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  2. allanm

    Mag 10

    Sorry mate I just saw this , mine patterns best with t shot (believe it or not ) I also use 4mm if there’s a chance of a duck or 2 , the pattern is t @ 50 yards 0
  3. 1 dog fox for me tonight. Total = 96
  4. Bumble

    Fox club

    There’s loads of cubs around here. I shot 4 tonight (and 3 more earlier in the week) and saw another that didn’t present a shot, spread out over the farm (close to 2,000 acres).
  5. 4 cubs tonight (3 vixens, 1 dog) with the .243 & lamp = 95
  6. Well some shoots parasite off big neighbouring 'commercial' shoots (I know...who would believe it), and even have the audacity to sell days. That is how cheap shooting can sometimes be obtained. Some shoots do not have to pay rent, and therefore they can, if they wish, sell cheaper days and still make a good margin.
  7. It would have probably instilled in me the responsibility to have stopped me being an idiot, and understanding that having any weapon is a privileged position. Its only one event, but made me realise even at that age how little common sense most people have.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I agree with all that and can vividly remember pre internet rummaging through back copies of magazines for articles looking for information. Looking up the various chapters in books so that I could decide whether for example the move to 25 inch barrels would be wise. Comparing what Gough Thomas had to say compared with Michael McIntosh or any of a dozen or more chapters in the guide to rough shooting or game shooting books available in your own small library. Now with the increased affluence for some you mention it would probably be a question of just buying a XXV to add to the armoury rather than daydreaming about the possibility The benefits of modern living are vast and a great convenience certainly but I remember fondly my time searching for information whereas now we are inundated with it. The far greater amount of magazines now for example though some seem to be on the decline both in quality and quantity. I speak to working class men now who travel abroad to fish regularly in America or Mexico and I enjoy sharing their experiences second hand changed days for them to worming for salmon on small spate rivers or chasing small loch trout. Perhaps the pace was slower and the expectations not as great in the 1970s but the enjoyment was no less even if the opportunities weren’t as exotic as they are for some now.It’s different times now which can’t help but be reflected in the articles published today. PS “ as recent as the 70s” that’s like someone relating what it was like in the Second World War to a teenager in the 1990s they would probably say not so recent
  10. That looks seriously heavy When I read 16 and 25, my mind immediately jumped to 16 and 25 gauge. It only dawned on me when I looked at the thickness on the fourth photo. You have my admiration drilling and cutting plate that thick.
  11. enfieldspares

    The 70's

    Spot on on the Eurostar timings, it's 2 hours 15 minutes St. Pancras to Paris. Concorde was an absolute waste all to get Tony Benn elected as a Bristol MP.
  12. Mice!

    squirrel control

    I've got to print some stuff off and speak to the coordinator still yet, hopefully meet up and see how the land lies, I've had a couple of visits looking about, finishing two new feeders this weekend ready to put up, seen a couple of nice looking spots, especially where the big yews are, if they pull in the squirrels like this feeder is I'm going to be busy!! I bought mixed corn chicken feed, added some sunflower hearts and stripped sunflowers, I had walnut halves but didn't bother adding them, didn't seem necessary when they are coming anyway. I was amazed at the numbers this morning, it seemed to be youngsters early then bigger squirrels later, with the wood being the shape it is the position for a feeder is really awkward, I didn't want to be in the wood if possible so the squirrels travel through, but the way they seemed to ignore me today it might not matter, if I had been looking down on them instead of up I should have hit double figures. Cheers fella, I've watched a few things like that, I'm trying. 177 because people say it's faster and shoots flatter, and I can't argue with that, I still haven't decided on which pellet I want to use yet, there is as much argument for light as heavy, I bought a full kit which came with Jsb and AA exacts, there really isn't anything between them at 25mtrs, but for me it will come down to which pellet kills best, I was surprised there wasn't an exit wound on the big buck I hit today, the two on the trunk were hit in the body really close, so that was my fault, but I've nearly always had an exit wound with .22 on head shots, I struggled to find the entry point which was the base of the skull( the squirrel was facing down, so may have moved down a touch or I pulled up) and there was no exit wound, now that could be seen as perfect, it dropped without so much as a twitch. Had the others had an exit wound they might have just twitched around and dropped or bled out quicker? I appreciate what your saying but I'm sure none of us like the idea of wounding, I normally only get one or two shots and I may have just been unlucky today, I'll certainly be checking a few things just to be sure.
  13. Looking at knocking up some cartridge and data uses the above wads (waa209) ..... I can't find any info on them, it's old data from clay game book, 1 5/8oz lead with AO powder. Is there a primer I could use instead of this?
  14. Thats the plan, but like they say, its not over til the fat lady sings, How is Sarah by the way.
  15. how is it derailing the thread,i 'm just questioning something you posted on this thread or is this your way of getting one of the mods onto me again? yes you have
  16. figgy

    The 70's

    I loved tomorrows world, a bar of paint in a cardboard box like a block of ice cream shape. You just wipe on the surface to paint with. Watching the presenters trying to demonstrate them was amusing. Judith Hann Maggie Phillbin and who was the male presenter?
  17. One aspect you just touched on is the changes, Move from SxS to O/U.ETC . Today we live in a much more affluent world. where aspire to a thing rather than go with what is there. More disposable money easy credit relatively easy travel and communications. All make knowledge generally available to all or most. In days as recent as the 1970s. Pre season research for an area for a far off wildfowling trip in a area unknown, was a OS map a mile wheel and sit in the library a hour after work. Take a book out perhaps. By the 2000s you could vertaly drive there on google maps. Search online for other nearby info. You had a much more detailed knowledge of an area in the computer age than previously. Is it better. Probably. But its like watching film on video you used to be glued to the film before videos. it got aired on that day possible just that time. Video you could pick and chose stop pause rewind . But in a strange way the film seemed to lose its importance somehow. And i think films online have eroded this more. i think. Picking up info off back copies of stored magazines, perhaps did not give anywhere as much info. but i think it made us focus more, and we had to be dedicated to gather info back then. And it seemed that bit more special if you like because of this i think. Start your own thread . stop derailing this one please. .
  18. Dickies would just laugh at you if you rang them up to complaint that the toe cap had popped out after being run over by a 4.5 ton forklift. I'd say the boot did a damn good job, could easily have pushed down at the back and chopped his toes off!
  19. you've gone from "steel" to "heavier than lead ammunition",why if steel is so good?,stop the waffling and try and respond with a proper answer,i know "heavier than lead ammo" will out perform lead,
  20. But i like you. You know that.
  21. I think the writers of the past were very much of their time but confronted with the issues we face today maybe town gun would be writing about opening up the chokes on his old Greener or at least patterning with steel as is and giving his verdict. I can’t imagine how old Gough Thomas would cope with the massive move away from side by sides to over and unders. I think enthusiasm for the sport is vital and necessary for its survival and I hope the youngsters today are enthusiastic enough to carry the sport forward despite the greater pressures against all live shooting including what may be an agenda driven shooting press.
  22. oh thank you!,much appreciated,no doubt you would join in,you always do
  23. Jaymo

    Multifinish plaster?

    You have to widen the search to ‘any distance’ - that’s how I was able to get the screenshot at that time. Maybe it’s a ‘Trade-Point’ only search?
  24. Yep like all wildlife it knows where it is safe.
  25. Give a call to Dayman's DIY on King Richard's Road, Leicester. Ask for Steve. He's some good contacts and may be able to help you?
  26. Happened to me a few times , alarm call to warn Cubs. I remember once we were digging Cubs in an earth and it was starting to get dark , the vixen appeared and barked long enough for my mate to go home and get the rifle and lamp. We ended shooting the vixen and clearing up the Cubs.
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