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  2. Maybe not what you want to ask as soon as you are in the door, but do most bases not have an armoury that can be used (within reason) for privately owned firearms? This may be a bit out of date and not every part of military mind you.
  3. +1 for Michael, the last job he did for me was my Omega Geneve,Cleaned & serviced it now keeps near perfect time.
  4. ClemFandango

    What bird?

    I've seen several Egret in the Lythe valley which is not too far from Ulverston.
  5. Thanks! I appreciate that link
  6. yea that was him about same time and all... him and gary always used to slobber there beer down there beards
  7. Vince what you piloting at 150mph
  8. figgy

    What bird?

    We have a dozen or so around our coastal marshes. Only seen three or four at same time until a couple months ago. Local nature reserve had lots dotted about it. Nice to see.
  9. Madness

    More terrorism

    Would you class ALF as far left?
  10. Not on some autobahns. I fairly regularly hit 150 but don't stay there for long. At 300 its more to do with aerodynamics than engine power
  11. You will be fine keeping it at your parents. My firearms are stored at my fathers address and sometimes I won’t go there for months! They aren’t listed on my certs that they’re stored there either. Remember security is down to the certificate holder. Good luck with the RAF 👍🏻
  12. Plenty of people working away from home for longish periods of time personally would contact the local firearms department and seek there guidelines on procedures for serving members of the armed forces im sure you can come to a favourable agreement Or if time is short lodge gun with local rfd or gun club hope this helps all the best of
  13. It’s been very slow, with none coming to the feeders for several weeks. Had a call this afternoon and one from a loaned trap. 1467
  14. There is no such thing as the far right in Britain in the way you describe it. Certainly not as a terrorist threat. Just ordinary people who disagree with the left wing views get described routinely as far right.
  15. Close and quiet the 22RF will do the job in spades. Shot quite a lot for folk living in towns troubled with them. Just sit in the bedroom window till they show up. Job done and neighbours don't have a clue.
  16. Reminds me of a Panerai Radiomir although by the sounds of it a lot smaller.
  17. Today
  18. Walker570

    What bird?

    They are becoming quite common around the Midlands as well.
  19. yeah, the Almond near the fish farm was a busy spot after the regular escapes lol
  20. Hello, new member from west Oxfordshire, and happy owner of a Berreta Silver Pigeon! Sorry if this is the wrong place for this but I have a question regarding my shotgun licence. I am attempting to join the RAF in the hopes of becoming a pilot, and am unsure if I might have to temporally give up my licence during training etc where I will be away from home for a few months at a time. the gun is registered to my parents address where I currently live and only I have access to it (keys stored in a separate safe only I can access), but if I leave home for a few months would that be breaking the terms of my licence? I have thought of asking my dad to apply for a licence and transferring the gun to him if I have to give mine up, but this could take a few months and I’d prefer to keep my licence so I can continue practicing this fantastic sport. I think I’d have to notify plod about the career change and talk to them about it anyway but it’d be nice to hear any advice you may have. Thanks, George
  21. jeez , i do remember the name Bins. I stayed in a caravan across the road from the jolly. the owner was a whelk man always started every sentence with rrplus, was thet him ? I was there about late 70's..
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