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  2. The bloke who owns the yard where we kept our wagon phoned police HQ when nothing seemed to be forthcoming about the break ins, and asked how they were getting on. He was told no one had been interviewed in relation to the break in, and asked why, when one had clearly been seen on cctv. He was told they couldn’t use that footage as it would infringe their ethnic rights. Whether this is true or not I have no idea, but he reckons that’s what he was told. It also identifies a certain section of our society as we suspected ( it following closely on the heels of Fair week ) and why no one was ever caught. 🙂
  3. Anyone have a Lee Production Pot or similar they no longer use? The type with a pour valve in the base for bullet casting?
  4. It is a high stake strategy. For if the allegations are untrue then she, Giufre, will have to perjure herself (and do so blatantly and in full knowledge of what she is doing). I think that she will back down now that she has come up against someone who will not just pay up to stop her blackmail. That doesn't mean I still don't think Prince Andrew isn't an arrogant toad BTW!
  5. Thanks for the advice, I'll wait for the renewal letter, although I didn't get one last time, but if not I'll get cracking in April just in case.
  6. $2 or $3 per pop of a .410 cart?? I better sell that slab of 250 I have 😂
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  8. Gordon, it is the ONLY thing he is good at!
  9. My apologies, not having watched the vid, I assumed either 9mm flobert or a rifled barrel firing shot shells as in a Taurus Judge whereby it’s chambered for 45 Colt/.410
  10. Can you really imagine enough of the Conservative Party voting Boris out? Further more, what buffoon would be stupid enough to replace the buffoon in post? Boris will bluster it out and keep running the country, no one else wants the job! Starmer would run a bloody mile, Ed Davy has nothing to offer. There is no alternative to what is already there.
  11. Thanks for all the replies and as I see it (and I may be wrong) you can only shoot Jays under General Licence 40 and then only to conserve endangered woodland birds. there is a specific list of endangered species. Intrestingly Woodcosk are on the list so you could shoot a jay if woodcock are around but you can also shoot woodcock so this is a bit of a contradiction? If challenged would the shooter not have to prove that at least one of those endangered species was present in the woodland? With regard to permission to shoot many of the above have said that the gamekeeper can give permission to shoot Jays but legally the only person who can give permission would be the landowner or the owner of the shooting rights? Although the gamekeeper could be one of those on alot of shoots the gamekeeper is only an employee
  12. I was told by the FEO, that they prefer them to be monitored remotely by the owner, especially if CCTV is also used, and told in the event of an alarm activation with confirmed CCTV of an intruder, to dial 999 and tell the operator you have confirmed an intruder with an alarm and CCTV and that firearms are on the premises and armed response would be dispatched. Just that alone has got to be worth it.
  13. But while I’m ranting it wouldn’t bother me to see Russia roll across the Ukrainian. American tax dollars has subsidized Eastern Europe’s defense for to long. Let Eastern Europeans pay for their own defense. Seems like the whole world looks to Americans to fund everything. Sorry, rant over. It’s tax time over here so you will hear more tax rants for at least another month as I move money around to pay my taxes.
  14. But all jokes aside America would wipe out Russian forces in a week. The problem with Russian forces is they wear uniforms. When the USA is fights a known enemy in tanks and uniforms they can slaughter with impunity. America failure comes when we occupy a area and try to when the hearts and minds buy building schools for the locals only to be shot by the locals.
  15. I am, because for some reason I can’t figure out how conflict anywhere in the world cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars. We will be building schools, hospitals and bridges on both sides of the conflict while dipping into my retirement to pay for it.
  16. Has he managed to answer the question he was asked at 7am yet? I really hope Boris comes out and says they have looked at the report and are happy but will be releasing no details, Starmer will throw a proper hissy fit, but then still say effectively nothing. BUT if the report does do enough to get the party( no cheese and wine or birthday cake) to vote Boris out, he goes, someone else steps up and we move on. maybe then they can all get back to doing something useful 😅😅😅
  17. All now sold and gone to good working homes.
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  19. Frimley / Camberley area. Might be worth letting me know where you are… I also occasionally travel for work.
  20. Is Andrew one slice short of a full loaf? He doesn't have enough information to say if the photo is real or fake?????? He has never been upstairs at Maxwell's house, never wore those clothes in London and never puts his arms around anyone - despite more photographic evidence showing that he does. The best he can come up with is that it might be a fake. He hasn't learned his lesson - that he comes across as an arrogant, entitled idiot, who appears to have had a crash course in amateur dramatics - witness his sideways glance and shocked expressions. It is laughable.
  21. If you tap on the high lighted AYA No 2 it will give you access to the pictures....
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