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  2. Lapua.308 Brass

    New box sealed never used 100 Lapua .308 cases £50 inc tracked postage
  3. Thank you Fiskars/Gerber....

    I have a Leatherman Charge TTi - and something mechanical (to do with interlocking blades?) broke inside and fell out. Replaced no problems. Not sure if that was Whitby or Leatherman UK as it was a couple of years ago, but whoever did a very good quick service. The tool was about 4 or 5 years old at the time I think.
  4. Fox club

    Nicely done buddy. Nice looking foxes...apart from the head shot one (not so pretty) . What do you run through the .243? I use Winchester Varmint X (58 Grain)
  5. Suzuki Grand Vitara

    Hi yet another car query. I am looking at a Suzuki Vitara 1.9 TD first registered in JuLy 06. Only looked on line so far but it seems pretty clean, is the price tag of £2995 expensive, or cheap? Blackpowder
  6. It's more than a flake! Schools will close, public transport will run off, roads will be impassible, kids will stay in and watch TV, and the world will watch and laugh!
  7. Another what 4x4 thread...

    mates Kia Sorento that age just failed its MOT, rust, mechanically perfect, was that far gone not worth fixing, he's got a X trail now
  8. Shed and Buried

    Cheers. Very interesting. 👍
  9. One for Lord Geordie I Think

    don't recognise the estate from Newcastle area but the car crash was in the wood of steve smiths shooting ground believe it or not wife drove past as they were packing up filming saw Brenda and crew walking out of field.the club was seaton sluice club and the taxi office was the car sales garage at blyth beach car park,they film in a wide area of the north east so maybe someone will recognise the estate.
  10. The Tunnel

    Clays went well although l have never known it so busy, some people don't seem to notice ther are double traps to move things along and keep a flow going. As for Spiral l started series 4 last night when l got back in from shooting. Oh, Canada's by the way.
  11. Dog boot?

    These? https://www.snowpawstore.com/sled-dog-equipment/sled-dog-racing-accessories/pawz-dog-boots-disposable.html
  12. Fox club

    HI All, Working nights this week, so with all the rough weather, thought this morning would be good for an early mooch about a new Sheep Farm perm. Finished work at 6am, and hot-footed it home to grab the .243 and my kit. I pulled up at the field gateway, down the muddy little lane at about 6:30am; killed the lights and engine, and hopped out for a look through the thermal. Nice! two fox about 100m away on the fence line, crept back to the car and got the Mauser out; I had already fitted the Cobra add on and torch before leaving home. The wind was still howling a bit, and good cloud cover; could only see the one fox now. Luckily for me, all the sheep were gathered at the right hand end of the field. Crosshairs on the chest and he was standing side on - Crack-Plop!! definite solid hit, but dropped out of sight. Scanned around with the Thermal, and fox number two was close by, but slipping in and out of view. I was going to have to work my way around to the left, and deeper into the field, trying to stay downwind and unseen. Damn the field is squelchy!! but off I go, looping wide at a low crouch. The fox still had not seen or heard me, but was now working the far hedge, seemed to be looking for his mate? anyway I deployed my trusty green garden cane quad sticks, and lined up. What the..? he started heading almost straight for me! steadied my aim and caught him with a solid headshot Crack-Plop!! two down. Had a good ten minute scan round with out moving, as you just never know, but nothing doing, so pick up the two. One Dog and a Vixen, both in good condition. Walked around a couple of fields, and removed the Cobra add on and Sunnranger nv torch as it got light. I love hearing the world come alive at dawn. Ready for bed now, Farmer is pleased and has promised half a lamb when they are butchered in a fortnight. Night night!! Hammo
  13. Divorce looking likely

    I was always told if it’s got tits or tyres it costs money!
  14. Dog boot?

    I have used some that look like un blown up balloons think they were called "pawz" there very good and stay on
  15. Thank you Fiskars/Gerber....

    I too had a problem with a little Gerber multi-tool and Heinnie replaced it some years after purchase. Very good service.
  16. Divorce looking likely

    yeah...........i remember that post............quite clever.. i heard a reply to that from a woman talking to her mate ...when she said "if its got wheels or testicles ...you just know its going to be trouble " they have us weighed up as well..
  17. Action Degrease

    Note the "if incorrectly used" part of the paragraph. Could not agree more that any product/item is dangerous when used incorrectly, blimey l bet we could start another forum item on that!
  18. Today
  19. Dog boot?

    Sledge dog boots. https://www.snowpawstore.com/sled-dog-equipment/sled-dog-racing-accessories/comfort-dog-boots.html https://www.snowpawstore.com/sled-dog-equipment/sled-dog-racing-accessories/cordura-dog-boots.html
  20. Shed and Buried

  21. Great British Outfitters?

    Just a heads up for this company - They list two phone numbers that both ask to leave a number for a call back and I've rung them twice each every day since 20/12/17, a customer service email address that I've mailed every day, and I've had no response from them whatsoever. They're definately picking up messages and are still trading but I'd advise caution if anyone is thinking of using them. I'm about to waste another £25 taking them to a small claims Court
  22. Shed and Buried

    No. Can’t say I saw that one. I often view Pinterest due to my interest in art, and there are hundreds of pictures on there of car and other vehicle ‘finds’ from around the world.
  23. Engine Sounds

    It's undoubtedly quick but you can't hear the engine over the straight cut gearbox
  24. Shooting sticks

    damn straight!
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