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  2. moor man

    Earth Dogs & Running Dogs Book.

    +1 thought it was a Plummer book😋
  3. Twymyn

    pet insurance

    Ask your insurers what they mean by “working dog” because a dog that accompanies you shooting is probably not classified as such. However if you go beating or picking up for reward it may be different. Don,t make assumptions based on hearsay _ get insurers to clarify anything you don,t understand or are not sure about in writing
  4. We only get cartridges bought for us, but at a restaurant I drop all manner of game at I get paid in food! I like food, I eat nothing else. 🙂
  5. 25p per pigeon here, same as Partridge.... Estate pays 50p per Squirrel tail, youngest son is paying his mates 25p and pocketing the difference
  6. 7daysinaweek

    Jack's game

    Some cracking watching there OB and bet there is some knowledge to be gleaned from them episodes, the green tree furniture one sounds fantastic! I will see if I can find the lobster one. atb 7diaw
  7. tharsus

    4x4 for £2.5k

    Have a 2 litre forester, as said very thirsty especially round town, mine is turning into a moneypit, new sump, wheelbearings, rear suspension, exhaust.
  8. ozalid


    Unable to edit post so SOLD
  9. Id happily pay for a day or two pigeon shooting
  10. I didn't mean shooting pigeons off your own back to make a living from what you shot , I know that would be impossible as your 30p quoted is now down to 15p. What I meant was being paid by a consortium of farmers or large estates , I was reading in one of the sporting magazines a while back where one of the goose guides used to be employed by one of the big Pea producers for the duration of the Pea campaign to control the pigeons. My brother was employed by Coypu control and I am not sure if he sold the pelts as a perk , I know he had to cut the tip off the tail as prof of how many he got , but he was paid an income off the main body who organized Coypu Control until they finally got rid of them .
  11. drsdavid

    Hornady L-N-L Auto Charge Dispenser

  12. McSpredder

    Payne Galway

    Maybe buy a brush intended for the next gauge up? I have a very old cheap twisted phosphor bronze brush that is too worn to do much good in a 12g, but it fits tightly in my 20g and very quickly shifts any deposits.
  13. Duck flighting on private reservoir, hides for 4 guns, max bag 12 birds amongst team, £100 per gun, guide with a Dog included, BBQ at start or end of session to suit, teams only please. These are wild birds (although reservoir fed) so no guarantees on numbers but sticking to limit harder than reaching it. 25% overage permitted at cost, after which team must cease shooting, any overage cost in aid of GWCT. Friday or Saturdays 25% surcharge, no Sundays obviously, full days available by negotiation. Friendly picturesque location in Suffolk
  14. I can not say that I was ever paid to shoot pigeons, BUT, I was given cartridges by the Farmers, in order to do the job. I then had an outlet for the birds and either chose more cartridges or cash as payment. I was also invited to shoot with them on their 'Game Days', as well as all the duck and goose shooting. The geese could do more damage than the pigeons.
  15. Scrumbag

    Pump Club

    That JC Higgins has been kicking around a while. Interesting but I reckon too much for what it is (That and the gun fund is depleted due to buying a Winchestester Model 12 recently :( )
  16. Snoozer

    Miroku MK38 Grade 5 Trap

  17. Old farrier

    Miroku MK38 Grade 5 Trap

    You maybe should take your phone and email off and use the private message facility open forum just saying like
  18. theshootist

    Pump Club

    That's very interesting. They also have a very good looking 870 and a Darne! Clearly a shop that likes quirky guns!
  19. At game dealer rates and average salary you would need to shoot 400 per day 5 days per week, with a normal 40 hour week that’s 50 pigeons per hour to make a living... if you then net off cartridges making 5p profit per bird based on £200 per thou and shooting one for one you would need to shoot 5 times this amount so 250 birds per hour or 16,000 per week, and sell that size..Every week including roosting/flighting in windy winter... Good luck everyone. Harnser makes a good point, above assumes walking to and from shoot and having game dealer collect and no cap ex for initial equipment or replacement..
  20. dazb1967

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Got to be a Henry, Lasts for years, I got divorced nearly 20year ago and it's the only thing I came with, Unlike the ex wife its never let me down, and as stated British made.
  21. harkom

    pet insurance

    just a point to remember in the overall scenario of "pet costs" when you open the glass door and enter - 1.- if it is a working dog ---.....ermm... "it is not covered under the terms"....of the policy. 2. you walk into the local veterinary SA practice... is the first question from the desk lady - 1)name,address, etc 2) are you insured...3)... and you credit card details...???... Fees (costs) are directly related to those....who pay the bill...?
  22. panoma1

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Another vote for the Henry........so the missus tells me! Lol!
  23. It’s not possible to make a living from shooting pigeons . The cost of cartridges ,the cost of fuel just doesn’t add up to making a profit . Maybe there are people out there who make a few bob charging people to shoot pigeons ,but I very much doubt they can make a living from it . At 30 p a bird for pigeons at the game dealer it’s not rocket science to realise you would go skint very quickly . harnser
  24. I think your right MM, why would anyone pay for something that a queue of people would offer to pay them to do it? In Coats's day there were not many pigeon shooters about, so he had it mostly to himself....now there are almost as many people after shooting as there are pigeons! Bit like seasonal workers....why is an employer going to pay a local to do a job, when he can get an Eastern European to do it for a fraction of the money? Supply on demand or as dear old Maggie used to say ad infinitum "let the market decide" which was great for those controlling the market............but carp for those working for it!
  25. Wb123

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    I have been impressed with every well maintained Dyson i have used. They do need to be kept in good order though to keep sucking properly.
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  27. PeakeR456

    Miroku MK38 Grade 5 Trap

    Ladies and gentlemen, would any of you be interested in parting with a Miroku MK38 Grade 5 Trap, RH, 32in barrels with an adjustable Comb? I want a gun that is in as original condition as possible, with an action that is still tight. I am happy to travel for the right gun, I am based in Devon but I do travel a lot. If you have a gun that matches this description and is sitting in your cabinet not being used could I persuade you to sell it? If so please contact me. The gun would go to a good home and Kept for a lifetime. Richie Peake Sorry for the font size for some reason, it does it’s own thing when I cut and past from my phone. I am sure you get the jist of what I am on about.
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