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  2. whats the best price to collect tomorrow
  3. went down surprisingly quickly
  4. Sako 75 stainless synthetic in 25-06. Rifle has done very little work as only used for stalking, so in immaculate condition. threaded 1/2 x 20 and can come with Barton Gunworks mod that has only seen about 30 rnds. £700 for rifle or £750 rifle and mod.
  5. -Browning XPO ATAC camo Size large In great condition. £100 posted -Beretta Windshield Jacket Size xl Work once! Hard to find! £90 posted -Harris Tweed Overcoat Brand new with tags 46R £100 posted
  6. OK then Post it to me and if after I've checked it and tride it out and all is well then I'll send the money yeah. In what way, because I say it as its and because I tell folk wot they are, yeah I suppose I am a friendly sort thanks
  7. £5 posted if any use to someone ?
  8. Today
  9. I thought it was from the Anne Summers collection. 🤣🤭😉
  10. I think they should lower the voting age to nine
  11. I think Vennells, other top executives and investigators are hoping to get away with being classed as merely incompetent and over promoted. I think the reality is that there appears to be a conspiracy to avoid disclosing to the defence teams that there were Horizon flaws. When a postmaster's case was heading for trial, the Post Office are legally bound to disclose all evidence, including material that might harm the prosecution. It would seem that this was withheld and not even stashed away in "unused".
  12. Why stop there, keep the young strong and well nourished , by bringing in compulsory euthanasia at 70, turn them into soylent green ? No more pensions, care homes, NHS waiting lists, what's not to like ?😂 I'm sure we could get it past the ECHR, and the EU have likely already thought about it, obviously those with 'elite' status could live out there lives and spread their progressive 'wisdom'
  13. I wish they would block voting at aged 70 stop those that can't keep up from destroying the future of the young.
  14. UPDATE: Before I try and zero the scope again, I have a set of adjustable scope mounts on it. I was wondering if I raised the back one, one 'notch' and leave the front one at it's lowest setting, would this make a difference? The 'notches' are approx' one mm.
  15. Just as Blair planned a permanent Labour 'base vote' by a combination of keeping a large number of people on various 'benefits' and handouts, and lots of immigration, lowering the voting age will be another 'base vote' because it is easy for the naive to be influenced by the idea that 'taking from the rich and giving to the poor' will be 'fairer' and will solve all the worlds problems.
  16. Does anyone have any once fired fiocchi 76mm 410 cases. thanks
  17. They now in first year want to ban smartphones for u16,,how and on what planet could you ever enforce such a thing!
  18. Dougy


    Typical mampy pampy state. Remove the risk I understand but you also remove the common sense.
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