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  1. Past hour

    bit more that 35mins would be good...
  3. Garage/workshop ideas

    Did you count the blocks or something? I had no idea till they told me. Internally it's 11 x 7.
  4. Fox club

    Cheers bud Managed to get a bursary from Stalking Directory to cover the cost so very grateful to them. If I say so myself, Sako looked great but but bolt was pretty shocking.
  5. New kitchen

    3D Solution’s but I’m biased as that’s what we sell. ignore the brands and look for the good specs. ours are 18mm carcasses with a 2mm abs edging and 18mm solid back . Our doors are 18-22mm mdf core instead of chip board as it’s harder and you achieve a better finish. worktops : axiom , bushboard, egger are excellent tops but look for tightly wrapped edges which normally indicates a quarter top as you can’t tightly wrap without a good core. avoid kronospan if you can. It’s recycled junk inside and full of metal particles.
  6. Garage/workshop ideas

    That’s a nice size garage/workshop mate. It must be about 12x7m! I have workshop envy 😡
  7. Bisley Pay and play .. insurance ??

    BASC membership will cover you ...
  8. Rod / reel for farm ponds

    Go to Go Outdoors and buy a rod and reel combo for >£30, get some decent line on the reel and off you go. The fish don't care what rod you use, I have outfished mates with expensive setup many times. Too easy to get hung up on equipment.
  9. Stainless steel rods

    I needed 12 lenghs of 16 mm dia brushed stainless steel bar .720 mm long for a job I was quoting for and a place on ebay quoted £150 + the dreaded. So I sent the quote and got the job. A week later a woman from the same company contacted me saying I would have to pay £140 extra + you know what for polishing!!! I told them to stuff it!!
  10. New kitchen

    Same company.
  11. Fox club

    That’s a lovely finish on you rifle Ed. I take it you stayed with the Tikka then and weren’t tempted by the Sako? Well done with passing your DSC1 Grant, you’ve got yourself an apprentice now then .
  12. New kitchen

    I won't hold any of you legally responsible but out of curiosity from the Nath's and any other trade folk on here, what's your top 3 manufacturers for the man on the street?
  13. Garage/workshop ideas

    Well behind because of the weather, but should still make the deadline of mid April. Luckily my lurcher was on hand to help with fitting the lintels.
  14. Hi all, I am an experienced picker with a fully trained lab, and a 12 month lab who will hopefully be trained ready to work in time for sept/oct. I am based in Plymouth and for the past four seasons I have been picking up on commercial shoots across cornwall. For the coming season I'm hoping to secure a spot on a team nearer to home to co-inside with my current picking up commitments. Anything considered. Please pm for more info. Regards
  15. Are you British

    when i used to fill in green card onplane goin to usa i always filled in nationality-english,pasport united kingdom. never british.
  16. Scottish Members Clay Day 11

    Should be able to make it along also
  17. semiauto 12g

    have a mint pump benelli supernova in camo 3.5 "
  18. End of the does season...

    You are wrong. The simple fact you seem to have overlooked is a busy partridge/pheasant shoot will drive roe deep into cover from which they don't return until well into February. The doe season wasn't extended just for the fun of it.
  19. Fox club

    very impressive shot by the main man last night. not so sure about first one but second one made up for it He also liked to tell me after passing his dsc 1 course last week {well done}that he is now the senior hunter and i need to take a back seat and listen to him as he is a pro hunter all joking aside great night hopefully not boiled truck. if any of you guys of fox club are interested in the cerakote for your rifles drop me a pm.
  20. Hi that's the gun shop deal encorporating a PCP, £1650 is a cracking price as this is virtually a new gun, I'm losing on the deal for what is effectively a 6/7 month old gun with 50'shots on the clock. I accept that the second hand market is difficult and that not everyone has the best part of £2k to splash which is why I went to the shop. I could drop 50 max but after that I'd be better keeping it and trading in. Thanks very much for the comms really appreciated Chris 

    1. Attack on shooting sites?

      Let me know how you get on.....? When did they introduce this filter?
    2. is that hatsan a left hander?

      1. "im mainly (at it again)"

        WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND it has always been my pleasure to help them who need a bit of help...did several bits for VILKING and his "bonni".......well the boot is on the other foot now and Walker came to the rescue in spades....once again pigeonwatch triumps........... lots of goodies to get me going...bog oak....rams horn....stag horn..(the stag horn is so dry, where walker has cut it...it looks no different to ivory smooth...creamy white and a glass like finish)......... still waiting for my mate to drop off the machine...just got an e-mail from him that he was working today and should be over tomorrow..... took the gas fire in the shed apart today...as it was spluttering...took the distribution valve apart....said inside "made by Junkers"....proberly the same company as made the aeroplanes during the war......Hitlers family make farm machinery i believe......and a famous german brewery designed and made the ovens at the camps....and Hugo Boss made his name designing the SS uniforms..........funny old world...
      2. 1 last Monday and 1 this morning 477 Mick
      3. Bisley Pay and play .. insurance ??

        I think that most grounds would presume that you were a member of 1 of the shooting organisations and as such would have third party insurance cover. If you were to have an accident and injure another person at the ground, you may just find yourself facing a damages claim. It therefore makes sense, to have some type of third party insurance cover.
      4. Barbour Dunnage Jacket XXL

        Brand new , but without tags, never been worn, XXL, so equates to a 46" chest ,Waterproof and extremely warm,, Detachable hood and current Barbour lapel badge included!! Expensive when new, over £300 so billy bargain at £175, collected or can be posted at extra cost !! Barbour Polyester Dunnage Quilted Jacket NavyFrom the North Sea Outfitters collectionBarbour Lifestyle The Barbour Dunnage Jacket is box-quilted with a lightweight yet incredibly warm down filling. The needlecord sit-down collar carries a detachable hood, while fabric shoulder panels offer extra protection from rain. 100% polyamide lining Outer: 72% polyester, 28% cotton
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