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Honda CR-V ES Automatic

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I currently have a 57 plate Ford Ranger that belongs to work that i use for going shooting, the only problem is that it is constantly getting muddy (It`s White!!) and i have to clean it, i pay private usage tax on it but i have found a Honda CR-V ES Automatic for sale at a resonable price, i know that the CR-V is a good car on road but how good are they off road and how good are automatic 4 x 4, i have never had any contact with them so pointers would be good.

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I have one, as you say, good car on the road but apart from some minor stuff I have never really tried it off road, it would probably be ok for off road use apart from proper heavy stuff with the right tyres on it. It wouldn't be my first choice if I was going off road a lot.

Mine coped very nicely with the recent heavy snow.

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ive got a 53 plate executive.petrol,manual.

got it bogged down on hotel golf course in a muddy bit a while ago, navara,with bfg at's got stuck too,mates tractor got us out.

tried it on mud fields and grass, 100%, with ease,but not for mud bogs,

great for on road and 30% off road, but remember its a "soft roader".

not the biggest for carrying loads of gear, but ok.

went snowdon in the snow to climb it, dropped the back seats,loads of carry space.

100% reliable,hence they hold their money.

put 80 profile chunky tyres on mine to fill the arches gap and lift it 1".

but its not a navara or hi-lux by a long way.


cant fault it otherwise.



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