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Isuzu trooper/bighorn help

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After using my 92 Bighorn on a very wet boggy field at the weekend it has developed a very annoying shudder in the steering when driving, it is contantly there regardless of speed. when it was off road i did use both 4H and 4L then drove the 40 mile home no probs the shudder/ vibration started the next morn. mate suggested it could be build up of hardened mud on the rims but had a feel last night and they looked ok will have another look at the weekend when it's light.


Didn't reverse straight away after engaging 4WD mods must admit it was after i got home but have done this on a few occasions with no probs.


So any mechanic/trooper infact any help would be great

cheers steve

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Hello there. Driving off without disengaging your front hubs on a number of occations will have worn out the clutches in your automatic locking front hubs, and most likely knocked the outer halves of the teeth off. I suspect it sometimes goes 'ZZZZZZZZZZZZ' when you set off sometimes, when you have recently been in four wheel drive? Another sign is a nasty clunking when in four wheen drive as the hubs skip a few teeth.


There is no real remedy for this, other than replace. My Isuzu pickup (Vauxhall Brava) was just the same way when I got it so I threw away the old worn auto hubs and replaced them with stronger manual ones.


Does this help? Cappy

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Thanks for the help will have a look at the weekend when its light and i have time to get it down to morrisons to use there pressure washer and drainage system, well don't want mud all over the drive do I.


will update over the weekend

Webber the trooper has auto locking hubs on the front wheels when you engage 4WD Hi or Lo these lock in to give you the all wheel drive when you are finished you disingeage 4WD then move the car in the opposite direction to unlock the auto hubs, this can be a few meters or 20 meters. it is my intention if i keep it any longer to replace these with the above mention manual locking hubs

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you'd know if the hubs hadn't disengaged as it would felt awful driving it on tarmac. The plus is if you break the auto hubs all that happens is they don't engage so you loose 4wd you won't get any issues with driving it normally.


Give it a good wash and check the balance weights are still on, otherwise I had similar when I destroyed a CV joint shook the car like mad to drive it and in the end to get home I did have to run it in 4x4 which helped. Plus point is these are relatively easy to change and not too expensive.

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even if the hubs are still locked in, aslong as youve not got the car in 4wd, it wont make any difference, free wheeling hubs are purely for saving fuel/wear and tear turning your front axel/diff prop ect when not needed, sounds like the lads above said, mud or weights knocked off.

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finally got the trooper up on stands and the wheels of, everything looked to be nice and tight on all shafts, getting frustrated and thinking it could be wheel balance decided to start it and run in gear with the wheels of and there was a hell of a noise from the rear passanger side, started to strip the brakes to find they had been binding big style sliders badly pitted and corroded and th discs had seen better days warped badly, ran the trooper again with the disc of and the vibration has gone :hmm::D


So need to wait till i get paid then new discs, sliders and boots. in the mean time start to strip and clean the rest and that should be it.


thanks for the help and advice

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