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Daihatsu Sportrack

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I've just sold my landy and got a sporty myself :good: . Its pretty good on fuel and unstoppable off road. If its got road tyres though and you feel the need to replace with all terrain or mud's make sure you get 235/75x15 as they give you 6mph to your cruising speed for the same rpm (you wont need a suspension lift). I know that don't sound much but believe me its the best move i made with it. But the best thing is its silent when ticking over in low range and you can drive right up to bunnies :oops: . So i would so go for it without a shadow of doubt :good: These are the tyres I went for insa sahara

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the only problem with the sportraks is the head gaskets fail and being a 1.6 petrol they aren't great on fuel. But for a cheapie to throw away when its broken they aren't bad. Obviously being a daihatsu Tin worm is the worst problem

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Well i was supposed to have a look today ' I have left three messages on his phone but he has not replied to them


I will ring again tomorrow and see if he gets back , if not i'm looking elsewhere


Thanks Guys :yes:

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