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what 4x4 would you use ?

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Absolutely: enough capacity for even your order at Greggs. It's surprisingly easy to park too: all the nearby buildings and stationary vehicles will move to accommodate you and your Tonka toy.



Greggs do an awful lot of pasties mind....... :good: ..not to mention sausage rolls......*darn i mentioned them*


you still might struggle...... :good:



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I saw one of these on Saturday, never seen one before, it was lovely, Toyota FJ Cruiser.




My (great)uncle in canada has one of those.. (hes 75..) Its great offroad! We were driving on ice so slippery you couldnt walk on it and that thing towed a trailer up a steep hill offroad! Lovely to drive and pretty comfy... Slurps the petrol though.... with its 4.0L V6..


Me myself would rather a Landrover Defender 110

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No, Andy, that is not 'lovely'. It looks like it was bought from the Early Learning Centre.

I also like Hummers. :good:


I keep looking at Range Rovers but I have read so many bad things about them and know a couple of people who have them or have had them, electronic problems galore, why so many problems on a car which costs so much, I could never understand why they never got Toyota to supply a Land Cruiser rolling chassis complete with drive line and electrics to bolt a Range Rover body and interior to, that would then be a car worth buying.

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I saw an X6 the other day they are just wierd looking, but then so do quite a few new cars when you first see them

But the one that makes me laugh out loud is the Jeep 'Patriot' - jeesus h christ who ever thought that looked good on paper or in the flesh :yes:



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now if you want the perfect vehicle for the scool run and a trip to the shops ,you want a unimog 1500 on full agric spec tyres.just flick it to 4 wheel steer for those awkward spaces,or if you cant be bothered just park on top of the *******.nice height for creating safe backstops for lamping :hmm::D:lol:

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