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Netting needle in French Oak

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Well look at the back end of the needle, it is alot darker like it would be on something that has aged, it also looks pretty rough and worn. That is why I said it doesnt look like it has been recently made. Maybee its just the photo.

Looking at the photos of your needles work in progress. I could see exactly why you would want to pass an antique needle off as one you have made.


Have a look in the pinned section at the posts I have pinned on here. You have called into doubt my integrity, however, as you are a self-proclaimed ignoramus I suppose that nothing can be done about it. I can see you are a prolific contibuter to the site. (sic)


Stick to digging foxes thats about all your good for.



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Unfortunatly the pictures were removed due to my comments. Tiercel is upset (understandable) and has pm'd me regarding this. Unfortunatley he has decided to ask to be removed from the site due to said comments, which I appologize to him for. I would much prefer him to stay on the site. I would just like to say please re-think your status on here before cancelling your membership.

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