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  2. I've always had MTB's but always fancied a Road Bike.So last October I bit the bullet & purchased my 1st RB.Didnt realise that these things come with no pedals lol.So another small fortune for clips and shoes and shoes all ready for the Spring. Plan on using the RB through Spring till Autumn and then use the MTB over the Winter months.
  3. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Another 2 more tonight with a bit of patience in the fox box With another on a different patch but no phone pic. Still seeing a few but roe seem to be everywhere I look
  4. all i can say about the reply’s mate is there will now definitely be a record of their concerns with your name all over it yet again someone’s good name smeared and the guilty escape being held accountable now that is sick
  5. Doesn’t look like it’d be hard to fit cutting cheek piece would be hardest part
  6. I'm really shocked the school have reacted like this, every school has a social worker there at some point these days, "my dad turns off the shower and makes me wash" hardly seems a reason to sound the alarm. When I did my safe guarding course for working with kids, half the room were sports people and half were social workers or teachers, there was a real divide in attitudes as to what was acceptable, some of what I heard made me think I'd rather not work with kids. I know there have been a lot of horror stories over the years but how can some things get missed for so long and yet someone gets reported for looking after their kids hygiene?? We always showered when we were at high school but I don't remember any teachers being in there? Doesn't mean they weren't though,?? Simpler times the 90s
  7. Hi all, I'm just seeing if anyone has a piticanny rail adapter to fit a cz 527. Looking to put nv on so might be needing one... Many thanks
  8. Yesterday
  9. What dealer was that if you don't mind me asking? I'm in NI as well and noticed better prices on guntrader than on the racks in some shops here.... supply and demand I suppose
  10. Work what out Arron the BC? Pellet drop with lube. If this is what your asking, you zero at say 30 yards then shoot a group at distance further the better. Don't alter your scope or hold over just shoot at a target and measure the drop. Input this into Strelock pro with the distance to target hit BC button and it will change to the new BC and all the table data charges for holdovers. For me I shot at 48 meters with a drop of about 115 mm 2.4 mils the original data for the pellet and muzzle speed said 2.75 mil drop so my lubed pellet had a better BC than in the pellet database. Right the above may not be what you wanted. The lubed aadf hit smack on centre of target, other unlubed pellets hit low and left. Lubing them upped the speed and they started hitting about the same height but still left so dialed the windage to suit. Now I need to do the 48m drop test using the same 30m zero. Then input into strelock see what the BC is of the batch I'm now using. Then check at other ranges against the data tables in strelock. Just re read through my posts Arron, you can't put the lube type or lubed pellets into strelock. All I'm doing is validating my set up using lubed pellets and finding how much drop I'm getting. It could also be less drop due to indexing my barrel to find the highest poi, so at 30 meters zero my pellet is still going up at more angle than data is set for, giving less drop at 48 meters than expected. I did find after doing this the first time at shorter distance the data matched the poi. Lubing pellets is only giving me more speed to get closer to 11.5 fpe it's at 11.4 at the moment. The Hades run that much faster than standard JSB even the 5.5 head size samples I tested are a good bit slower. Keeping the Hades below the limit means all other un lubed pellets are slow most in the 10 ftlb range. If you mean work out best lube, it's trying say five or ten pellets form same tin but using different lubes. Shooting over the chrono and seeing which one works best and seeing it on paper too. With poi shift. Don't take long to do with chrono attached to barrel, shoot a control to measure against for me Hades and my old lubed aadf with chrono on barrel see where it prints on targets then shoot others to find the best lube or concoctions. Hope this explains what you asked for. When I'm done testing and all the data is input and validated. I expect if strelock says 5.4 mils at 62 metres it's exactly that when I shoot it. Bar a little for pellet weight variation unsorted tins.
  11. Hi For nostalgia and a sense of hunting in the old days....Jim Corbett Omnibus. Man eating tigers and leopards in India. Amazing! Also, Death in the Long Grass by Peter Capstick. I've all the collection and never get tired of the writing . Highly recommended!
  12. the holy grail is the one that does both
  13. My mates wife only came out a few years back about her dad and uncle . She’s 50 . Turned out it wasn’t just her . they’ve been locked up now .
  14. Ah now, a dog that goes slowly but covers all the ground and stays within shot range, is better than a dog going 100mph that’s 50 yards out of range
  15. You’d be surprised mate, often goes on for years, from a young age well into their teens. It’s a sick world 😞 deffo tainted my view of the world at times. Probably why so many in the profession leave.
  16. yep surpose everydog is different coupled with poor breeding , all we do is rough shooting so a plodding Spaniel would be about as much use as a chocolate teapot.
  17. Hi Guys, can anyone lead me to the right way to enable me to get wi fi into my man cave/workshop, Its about 20 to 25 yards away from the house. At the moment the signal is about 3yards shy of my workshop, would one of these plug in boosters work and have you any experience of these ? S.B.
  18. I understand Lloyd and after hearing some stories it’s heart breaking what the kids go through. My mum almost had a break down and really struggled after jury duty . All I know was it was young kids .
  19. Old Boggy

    Lark decoy

    You've clearly got too much time on your hands TC to type all that out On second thoughts, you're probably on nights........ and bored. OB
  20. I clock 1500miles a year in my terios and if it passes the mot next month I’m going to treat it 😂 to an oil change . It’s covered 3000 miles since it was done in 2 years. most of the mileage is off road or through water at the minute so it needs it. my van clocks 9000 a year and it’s set on annual but it’s only £80 a year for a basic service.
  21. I get it mate but don’t take it personally. Your Obviously a decent bloke from a decent family. But sadly out there there are parents getting into showers with their own kids and it ain’t to help them wash. Don’t blame the teachers for it. Consider yourself lucky you live in a country where we bother to ensure our kids are alright. For me it’s like people who complain about health and safety, yet you look at countries where they don’t have H&S and the industrial deaths etc, and I count myself lucky to be born and raised in the UK.
  22. Wife makes a lovely stew once a week ish to last over two days, second day is still great, veg is cut into decent size chunks. We're not big meat eaters but she uses a little minced beef in it and its really enjoyable. Shop bought veg this time of year but home grown when we can in the lawn borders and containers.
  23. It’s a fine balancing act. All depends what you want out of the dog, and on how much drive the dog has to begin with. I’ll tell you this though, there are a seriously high number of people coming to novice tests and trials with dogs that either won’t hunt or are very poor hunters. This seems to be much more so for cockers than springers. Recently read the Peter Jones cocker book, he just lets his dogs run around up-to a year old and hunt like mad. He said when he goes to a trial he knows his dog will always be one of if not the best hunter there. He said if the dog runs in, or something else he can put it right, but if the dog doesn’t hunt like a machine then what’s the point? Some people however who go beating etc are happy with a slow dog, that just plods about, stays under control all the time and comes back when they want. A lot of shoots/ beaters these days don’t really need dogs with the amount of birds being put down.
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