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The Essex Masters Booking Thread

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Okay, this thread is for the booking of the PW contingent at the Essex Masters this year.


The Masters is being run April 16th to the 19th and we will be looking to book an a.m. slot on the Saturday 18th April.


Post your name only if you are in and on, and PM me with you screen name, real name, address and contact number.


Nothing else please - I am merely booking this; I don't know what facilities will be there, whether it is fibre wad only, whether the burger van caters for vegitarians, whether dogs are welcome, whether you will be allowed a quick snog with the Nevilles from Essex Gun and I don't care if you are planning on going but subject to getting the time off work, child care, an early release from prison or otherwise.


If you back out at a later date you will be named and shamed as a time waster, decent excuses and much better offers will be allowed; indeed, if I am invited out on a drug fuelled binge with a couple of Page 3 girls on the Friday before then I will not be attending.




EDIT: The list so far (and to keep it here at the top of the thread is):




2. Tractor Boy (gold star for advance booking)

3. Mungler

4. Broken Man

5. Peter De La Mare

6. Tosspot

7. GaryB

8. Stealth Stalker

9. Fat Cat Splat

10. Bagsy

11. Evil Elvis

12. Chard

13. MC

14. Lefty

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Now Henry, i believe you may have pulled my post a little prematurely there - I answered young Mungler with the phrase "Idi Amin", which translates as "Yes please, I would be most delighted to attend" in Essexish - Thereby contributing to the thread and not derailing.


Mr M could corroborate this by my very act of confirming i had PM'd him with my details for the shoot.

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I'll risk death and dismemberment and say I'm in it, innit :hmm:


I reckon that'll set me back £200 :hmm: to shoot (miss) a few clays, including petrol, cartridges, filthy women, drugs etc etc.


I must want looking at :good:

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We are in and on for the 9 a.m. and 9.10 a.m. off slots.


Total number 14 (two squads of 7) Matt (Lefty) you made it in under the wide.


Tractorboy, could you let me have your name (I deleted your PM) - you are in but until I pass over your name you are shooting under Tractor Boy.


Over and out.

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Yep, me too......can't wait...!!! :hmm::oops:


If you're shooting on Saturday, bring your wet weather gear. :blink:





Nobody on the planet can forecast weather that far in advance. They can't manage a couple of days, let alone a week and a half :oops:

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Well it seems that dude can forecast an awful lot right up to the eve of an event, then maybe he's not so sure.... :hmm:




Yes, I can predict the weather accurately 10 days in advance, using this secret tool:




Works every time..!!


I'm also shooting some pretty dire scores at the moment, that even MC would be embarrassed by, thank goodness Mung didn't take up my offer of a "Winners Pot" at this event. :good::drool:



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Ah never mind Cat, after all we are shooting on the saturday and you on the sunday. And everyone knows that the weather can make a shoot 10 birds harder.



Cough cough "BULL****"

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