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  2. hod

    Starter gun

    Where are you?
  3. Yesterday
  4. steve_b_wales

    Barnul .308 Ammo

    I've heard good reports about this brand of ammunition, and intend trying it once I've bought my .308 rifle, which will be for range use. I did intend reloading this caliber, but at that price, and quality, I'm not going to bother.
  5. novice cushie shooter

    Beretta Ultralight 12 gauge

    Final drop to £1100
  6. Wylye

    Starter gun

    Thanks, I'll bear it in mind. You're a fair way away from me.
  7. Longbower

    HMR17 what is the normal accuracy.

    Anyone want to buy some Winchester 17HMR? No ? Well I wouldn't sell it to you , its only fit for plinking , because its so inconsistent, and some dont even fire . The Hornady from CZ452, will produce good groups at 75 yards, and I don't shoot anything further away than 75 yards , as through any of the scopes I own at full magnification a rabbit is the size of a garden pea held at arms length. My limitations , not the rifles.
  8. smokingdragon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I work for a finance multi national and under the covers they are shifting everything to Europe now. I work in IT and the migration of IT stuff is getting scary and this is common. We have good European guys who who will no longer consider a posting to UK and we are having to offload stuff to Eastern europe to keep going. From my perspective Brexit is insular and approacing xenophobic.
  9. Longbower

    squirrel control

    Only one this weekend , a large male eating part of a 'fatball' that had fallen from the cage after the woodpeckers had pecked apart . One more to an Eley sub sonic.
  10. howie8447

    Beaters needed

    Hi let me have your dates will see what I can fit in
  11. Brand new, boxed , genuine Uk import £1975
  12. strimmer_13

    Air Arms .177

    According to his user name he's banned so you would be better off clicking on the link to the full advert on gunwatch, and get his number that way, as that is a bargain.
  13. redfish77

    Wildfowling Dogs

    My home wildfowling is a bit further downstream at Wentloog so not too far away from you. Montrose is an amazing place just being out the basin is a fantastic experience.
  14. Mice!

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I'm four pages behind but there was a scarecrow festival at the weekend and these made me laugh enjoy
  15. Green hornet

    Beartooth stock cover

    New beartooth stock cover in black.Heavy duty 2mm neoprene sleeve with rubber backin Stretchy neoprene accommodates a large range of stock shapes and sizes giving a tight fit 3 available £10 each posted
  16. Green hornet

    Lee loadall 2 auto primer feed

    Lee loadall 2 primer feed new in box old stock.£13 posted
  17. Green hornet

    Leather bolt holster

    Brand new Leather bolt holster £15 posted
  18. Old Boggy

    Boring PC question.

    Blimey, that's far too technical for me. I've yet to work out which is the steam and which is the condense connection on mine. OB
  19. 243TSR

    Starter gun

    I have one of the newer Baikals - 28 1/2", 3" magnum, multichoke ( 1/4, 1/2 & full ), single trigger eject. Around 150 shells through it, £ 325 collected. ( J11 A42/M42 East Mids ) Regards Mike
  20. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

  21. Old Boggy

    Plant snap app

    JDog will be along shortly to call it it Jacobaea Vulgaris. Oops, just done it. Sorry JDog. OB
  22. peck

    Plant snap app

    I think i have read somewhere that if it is growing on your property you are obliged to pull it up and destroy it before it flowers. Just tell that to the local councils who have thousands of weeds growing along the roadsides.
  23. Dougy


    Anyone interested in a few different beers If so I'll bring a few bottles to try. Burgers done and in the freezer. They are special one's. 😁
  24. Walker570

    HMR17 what is the normal accuracy.

    The 17HMR is well capable of out shooting most of us. I put on here some time ago an incident with a grey tree rat taunting me at the other end of a 200yrd ride through a wood. Eventually I got mad and set the hairs just above its ears and squeezed one off. It was like everyhting went into slow motion as the tree rat did a back flip and never twitched. It was sat at 190yrds. Down to the the rifle not me. I did have a custom built shooting rack on the truck to shoot off, pure luck as my heart was 'clicking' the cross hairs back and forth three times the width of its head. The bullet hit it in the base of the neck/gullet. Certainly one of, if not my favorite calibre to shoot.
  25. Reece79

    Browning BPS 20 gauge

    Tried them already there’s none available for the uk at the minute 😞
  26. cervusman

    16b cases

    Hi, I’m looking for 2 1/2” cases please. I did think of the brass cases but plastic will do for what I need.
  27. Guns on pegs is a good place to start.
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