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  2. Is vaping bad for you

    Yes Jim in relation to the organs the strain they are put under by smoking starts to decrease almost immediately. Regarding your heart, your lungs are that efficient at gas exchange that co2 levels are hugely reduced within hours and the buffers in your blood return ph levels to as near normal values taking into account irreversible damage. The hair like structures you refer to are bronchial cilia and you are correct, these waft mucus which contains among other things dead cells for us to get rid of. atb 7diaw
  3. Hi From South Wales

    Indeed. I too was a member of Senghenydd back in the 1980's. I enjoyed shooting my 308 there. I had a good chat with Brian and he told me all about the plans for this range. I will certainly join up next year.
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  5. Is vaping bad for you

    I believe that your organs heart,lung etc of a smoker repair themselves after around 6 weeks of quitting. Apparently your lungs have little filter hairs that smoking makes fold down and not smoking let's them stand up and do their job.
  6. Is vaping bad for you

    Now that was nice of you 7diaw i thank you from the bottom of my stent filled heart
  7. Ratcatcher Moleskin Trousers

    Hoggs do two distinct types of cut, one is the moleskin trouser (which is, I think, probably what you ordered), but they also do the moleskin jeans. Essentially the same as the trouser but a jeans type cut - not as baggy.
  8. Is vaping bad for you

    Speaking to a lead consultant in thoracic (chest/lung) medicine last week. If you stop smoking for 12 months your cardiac risk is decreased by a whopping 100%, in health that is quite a astonishing percentage that is rarely found when abating other risk factors. This very subject came up and a colleague asked what if you swapped from smoking to e cigs and his answer was that the cardiac risks still decrease by 100%. Even though there is limited historical evidence on e cigs in relation to the use, he said the emerging evidence does suggest that they are healthier than fags. The the long term risks are yet to be established and only time will tell. The nhs would not be peddling them if they had the same level of associated health risks at the point of what they know up til today. Still not available on prescription yet. atb 7diaw Hi Jonnie just seen you message as i was posting, i hope you on the mend, stick with it and wish you all the best. 7diaw
  9. Lanber 12 gauge

    Fixed our multi choked
  10. Is vaping bad for you

    Just started vaping 3 weeks ago after a heart attack, 50 GV roll up fags a day ,been smoking it for 54 years and don't even want to tot up what i have spent on them,every photo in my album i have a fag in my mouth and thats what i miss, a fag in my mouth lit or not even tried to take a draw on a pencil i had in my hand today,sad old bass,,,,,, edit to add they are **** at keeping the midgies at bay unlike golden virginia they never came near me . johnnie
  11. Once Fired Hull's ??

    Happy to take 28g from you, and all 12g Victory hulls....
  12. Once Fired Hull's ??

    and a lot more expense? 6p each? £60 a 1,000....And that,s little money? In 40 years of reloading, I have never had any damage to my guns.....probably because I check out all hulls before reloading.
  13. Disgusting

    'Twas ever thus? Up goes a guinea, bang goes sixpence, down comes half a crown.
  14. Eley hulls

    As soon as you have used them up, don,t bother getting any more, they are pretty poor hulls....virtually all other European hulls are happy with Cheddite primers...
  15. 22lr

    Got a reasonable CZ model two here CHEAP
  16. Yesterday
  17. Guy Martin WW1 Tank

    Thought they said It was the police that blocked it ,busiest day of the year for shoppers ? johnnie
  18. Night vision

    At x6.5 a fox is pretty small at 200 yards. I've got a Photon on my air rifle and that's about the limit of what I'll use it on. Compared to the drone the picture is significantly degraded, to the point where it's hard on the eyes. The exposure rate is lethargic, and the contrast binary and harsh. If you're trying to pick something out with a Photon on a busy background it's extremely difficult at times. I use mine for ratting, but to give you an example, I've spotted rats with the thermal and not been able to find them (very quickly) in the scope because of the contrast problems on a busy background. By comparison, the AMOLED display on the Drone is silky smooth with a much higher tonal range. OK for ratting on an air rifle, if you're contemplating putting one on a centre fire you're limiting yourself. The newer Photon RT might give you a bit more magnification (digital, not optical, so it will pixalate as you 'zoom') but from what I've seen it's similarly harsh as the XT. It's also £600. I accept that there's a considerable price difference between a Drone and a Photon, but there's a similar performance difference also.
  19. Disgusting

    I'm surprised the Tiddlywink & Turban takeaways aren't interested, they seem to make a meal out out anything.
  20. Disgusting

    So do u not think feeding tonnes of wheat helps conservation? Sadly u'll never turn back the clock o the days of old keepers and truly wild bird shoots, but even the many cover crops planted, hoppers and the few vermin keepers control are a massive boost for conservation and far beter than on un shot land. U onl have to see the numbers of LBJ's on any feed ride or cover crop to see some benefits. Most diy type syndicates can't afford to put in cover crops o plant woodland etc Also wots to stop farmers ripping out woodland/hedges in many cases shooting interests help keep wot little habitat is left in decent nick.
  21. Sealed. £42.32 including recorded postage.
  22. Short Barrel 17 HMR Wanted

    Wanted in Lancashire or West/North Yorkshire. Short barrel 17 HMR for shooting out of truck. Whats out there?
  23. decoys

    A dozen mallard decoys will do for starters from the Pound shops to get you started. They will not last long, perhaps a couple of seasons , but also will not cost you a lot of money. The paint jobs can be pretty poor so if needed repaint them , but its only an afternoons work ( paint as brown females , its simpler ). With luck that will not cost you more than £36 and may be a lot less. Once you have a seasons experiance then invest in good quality decoys ie GHG or Sportplas ( look on Ebay for good deals expect to pay £7 + per decoy or more). They will cost a lot more, but will last for years. If you have long walks its worth investing in hollow keeled decoys , they will be a lot lighter than filled keels. Numbers will depend where you shoot but expect to need a good flock on big waters , but 2-3 will do for small flashes. As for species , at dawn or dusk it does not matter much , but in broad daylight match the decoys to the species of duck you expect to shoot. Get full body decoys and forget about mojos ( spinning wing decoys or duck bums for now). I always feel that by the time a duck has realised what a duck bum is you should have shot it.
  24. Beretta chokes

    Have you pictures of the rhino and briley chokes please
  25. Can’t stand this new layout

    You see? Every cloud has a silver lining. Only joking sabs
  26. Flight Shots

    Wow, amazing pics.
  27. Flight Shots

    Top notch by any standard !
  28. Flight Shots

    Great shots GG. Like how you have captured the long tailed tit. Were they all feeding on that same teasel head? NB
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