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  2. Welcome Matt (no pun intended) I’m an almost exclusively clay shooter too - NWSS, Manchester and Mickley Hall mostly.
  3. No, but We should be dragging them back to France
  4. I didn't have it as it was still very cold at teatime. I intend to have it tonight. The reason that I asked how to defrost it was that the last time I had one it was all "soggy". This time I put it on a plate and the lobster elevated on two knives so it wasn't sat in the "spunk" that drips out. Ideally it would be better defrosted on a cake/bun cooling tray to prevent it from being sat in the melting fluid.
  5. Thanks for your kind words and the great report.
  6. You’ll get answers from people who have had problems and don’t like them - equally problem free use and thumbs up. When I was choosing a youth 410 it was basically Kofs or Yildiz. I looked at both types being used and abused at shooting schools. Long story short - I bought the Yildiz. A few shekels more but worth it. As per other recent thread, they need a deep clean (action and all) from time to time. If looked after they seem to perform well. On a completely separate note, you might also wish to consider a used Lanber, Lincoln, Bettinsoli or similar. These tend to be affordable/reliable and simple to repair if parts wear out. Good luck and welcome to the world of shotgunning.
  7. Nobody dragged them here.
  8. My previous Tory MP (Sir Michael Spicer) was very good. I think I wrote to him twice or three times in around 15 years - requesting he sign early day motions relating to helping shooting/fieldsports and flagged up by the BASC, Game Conservancy etc. Each time I had a positive, clearly specifically written in reply to my request reply saying he was aware of the motion (by Sir Geoffrey Clifton Brown), and was in touch with Sir GCB and was going to/had signed. It was finished off with a short hand written final paragraph and signed (by him). The impression given was that he was acting for me/shooting, was liaising with the MP raising the matter (in fact a neighbouring constituency to ours) and was both interested, supportive and willing to help. I don't know if he had any personal interest/involvement in fieldsports, but he always seemed to be broadly supportive. He retired a while back on health grounds and has since died. I have written (I think only once) to his (also Tory) replacement. I received a standard pre-printed reply to the effect that she does not sign motions at the request of correspondents/constituents and it was signed by a simple 'pp' (i.e. a secretary) on her behalf. One was left with the strong impression that she had never read my letter and had no intention of doing so and couldn't care less. My constituency is a very safe Tory seat and she's clearly of the view that pleasing voters doesn't matter and isn't worth her time. I also suspect that she is 'un-supportive' of shooting/fieldsports, though I don't know that for certain.
  9. I have contacted my MP, Louie French only once, recently. His answer was was prompt and, after he had done some more work on the problem, provided a followup. No complaints
  10. This scam has been operating for years with minicabs and parcel deliveries as well.
  11. Could a MOD please remove the pictures in my post please thank you
  12. As already mentioned it was good to hear from you again and also nice to know that whatever treatment you are having is working and you fitness levels are building up , mind you if you can manage to cart off 50 odd in a sack again then I will be looking into in having the same pills you have been taking . If the weather you had yesterday was anything like we had down here then I didn't envy you one bit sitting around in freezing , foggy conditions , when I took my dog out first thing in the morning it took me a while even getting into my motor as all the doors had froze up , once in it didn't take to long to warm up and on the dash the warning came on about possible ice on the roads , the temp was showing minus 3 and the conditions then were misty rather than fog , I could hear a few shots going off where the hardy wild fowlers were waiting for the geese to lift off , I wished them luck as they certainly needed it in these very still cold conditions . I was back home by 8am and had enough time to read some of the paper and a bite to eat before I had to set off again to meet up for the days shoot at 9 am , after a slow journey due to the icy roads we all made it and a glass of Port was handed out to all who wanted one , as I don't drink I was more than happy having a coffee , we got away at 9.30 and the mist was already turning to freezing fog with the temp now showing minus 2. We were ready when the guns turned up and we could just make them out while standing on the pegs , the drive started and we could hear shots but couldn't see what they were firing out and now again you could hear a thump when a Pheasant hit the hard ground so we had to move in a bit so we could see what was going on , at the end of the drive we picked up what was behind the guns and then had a quick look in the woods before we moved on to the next drive , this carried on till dinner and the fog was around the border line to be called off , as it was we carried on and got finished around 3.30 , this gave us a extra ten minutes or so to look for any ones we were told that had been clipped , I found the last cocx bird that had ran along a water course and that was it , took the birds up the game larder and they had just over 100 head of game with a few Pigeons , so all in all the guns done well to stick the day out , easily one of the coldest days shooting we have had for a while . So P C for you sit around in those conditions I really hope it didn't do you any harm with breathing in that cold air , I always said you were super human but you still need to take it easy as reports are very thin on the ground at the moment and yours are always worth reading to sift out any little gems of advice . STAY SAFE MM
  13. What an utter waste of talent, all these poor doctors and nurses etc. being forced to undertake such demeaning manual labour. We should be ashamed of ourselves.
  14. No, all my remington shotguns (except the 870) have had 2 3/4" chambers
  15. Today
  16. This needs looking into. Fast
  17. Some years ago my MP was Jeremy Corbin !!! Don't talk to me about useless MPs Absolutely bone idle
  18. Size medium Good sized cartridge pockets Hand warmer pockets and a zipped internal pocket 23" armpit to armpit £40 plus £7.50 p&p
  19. These things are all relative don't you think? If I was on the right the centre would be extreme.
  20. Was it a 3" chamber ? The 'Magnum' models would only cycle 32 grams upwards.
  21. manthing


    I wasn't around the first half of the 60's. 🤣
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