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  2. The reason I was considering a larger circle was to assess the pattern density outside the 30", but on reflection, hang on, I don't think there will be anything to shout about ! 😄 20" circle no problem, maybe the wind will pick up in a week or so to do some field tests as the season starts shortly !
  3. The Tottenham Chairman used to pay him an illegal £10 bonus, cash in hand, for every goal he scored. He attributes his phenominal goal tally on not only wanting but badly needing that money to get by. He was living beyond his means and that was the start of his drink problems. He became a celebrity football player, maybe the first, but never had an agent and gave interviews and appearences, never got a penny for them
  4. There’s rarely any problems with the back end of a stock so tbh I wouldn’t worry about it the right replacement will turn up for you enjoy your gun and your shooting
  5. Hi any idea how much the postage would be?
  6. Most of these big firms are no longer in the business of selling cars, they’re are our to sell finance. On small loans the internet is pushing to almost 10%, and they try and blindside you with asking “how much do you want to pay a month?” And can get quite annoyed when you ask them for the interest rate, total repayment etc.
  7. I've got a hypothetical question. Why would you post a very open ended question on a forum with next to no context and then barely respond to any advice or questions? Plus why would you call yourself Plauge? Very strange!
  8. Team Tractor on P W might well be the mam to ask , he come over as a likeable and helpful chap so no harm in asking .
  9. Thanks for you suggestions Old farrier, your idea's will work a treat for a short term remedy, it will tide me over till I can source a replacement stock of some description. As you say, apart from the damage which is inside of the stock and as such invisible, the gun looks good, it's a 2014 model, everything is nice and tight and it shoots great.
  10. Thanks GG. Excellent as always.
  11. Incredible photos , skills that very few of us can hope to achieve when it comes to taking a photo . P S .... I thought I got a field mouse in my trap ( which I released ) now looking at the above photos now I am not so sure. Am I right or wrong ? and if wrong what species is it please ?
  12. As nasty as that sounds, it also sounds like a chain message type thing. Be very careful what sources like this may be asking you to do based on an emotional response.
  13. Ah right. So this is just rumour then? As soon as I see words like "share share share" I think scam scam scam.
  14. pkl


    These are £500+ amazing bargain. Just need the cash. will do £60 posted last price drop.
  15. Best way to complain is to go and see them best not to shout though it’s bound to upset the horses its sad that so many horses appear to have owners that think there animals are frightened by gun shots they seldom are I believe they still use them in the police force and the army I recently saw a few escorting the queen with a large crowd waving flags and clapping and cheering they didn’t seem worried by any of it one even had a man sat on it bashing some drums we live in a incredibly noisy society and all animals desensitise rapidly due to the exposure to these noises I’m led to believe it is called training for the environment there expected to live and work in but what would I know best of luck with the problem
  16. Hi sorry i don't know i have posted this as it was on my Inchture local community group and they asked people to share it on as many as possible groups etc
  17. The sensas stuff has gone to peejay , but the coat is still up for grabs 👍.
  18. hi m8 got 400 any good 


  19. I bought an aldi machine, about £30. It's vak packed many deer, mackerel, bass and pigeon breasts. Just make sure you buy extra bag rolls. I have no complaints with mine.
  20. 🤣🤣🤣 And it was the same in 2010. 😃
  21. have you tried L & S Engineers online? we get some of our parts from them. https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/stihl-08s-chainsaw-spares.html
  22. Very concerning, there are no lows for these people, well done to the police for identifying it. How do you intend to prevent this in the future on your child's phone? 🤔 is there an app or something to identify these things on children's phones?
  23. He’s waited a long time for that answer! 😀
  24. Nice looking gun with adjustable stock If it’s the right length just shoot it and don’t worry about the stock strength and as said before a bit of lead will help you with the balance the 725 can seem to be a tad muzzle heavy especially with 32 inch barrels just moving your hand forward on the forend sorts that
  25. I do and my Firearms Certificate authorises me to do so.
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