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  2. deershooter

    3" .410 Reloading- Feedback?

    Look for a craft punch in your local craft shop ,you can then make your own over shot cards out of 1.6 mm card
  3. Haven't you got that back to front? Taking a No 6, give it a muzzle velocity of 1500 ft/sec then at 50 yards it'll have just 0.1 ftlb of energy more than one with a muzzle velocity of 1300. So, yep that bit is correct but as the pattern will fail before energy that extra 0.1 is neither here nor there but you can be quite sure that in all probability the pattern quality and density of the slower load will be superior to those of the faster one.
  4. al4x

    Petrol garden tools.

    Buy the stihl 1 shot containers unless you use a large amount. At 50:1 it’s 1 per 5l and they are pretty cheap
  5. CZ 452 varmint £325 .22 LR Rifle Private Seller Used - Excellent Condition Sheffield, South Yorkshire Bolt Action Description Cz 452 varmint barrelled.22rf Beautiful condition very little use Comes with ; Hawke scope Silencer 1x10 shot mag 1x 5 shot mag Adjustable bi pod Gun bag Original box . The rifle is at the bottom of picture I will post more when I get time to take them This gun is being sold by Pigeon Watch member Liamd. Message them here View the full article
  6. Falco SXS 410 Folding Shotgun £200 .410 Shotgun Private Seller Used - Very Good Condition Longhorsley, Northumberland Side by Side, 1/2 Choke, Full Choke, - barrels Description Falco sxs side by side folding shotgun. It has had very little use and comes with a bag of cartridges if collected. Stock length 14 1/2. Message for pictures. The seller of this gun doesn't appear to be a Pigeon Watch member, to contact them please use the details on Gun Watch. View the full article
  7. Ugartechea Toledo Spanish Magnum 3" Hammer Gun £115 12 gauge Shotgun Private Seller Used - Very Good Condition Longhorsley, Northumberland Hammer, 1/2 Choke, Full Choke, 28" barrels Description 12g magnum hammer gun 3" magnum hammer gun in very nice condition. Clean bores I have used it on pheasants and in the shore. Ugartechea Toledo 3" magnum hammer gun. The seller of this gun doesn't appear to be a Pigeon Watch member, to contact them please use the details on Gun Watch. View the full article
  8. The Heron

    Petrol garden tools.

    Thank you everyone I think I will try the ditchman method.
  9. Whatmuff

    14 million in poverty

    What's the difference between overpriced and the ones that sell below market value? Market value through an estate agent is what has caused a lot of people to remortgage their home on a perceived value rather than what it would actually sell for. It also gives people an idea they have a nice asset worth an amount of money when in fact it could be worth far less if and when they need to sell. For example someone's house apparently goes up in value due to Zoopla values, and then the owner remortgages the home for more to enable them to borrow more against the property. This is happening and has happened to a stupid level over the last 5 years.
  10. Bungle The Bear


    Does Harkila clothing come up larger / Smaller, or is it sized correctly .. ? I would appreciate some views
  11. klatuveradanikto

    What would you do...

    😂😂 If we lived in America we wouldn't be having this conversation the right to protect yourself seems to have meaning over there.
  12. Spoon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Well... I guess I'll just shrug and leave it there. You've got a tidy straw man set up now, and even had the fun of calling me a snowflake so there isn't much left but to be further trolled. Oh well. I'll continue to watch the news with interest.
  13. Walker570

    How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    2 magpies and one jay whilst waiting for tree rats to show. 1710
  14. Walker570

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    Two more today, both of them collecting bedding material ....sign of a cold spell coming ???? 1749
  15. Marlin Super Goose £130 10 gauge Shotgun Private Seller Used - Average Condition Longhorsley, Northumberland Other, Full Choke, -, 36" barrels Description 10g marlin super goose. 2 shot bolt action. 30" beretta next to it for comparison. There is a crack next to the bolt been there for years. Sling and few extra shells included. The seller of this gun doesn't appear to be a Pigeon Watch member, to contact them please use the details on Gun Watch. View the full article
  16. Walker570

    Hunting pellets

    You are correct they are slightly larger. Pity because they look like a useful pellet. If nobody wants them they will go in the melting pot.
  17. CaptC

    Knock Down Targets

    X 4 Air rifle targets - The two yellow ones are not self setting and require a tug with the supplied orange twine. The three disc target is self setting as is the brown bird (hit the yellow disc below the bird and it resets the bird) Yellow targets (bird and rabbit's head) - £13 each posted Large target with three discs (heavy frame) made by Knockdown Targets - £16 posted Brown bird/yellow disc £14 posted Job lot (imagine the fun in the garden?) £50 posted Thanks
  18. Rewulf

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Whos said that ? When you talk about drowning viewpoints out, after we voted to leave , which was the majorities indication of its viewpoint , we had a tirade of 'You have robbed the young of their future' 'The fascists have won' and ' Dont worry the people who voted to leave will be dead soon and we can get back in !' amongst many other pathetic lines. Ah , so we get back to the , 'You didnt understand what it was all about' bit ? Let me educate you. In this country , people over the age of 18 get to vote. That DOES NOT depend on their education level. This is the system , that was DEMOCRATICALLY approved, as to be correct and fair. Would you prefer we wind the clock back to when 'gentlemen' only could vote ? So , we need another democratic vote to decide if the first democratic vote suits the people who might not like the results of the first ? Then for the people who dont like that result, we could have another.... Its a good job we dont do this every time theres a vote ? Look, Mays deal is a pile of steaming BS , its not going anywhere, that is clear. But if you and all the other remainers think that this is your big chance to kill the monster, you are very wrong. Im sorry if I caused you to melt a bit 😋 Spot on . Mogg touched on this last night. The legal mechanism to extract ourselves has been initiated, we are leaving on the 29 th of March. To reverse this , means putting it back through parliament to stay. We will not automatically stay.
  19. Winchester 101 Light Weight £550 12 gauge Shotgun Private Seller Used - Very Good Condition Longhorsley, Northumberland Over and Under, Multi Choke, Multi Choke, 28" barrels Description This is my Winchester 101 3" magnum. 28" barrel multichoke. Comes with 4 chokes. This is one if the good Winchester made in Japan. I had one of these 35 years ago, so bought this one and got it refurbished by Weldon Gun Room. Barrels and action have all been replaced and it hasn't been used since due to I'll health. See date on the tag. The seller of this gun doesn't appear to be a Pigeon Watch member, to contact them please use the details on Gun Watch. View the full article
  20. henry d

    14 million in poverty

    And that is it in a nutshell. No regime/government of any colour will be or could be successful it just like microsoft, stick a plaster over it until the next hole appears. People get all upset and blame immigration/immigrants for just about everything, but it will get to "...peasants with pitchforks!" time real soon. I read this yesterday and I have to say it has a ring of truth about it, it concerns 50-100 years in the future; Of course it all those immigrants and how they breed and stick to the same enclaves to blame for the state we are in... Yes and yes!
  21. ph5172

    Budget tires

    You are correct. I have just asked.
  22. Whatmuff

    14 million in poverty

    I haven't got time to analyse the entire UK property market as it's so huge and diverse. But I can tell from what's happening around me and from actual cases that it's falling rapidly. The whole 2 examples are from people who I know, which would tell me something isn't right. Take it as you wish but I'll be back here in a year and we can carry on the debate there. If you think people as Mungler sayswill have 695k for a two bed flat when the economy slows down then fine carry on believing it.
  23. I'll be loading my own fodder for the .204 Ruger soon and will obviously need powder .. Anyone already doing so with Ramshot powder ? I'm looking at specs and can't decide between TAC and X-Terminator. I have lots of Varget, but I'm saving that for loading .270 to my old recipe, so am looking at other, more available options for the .204" (I'm feeding it with 32 gr heads BTW as 40's just don't run true through my Howa) Another eason for not using the Varget is to avoid having to use a compressed load for top-end velocities. Help/advice from those 'in the know' much appreciated.
  24. Today
  25. How about if all that extra lead is flying a lot slower than the lighter faster load .? Thats the issue isnt it ? Stuff loads of lead into a cartridge at the expense of powder /wadding etc .and end up with slower moving more damaged lead which patterns poorly and doesnt have as much energy .so when you do strike your quarry with say 10 bit of lead they are less effective than the say 9 you hit it with from the smaller loaded cartridge . I can kill full sized crows out to 30 yds with my 16 grms of lead from my .410 . Why ? cos it patterns well and hitting a bird with say 15 lead pellets out of ..410 or 15 pellets from a 12b is (at the same velocity and range ) is the same . The rest are wasted as they miss .
  26. WelshMike

    Fox club

    Cheers gents..some bits true some bits not so I use 58 Grain Winchester Varmint x rounds in my .243 for the foxes. Fast and hard hitting and certainly do the job. Well done mate. As Grant says I am letting the side down...no chance of any cheap foxing kit though
  27. Ultrastu

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    Correct on all accounts above . Including the tricky to find the extended choke bit . Thats the biggest issue .
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