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  2. pork chop

    Artemis pp700

    As above ,prefer 177
  3. Better to ask to see a pic of their mum in case you are there dad. Soon shuts them up.
  4. Yeh buddy but not on this ,it was just on the bench Cheers buddy,I’ve got five sets coming .Seem to remember reading something about new bands failing
  5. Yesterday
  6. We booked a last minute diving trip to,weymouth went down to breakfast in the morning and it was all a bit weird glares as we walked into dining room nobody talking to us it was a Matchbook collectors convention! my mate called them Matchboxes and they went 🦍 💩
  7. Something similar came recommended to my YouTube once. Someone stateside was was having trouble with poaches and set a similar trap. The reaction was priceless lol.
  8. its not only that i think a lot of shooters just like being out in the countryside i know i do besides the shooting, and this situation being stuck in makes it worse
  9. I thought loo rolls were bad, but has anyone tried buying dried active or fast action yeast? I can’t find any anywhere. Strong white flour is almost as bad. It seems everyone in the world has taken up bread making.
  10. weebster

    ipad mini

    1st generation ipad mini 16gb wifi,was wifes old ipad but since bought a newer bigger screen one thie mini has been reset to factory settings and ready for new owner complete with box but no charger/cable but usb cables easy enough to find on amazon/fleabay ...posted tracked & signed for. The line you can see in pic 3 is the washing line not a crack :oldgrin:....been in a case from day one and in vgc for age £50 https://i.imgur.com/LZ9v9k1.jpg https://i.imgur.com/855gxYL.jpg https://i.imgur.com/5NIojeE.jpg
  11. I remember watching a program where some guy had these paint mines made and planted them in his garden after being robbed repeatedly, he used like a UV paint so that the suspect could be identified by the peelers using a black light after stepping on one and filling his trunks after the boom. so even if he changed into fresh skiddies he would still show up under the black light with it staining his skin.
  12. My dad was a stickmaker , sadly passed away with cancer , used to show and judge , i used to cut his shanks every year for him , but didnt really part take in stickmaking , knew the basics and process from idly watching him and talking , so i kind of fell into it , inherited his bits and bobs , so started having a go , probably my 3rd year now , trust me , always something to learn , nothing goes to plan , if a horn is going to well , usually bites you with a blow hole or crack, then what you think is junk turns out something nice , the old man was really good on the rams horn, im going to try and get stuck in next couple of months , do like working with the wood , love the colours, i sold a couple this season to a few guns , but thats about it , loft full of sticks, great pastime , slow and steady , as said always something to learn and improve on.....
  13. That, Sir is taking stick making to another level. Makes my amateurish efforts pale into insignificance. Wonderful craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing your skill with us. OB
  14. Holland's 1922 Patent. Holland's spring tube was a sublime design of pure genius. Did with three parts what Beesley (as in the Purdey) did with a whole basket full of limbs, springs, cams, lifters and levers! I had a pair of 16 bore single trigger sidelocks with Holland's spring tube system. Somerton Guns which were actually top end Arietta guns. My two French boxlocks, Manufrance Model 28E one in 12 bore and one in 16 bore have the Saint Etienne version of it. The picture below of it I've posted isn't of either of my guns however it of a Model 28E from the internet.
  15. My 65 12 for deeks 30 for freinds 23 freezer the other chap was the keeper he took his with him. He had phoned police and got the ok.
  16. Despite the content of some of my posts on other threads I'm also staying put for now while steps are taken to get solid documentation rather than just a verbal agreement that I get benefits which amount to payment in kind for my most local pest control duties nearly a mile away by foot - or about 2 miles to a vehicle entrance. Until Walker570's post came along I had been making inroads to concealing a short barrel HMR under a poncho and walking there. I now feel more confident about travelling the two miles in a 4WD. I get the feeling that some shotgun only user posters on other threads don't realise that rifle users have to earn and maintain a reason for having not only firearms - but a reason for each calibre too - or lose their licence. Some of us simply cannot risk neglecting some permissions in case we lose one or more to the sale of a farm for example. Some of those who feel we recklessly want to get out just for sport are barking up the wrong tree.
  17. I got to say the humour on pigeon watch is first class 👍
  18. i know that feeling , was thinking of making a card/rake , seen it on you tube , looks handy .....
  19. Another bet on coamoxiclav here.
  20. I thought of this thread today clearing some nettles and brambles with the mower. It’s a bog standard mount field, I just set the wheels to give it maximum height and took it slow. The brush cutter would have probably been quicker if the job was in isolation but I already had the mower out and running for the lawn.
  21. I've got a proper file card for cleaning them.....can't find it though
  22. still amazes me how folk interact on this forum...........................just imagine going to an international spoke key convention...just ingine the conversation..
  23. I’m 38 I look in the mirror and notice the greys are bunching together but I’m not my dad, my grandad possibly but I’d be proud to be my dad . My boy looks like me tho . My lads at work were born after I left school and Infact went to school with ones Mum and the others uncle as that’s how he got the job. My sister passed away 22 years ago and I look and realise I’ve been without her longer than I had her which is upsetting. My oldest has 2 years left in school 😮. my lads at work call me old 😂😂. How is 38 old My mate said to me the other day “ you know we’re over halfway through our lives” funny I don’t worry about that . I just hope I don’t cause upset for those behind I used to get Id’d in the clubs when I was 30 but my mates were 21 and walked in .
  24. about 15 years ago I remarked to one of the girls in the office who was busy typing on a pc linked to a laser jet printer- 'you know I used to have to find a spare type writer then type it out in triplicate with carbon paper'?. Her response-'Whats carbon paper?'. I was about 33 at the time. f.
  25. Probably juvenile/non-breeders who will hang around socially. Any breeding pairs should be down on eggs at this time of year.
  26. hello, have seen those, thanks
  27. What did you end up doing with the 110 pigeons that were shot ? OB
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