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I have had one and it was a great vehicle, just check it for rust, mine started to rust on top of the fuel tank, there is a hollow where the pipes etc go in. As for off road they are good, the 2.0TD has good torque and the only thing that held me back was I occaisionally used the tow bar as a plough :)

That said, I prefer the Jimny as it is lighter and doesn`t need to watch for any touching of the nose/rear when on steep inclines/declines or bellying over rises.

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Front diffs tend to get smashed on vits. Pretty weak materials used. The V6 model had a far stronger one and is a direct fit. However, you just try and find one. :) Fit an alloy sump and diff guard asap if you intend on doing any serious offroad.


As Henry said, fuel tank pipes are ****. A new tank and pipes will set you back around £100 of that auction site. I replaced the one on my vit for new and it was an awkward job mainly because of how tight they are to get in.


Hi/lo range box is cracking! Had my little motor ploughing through ruts with the belly on the floor and the wheels pulling it along nice and steady. Fit some decent rubber and later a 2" lift kit and you're away! :)

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