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  1. On 01/10/2020 at 10:07, toontastic said:

    Get round your local shoots and offer your services as a beater. Many on here will confirm that it's a great door opener. Many shoots reward their beaters with out of season shooting and I'm sure a fellow beater will take you under their wing and offer advice. I beat around northumberland and I'll keep an ear to the ground. Good luck in your search. 

    Great advice there. That's exactly what i did last year and now have several small permissions including one for deer stalking.

  2. Looking for a cheap 4x4 to use as a stalking/shooting vehicle.

    Cant justify keep taking the family saloon or T5 van into the fields, and one of my permissions will require 4x4 access over the next few months.

    Closer to Newcastle Upon Tyne the better.

    Looks not importnat as long as it has MOT or will get an MOT. Been looking at Freelanders and Rav 4's. 



  3. As per title. I’m looking for the bottom metal from a BSA CF2.

    The full trigger guard and floor plate. Action screws too if you have them but not essential as I can get the from John Knibbs.


  4. 6 hours ago, spurs 14 said:

    I guess you can overshoot a permission , it’s difficult sometimes between getting out and getting the birds and keeping the farmer happy , needs to see you doing a job for him , in his eyes you being there firing shots and scaring them away is a result , he’s not interested in you getting big bags because you left it alone for three weeks ! You will come to a compromise that works for you if you’re permission is big enough split it into areas , down our way it’s very quiet at minute no large numbers of pigeons , few crows but still get up couple of times a week , even if one time is just a wander with the gun and a handful of carts 

    Thanks for that Spurs 14. That's pretty much what i have been doing. Focused on one area of the permission on one of the rape fields that has some growth.

    Will have a look down the other this week.

  5. 47 minutes ago, Paul5tag said:

    Which shoot do you beat on in Durham Dcd87.

    Sent you a PM Paul5tag

    How often would you all get out on your permissions? Is there such thing as over shooting or spooking the birds too much?

    I work shifts so when i am off i like to get out as much as i can.

  6. There is a syndicate i have been beating on over the last few months in Durham. They have let me shoot on two of the days and both times the Eley's took down pheasants with one barrel. I know they are a suitable load for crows. I will just but it down to a **** shot......



  7. 4 minutes ago, old'un said:

    That’s it you are now hooked, next you will be buying all sorts of gadgets to try and pull pigeons and blacks, hope you have more success in the coming weeks, months, years.

    If you were on target I am surprised you did not kill those crows with the cartridges you were using, what sort of range were you shooting at?

    Sorry Old’un, they were 35-40yds. Definitely hit with the first barrel, whether or not it was clean. Second barrel took them down each time. 1/4 and 1/2 chokes.

  8. Just had 3 hours out this morning at my first permission. Only been shooting since September, mainly clays, but having bagged a permission through a farming friend I have been trying to get some experience in the field.

    i have been up at the farm a few times over the last couple of weeks, and have found a steady flight line along a hedgerow and field.

    After recent attempts at decoying have failed to draw anything in, I decided to took up into the hedgerow in my hide, and see what came on.

    Weather was 7-8 degrees, with a 10mph breeze, overcast with the sun just breaking through as I finished up. (I’m nightshift tonight so headed home for a sleep)

    A few pigeons came within range but I didn’t have a safe shot as would have been shooting over the boundary on the permission I have. Managed to hit 3 crows, each with both barrels using Eley pigeon select 30g no6 with fibre wad. I didn’t realise how tough crows are to bring down.

    hopefully get a few pigeons next time over the same rape field, but like everywhere else by the sounds of it, the rape has a poor show due to the wet weather.

  9. On 19/01/2020 at 19:46, Paul5tag said:

    Hi Dcd87, welcome to pigeon watch ,new hear myself ,  but not new to the dark art of the pigeon, what specific advice were you after, I am quite local NW Durham.Happy to offer any help if required,  well done with your new permissions,and good shooting. All the best Paul.

    Thanks very much Paul. I’m heading out tomorrow (Tuesday) for 4-5 hours from 9am after dropping my boys at school.

    Hopefully get a couple in the bag.

  10. Hi Everyone,

    New pigeon shooter here, 32 years of age from Blyth in Northumberland.

    Managed to secure myself a 170 acre permission near Morpeth for pest and vermin control and have had a few outings up there over the last few weeks

    Currently have Shotgun cert but have an FAC application in process as also have access to a 2000 acre estate in Durham with a syndicate i have managed to get a place on.

    Looking for members close to myself that i may be able to steal some advice from.

    I have been reading a lot of the posts regarding hide setup, decoy positions etc, and have been trying to apply these in the field. I have spent a good few hours on the farm doing reconnaissance and have had a few half dozen bags. Nothing consistent yet but am hoping to gain more experience.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.





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