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  2. Take an aspirin. And have a lie down.
  3. Don’t worry. Iv not come across one. I was just thinking the other day that with it being easy enough for criminals to fake things nowadays, how do you know if some bloke turning up to your house with his certificate and leaving with your gun hasn’t had it made up to just illegally buy a gun. How many of us actually look that closely at other people’s certificates. Or could actually tell a good fake. which lead me to think the police should have a website you can go on and access with your certificate number and details and input said buyers details and it says if it’s legitimate o
  4. I tried to list a gun on gun watch 5-6 week ago and it said I would need to be accepted, and be informed when I was ok to list. still waiting. Got in touch with a mod who put it forward on there private chat but still nothing. So gave up and used guntrader. although I’d still like to join gunwatch.
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  6. I went over Xmas. Great ground. The facilities have been improved with a nice big deck and seating outside and the ground itself has had a few changes. Still has great layouts and well worth a trip
  7. Not a shortage of jays around my patch. We also have tree sparrows, lesser spotted woodpecker, cuckoo.... quite a few other red listed species. So Mr Jay cops it when the opportunity presents itself which, to be honest, isn't that often because he's a crafty sod. Last time I shot one whilst mooching about on my own must be 2 years ago, and have never been able to tempt one into a Larsen trap.
  8. The lane at the back of the village here this afternoon. Fortunatley we are way uphill from this. Snowing now.
  9. Great people to deal with, recently bought a shell pouch from them at a fantastic discount, transaction was smooth and it arrived quickly. Julian is often found at a clay shoot on a Sunday and is a really nice guy to chat with.
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  11. Ross Elgie the Son shot for England, iirc the father was a top SXS and small bore shot. Went years ago and had a great time, nice high tower and very good topography.
  12. Interestingly the most common method of suicide for Swiss men is shooting (c.30%). For women poison is the most popular (c.38%) with shooting accounting for 3%
  13. figgy

    Had much snow

    Hope they have a few bottles of something nice to drink to while away the hours.
  14. Thanks for the excellent advice and suggestions , very much appreciated . once I hear the requirements needed from the police I will report back to anyone interested before it go in the melting pot , or like the above member mentioned , the auction. All the best and STAY SAFE
  15. Hello, good post Gordon, I thought it was watchable but did not have that Edge as some other dramas that ITV show, there's a new Drama on BBC 2 29th this month, and some more series of past Dramas are worth looking out for,
  16. Ahh I see ok that’s not a bad idea. I tend to just write my vermin count down as I go through the year.
  17. The cost of de-activation is now a lot of money. On a SBS the barrels must be slotted and have steel plugs welded in the chambers. The action must have the breech face(s) drilled so that it can no longer support a cartridge. The trigger linkage between the triggers and whatever they "trip" to fire the gun must be destroyed and the (I think) the triggers then welded into the trigger plate. Finally the fore-end iron must be welded to the front loop of the barrel so that the gun can no longer be broken down into its three elements of barrel, fore-end and stock and action. Having done ALL that the
  18. For sale Optisan EVX 3-12x44 scope, comes with Sun shade and packed in original box. Illuminated reticle, side parallel , excellent condition. Great scope for HFT or hunting £150 posted. If interested please pm me for pics. Thanks for looking
  19. Hello, looks like I'm just a new comer , only about 6 years, but nearly 10,000 content 🤔 , I must get out more 🙄😁
  20. Gordon R

    The Bay

    My wife and I watched the first series - I found it fairly dire and badly written. My wife put it on the TV tonight and, against my better judgement, I said i would give it another try. Morecambe should be flattered by its depiction, but the writing has not improved. A man was murdered in his own home, so the Police decided his wife should be moved to a "safe house". She was taken in a BMW X5 in full Police livery, to a bed and breakfast on Morecambe promenade. As she got out to enter the place, she was shadowed by a Firearms Officer , with what looked like a Heckler and Koch. They
  21. If you are allowed to keep the barrels I'd love to buy them to practice browning methods on.
  22. Would you take £80 posted at all please
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