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  2. Good shot?

    ENG v SCO.

    Hopeless, cannot kick a ball forward and absolutely no spark or skill to be seen. It is no wonder I am not a football fan.
  3. ALL makers have issues with their guns and Blaser are no exception. Browning - B25 trigger problems and constant striker replacement. Perazzi - questionable workmanship to ribs. Kreighoff - rattling good fit barrel to action. Where do you stop!
  4. Gordon R

    ENG v SCO.

    Truly awful. How can we hope to win a tournament with the thickos we chose?
  5. Have run a 90 for the last 14yrs and apart from normal wear and tear (mine spends 50/50 on and off road working hard) I have had no problems and it is now on 220,000. Engine running a bit rough on petrol at the moment which needs sorting but still gets me around. Tyres, break pads, discs, a set of rear wheel bearings and a couple of drive shaft joints. I had a galvanised chassis fitted and because the engine and gearbox had to come out to do the job I had a new clutch fitted at the same time. As said this motor works for it's living, hauling trailers and taking me over some interest
  6. I have been using Gamebore eco 21g no8 shot and they are the best cartridges I have used. They are about £185 a thousand
  7. I have four sites sitting unvisited at the moment due to a) the Landie is not well and b) I have had gout in my right hand for five days. It is now slowly easing so hope to be out and about again soon. Two feeders where cleaned out so looks promising.
  8. That's exactly what I would advise. I'm not convinced there is that much difference in performance with modern cartridges that an average shooter would notice. Especially at skeet distance. The only noticeable differences would be recoil and possibly speed, that's why you should try and stick to one cartridge you can find a steady stock at a reasonable price. Once you switch around, that difference in recoil can play mind games with you. But cheap and plentiful will do for all but the most professional of shooters. A cheap cartridge will out perform an average shot.
  9. Today
  10. You have sort of answered your own conundrum when you stated that you do not use each calibre much. It probably means you still have a ways to go on finding the limit of their usefulness. I have an even greater range of calibres and uses for them all so I would suggest you keep all you currently have and add more cabinets and calibres. Fed up with the bs I keep reading about the .17hmr ammo by folk wishing to appear knowledgeable, I have not had a problem in 10000 rounds + and know several pest controllers who do a lot of rabbits and use more ammo in a year than I do in 10 who have a
  11. I'm like this at big wood, it's far easier getting to the feeder at the bottom than the top, I was dripping last week.
  12. Browning T Bolt Plastic Trigger Assembly wanted if any one has one of these left over from changing out for one of the retrofit Jard upgrades
  13. Correct. It will be held, I think, if and that's a big if, the blowhards at BASC take it to judicial review as "Wednesbury unreasonable". But given how BASC couldn't follow up their spaff and blather of Johnson like proportions over some police chiefs requiring 100% additional GP input on FAC/SGC renewal with a judicial review I wouldn't hold your breath.
  14. Some make of slugs work straight off , but others can be a pain to get them to work . H&N slugs 21gr are fantastic, but through FXcrown running at 925-930 FPS
  15. Mary Whitehouse ...perchance ?
  16. I don't begrudge whoever is working on the accommodation side on a Sunday morning when they are dealing with all the complaints about noise from the shooting ground waking them up. Which will happen on a weekly basis.
  17. Hi I’m not on Facebook please send me the details if possible thanks
  18. ianspire

    Midas choke

    12G modified midas choke wanted, thanks Ian
  19. Possibly this, it would be foolish of the industry to ignore changes in consumers views, the sooner they can adjust the sooner they'll be better off. There will always be a meat market but failing to plan is planning to fail.
  20. Hi I have 2 x 3/8ths l/m invector plus chokes,1 briley extended, and 1 teague super extended for sale looking for£60 plus £3 p/p thank you.
  21. sorry Simon Ive got it wrong and will edit my post
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