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  2. Interesting, thanks! In that case I will ask for pest control from the farmer too
  3. I'm sure you're correct, the question is, if Norway has sufficient gas to feed itself and Germany, why does Germany buy so much Russian gas? The answer is cost, and for the same reason, we are not utilising our own North Sea gas, its just too expensive to extract {at the moment}
  4. Possibly, I don’t 100% know for certain. But my understanding is that target shooting is to be done on approved ranges and as a member of a club. Firearms_Guide_17122021.pdf Section 12 of the above guide covers it.
  5. The UK imports 60% of its gas (95% of which is Norwegian) and if that pipeline is chopped, it will be diverted to Norway and the UK will the not just be fffed, it will be proper fffd as we will be competing directly for the same gas with German industry!
  6. Can't see any message from you foxpro
  7. Walker570

    Why ???

    Yes, set up on cradles and also on a floater or spinner it seems to work but lay one out flat or hung by one wing and they will avoid. I shot a magpie on the maize silage last week and could not get at it to remove it. Watching the carrions and magpies swerve away was frustrating. There again I shot three young magpies once with the 17hmr the first fell on the dead rabbit, the second fell on top of that one and the thrid about a foot way but they where all fledglings, dumbVery. Very high wind this morning so packed in after an hour.
  8. Have word with your farmer, just to ensure you’re on the same page when it comes to paperwork. 👍
  9. Thanks Scully. Interesting idea RE pest control To be honest I could ask him and I'm sure he'd approve pest control also. @Newbie to this is your restriction to approved ranges just because you haven't got permission and asked for your ticket to be opened to your approved land?
  10. I don't see it being granted for target shooting other than as a member of a HO club on approved ranges. And if he doesn't have pest control permission, I certainly wouldn't be applying on that grounds. I doubt they will appove his application for target shooting on the land even as a member of a club. Mine has specific conditions of shooting as a member of a club on approved ranges, with appropriate insurance in place.
  11. Walker570


    100% Dave. Us old un's have the experience. Boris is without a doubt a very clever fellow but unfortunately is inclined to go to pieces when a bit of skirt makes him an offer. He said and admitted to this weakness, when he was back in Oxford. Personally I would not trust him as far as I could throw him BUT he has come good in Ukraine and put the dogooder crowd and Macron in particular, in their place.


    Oh dear, how sad! ALL of his own making, bloody idiot, lazy MP.
  13. Personally I’d apply now, given you have land permission, but as your ‘good reason’, I’d specify pest control rather than target shooting. In my experience, pest control is more likely to be granted rather than ad hoc plinking outside HO approved ranges.
  14. We get a few spider web's in our garden, and I always try and catch flies to give to the spiders.
  15. Hi all, Quick bit of advice required please! I'm a current SGC holder (not that it matters I suppose..) as I started off with clays and then entered the practical shotgun world. I'm part way through my probation to a HO club as I fancy a .22 rifle for both practical mini rifle, gallery shooting and a S1 shotgun. I've just been speaking to a farmer who I know who has offered me permission to shoot on some of his land with a .22 (just at targets). Is it worth me applying for my FAC now for a .22 with him down as permission, or is it worthwhile just waiting to become a full member of the club and then apply with support of the club too (and for other guns)? Reason being is my force's turnaround on grants is 6-9 months so if I can apply a few months early before I become a full member then it cuts a few months off my wait time potentially. Pretty new to the FAC world so advice welcome!
  16. Brilliant - grand parents and grandkids can have a fantastic connection - and get away with good amounts of mischief too.
  17. Today
  18. Dave-G

    PCP set up

    Hiya, £500 collected from East Leicester Paul, including the extras. Nobody has visited to see it, and I can take you up the local golf course to plink at some targets after 9pm if that's any good for you, or further away anytime if you're not allowed out late. If you click on the link it takes you to the sale post.
  19. River systems et 49 incubator mint condition collect from leeds or will post £170
  20. Are you in a clay area? Having come this far you might as well whack a bit up and have a gander. Report back when you do, I’m intrigued. I’d like £5 on no heave boards and voids wrong. If you do a historic aerial photo search of your gaff, what was there before (have a look at getmapping.com).
  21. Newbie to this


    Seems the tractor porn MP has had his guns removed https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/tom-swarbrick/swarbrick-sunday/porngate-mp-neil-parish-cops-confiscated-guns/
  22. Garjo, this is a fantastic offer. If you can get £250 appx per annum for the rest of your life, for a one off payment of £800 appx, after just over 3 years you are in vast profit thereafter. I did this several years ago prior to retirement ( it was even cheaper then!) for both myself and wife and now reap the benefit for evermore. Check with the Future Pensions Dept, to see what years to pay that will qualify for the extra pension. I too worked continuously from aged 15 until age 65 and was still short of maximum state pension, as for many years I was contracted out of the scheme and paid into a company pension. National insurance contributions pay towards a large amount of benefits and NHS etc, so I have no problems with paying my share. It's great that I could top up State Pension to maximum. Regards
  23. What kind of money is this Dave? Thanks, Paul.
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