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Anti Snare advert in local paper

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Flicking through the local paper today (Windsor and Eton Express), i noticed an advert saying 'Have you lost a pet to a snare, or has one of your pets ever been injured by a snare?' Then the adverts goes on asking people to call or email someone who i assume is from LACS as the email address ends league.org.uk. I thought that this was a bit of a strange thing to find in the local paper and wonder how many other people have seen adverts like this in their papers.

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Over the years I've caught more than one Dog/cat in snares.


Each time, it was some bloody thing that had been walked off-lead in an area (public footpath) that was marked ''walk dogs on leads'' and was about 200 yards away.


Even found a labrador puppy at 7 in the morning one year - it had only been there for about an hour, but was bloody happy to see me.

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