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Left Handed 12b wanted

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I'm after a left handed M/C 12 bore Shotgun, so thought I would put out some feelers on here!


After going to my local shop, and asking for their advice because of my relative inexperience (stupidly!) I recently bought a Lanber which was a righty, but the shop said would fine for me by casting it to the left, but after having a few lessons, have been told that the gun is not really suitable for me, as it's heel or toe (not sure which it's called) is still turned for a righty so it digs in when placed to the shoulder making me not place it in the right place on my shoulder, and it has a bit of a palm swell. Therefore, I am apparantly making life difficult.


Therefore, if someone does have a lefty as above, and may be interested in my lanber, I would be interested in a swap / PX.


I live near to Dover, and dont particularly want to travel miles, so would really appreciate it if you're fairly local.



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Hi Guys,


Cheers for all your help!


The Browning sounds lovely, but is more than I'm after paying, however thanks anyhow.


With regards to looking on Guntrader, I did have a quick look yesterday but nothing much on there. I had this problem when I settled for my lanber, with there not being much about, which was why it was suggested that I get a righty and then get it re cast.



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