seasicknesses. Horrible car to drive. The Freelander was a nice drive, but a mechanical disaster area :lol:

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Quote Wheel articulation and diff locks are more important than heaters LOL

But not when the Engine wont run! :yes::lol: Anyone with a lLand Rover should always carry a front towing eye on their keyring, It will mean you can usually get home ;) And never forget the land rover is just a Jeep copy!

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thats intersting baldrick

was your cruiser a swb?

my mate has one and it will go anywhere my 90 will and gets there quicker,bags of low down power, his is quite an old one and has diff lock as standard, it is uk spec and does look more buisness like than the jap imports.

maintanace is praticaly zero as well.

got myself another hilux ,i have 3 of theese and 3 landrovers and there is no comparrison for a day to day vehicle no more landys for me my tool kit is now gathering dust.

there is something i like about 90,s though just wish they were not so high maintance and not designed around left over british leyland parts.

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I sold the Disco today :hmm:


I am gonna bank the cash for a while and will hopefully go back to a Merc.


I have bought and sold many cars over the years but this was easily the hardest car to sell. (without giving it away and losing thousands of ££££)


I seriously advise anyone considering buying a 4x4 to buy from a reputable auction. In this process I have found that there is no such thing as "market price" for a 4x4 nowadays and you can chuck any of the price guides in the bin. A 4x4 now is only worth what someone wants to pay......and selling mine was a very expensive and frustrating business. :D

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