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    recycle ?

    Rather than dig out old tips, would it be ungentlmanly of me to propose they use the furnishings from defunct EU buildings?😉
  3. Which is exactly why I chose to start with a B2. I've got a mate who's very good and always did repairs and service for me, but we moved away, so I can't call on his expertise easily, hence me trying to learn to do things for myself. I'm not planning on buying parts, just refurbing as best I can.
  4. Thank you, doing all of the above but thought this could be a good way to knock on a lot of doors all at once 🤞
  5. Yes, it only accepts parties of shooters by appointment I believe. They can be contacted online and via FB.
  6. The difference is basically that we do it for sport; we're killing for enjoyment. And yes, we do protect game birds, but they're only there for one reason, and that protection and benefit to other species is often to the detriment of other ( more often than not predatory ) species, so we have as many birds to shoot for sport. Yes, I agree, in many ways game birds do have a better life than those birds raised simply for consumption. In my opinion those who enjoy eating meat but oppose shooting for sport are hypocrites. This is why it is important that nothing edible, shot for sport, is wasted.
  7. I've been getting Nebido injections every 10 weeks for several years after several blood tests revealed I had very low testosterone, my numbers were 0.6, when they should have been over 12, at the moment, my level is at 20.8 and was as high is 24.4 a few years ago. I feel much much better nowadays, both physically and mentally. I'm very glad of it.
  8. Have you managed a closer look yet? The prices on GT do make it look an attractive package
  9. Went to pick up a part for my a400 and came home with a aya matador does that get me in the club
  10. As stated here many times before keep knocking on doors also consider beating on a local shoot.Make as many contacts as possible and keep your ears open.Best of luck..
  11. Any of the above considered, preferably from the East Anglia area, gunsmith, shops iron mongers etc. Cash paid for individual items or who collections. Thanks
  12. Why is that section done like that ? Why isn't the whole cylinder smooth ? (I genuinely have no idea.)
  13. As I understand it, many of us pointed this out in our submissions to DEFRA. If (when) we're right, the people who would have planted the covers and the families whose ancestors planted the spinneys, woods and those hedgerows still remaining as a shooting benefit and now having lost their sport will have no reason to maintain them so will have them grubbed out in the name of profit. As the antis will be also in part responsible for this destruction, they must also shoulder some of the blame. The general public will not be too enamoured when they realise - too late - the antis' legacy. Naturally, the LACS et al are not going to mention this possibility out loud which in turn is precisely why we via our organisations should do so.
  14. Why should breeding and rearing game releasing it then killing it, be any different to breeding rearing and slaughtering cattle sheep pigs? Game birds get to be protected looked after we grow crops that offer them shelter and they are fed given water they live outside the do not all get killed some breed in the wild. In my opinion game have a better life than livestock .
  15. all the shoots in norfolk that i used to frequent..........at the end of the day you were presented with 2 brace of oven ready ..plucked gutted wrapped and on a paper saucer............they were recieved with glee everytime...............
  16. roll on 10 to-nite............
  17. Buy a gun that suits you, fits you, has wood that you like, is in a condition that you find good - and for a price you are happy with. Browning make decent guns, and whether it has (or has not) the latest bell, whistle, gizmo will either be obvious - or won't matter. If you are going to shoot a gun and hope to get good results, fit and suiting you is the key. There is no point in paying more for a 'later model' if it doesn't suit you etc. Similarly, if it fits you and you shoot well with it, why does it matter that it is an older model? Bottom line is the vast majority of changes are small and are designed to make people buy more guns ......... which may have no real connection at all with being 'better' or 'more valuable'. There are many who would say that the older guns (Berreta and Browning) were better made than the more recent ones and are better value for money because of that.
  18. Hi All, I’m trying to gain permission in northampton for pest control. I am currently trying my best to knock on doors and call in as many favours. As I know there is a huge network here I thought I would ask. Fully insured with BACS and have a good amount of experience. Currently using air rifle and plan to upgrade to SGC and FAC when possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all, Sam
  19. If going to beer get out fishing then a pint in the Anchor..
  20. Today
  21. It has been noticeable that most of tv and press coverage has been remoaner or anti brexit this weekend.
  22. I don't think nigel wants to be there, remember, his quest to get us out of the EU would see him out of a job, I don't think he'd be doing this if he had ulterior motives.
  23. Whilst I agree with Scully I think we have a bigger threat the pressure on land food production is going to be a big thing very soon you will see all the game covers and spinneys start to go along with the small copses and even more hedge rows the countryside is changing at a rapid pace the population is increasing to the point of over saturation and if subsidies and grants are ended it will change to a unrecognisable area of open ground the only place that you will see a hedge row will be beside a motorway
  24. Thank you all, may I assume that dates begin on 1st January, therefore do all the model changes only happen on the 1st January? I'm sorry that I don't understand fully but there can be a big difference and am only asking because if you go onto guntrader today a search browning shotgun there are currently 6 different models of the 525 for sale, these may all look obviously different to a gun dealer but to a layman slight differences may not stand out, so do we have to take the word of the vendor? Explained above the age of the gun can be attained but I still haven't found out how to tell the variations of model 525? If you look up a car registration it tells you the make/model/age, if you look up the serial number of a Rolex you can find the model/age, surely there is a way?
  25. Already has one methinks?
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