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  2. They are useless, just go in and ask for a print out of what they have in. Then ignore half of that list and you might get close. It seems they do have stupidly cheap clearence carts at times, last year some steel carts were £4 a box Just checked I can't see them either, error come up
  3. I am not saying I support Pelosi / the Democrats. When I criticise a politician the partisans assume I am promoting their opposition. However, back to Trump, no one is infallible - surely you must accept that he has made some big mistakes?
  4. I make a 1-2-3 pickle: 1 dl vinegar 2 dl sugar 3 dl water Mix cold, add veg. /M
  5. No idea, never very good on price or keeping stock. You could of course ring the nearest branch and enquire!
  6. I am amused that the title of this thread seems to have caused more outrage than the awful event itself! France is now reaping what it sowed. The other recent event was caused by a chap who had reportedly only been in the country for 2 days.
  7. Today
  8. Went on Mole Valley website to look at shotgun cartridges all that came up was a blank page , have they stopped selling them or just an error on website?
  9. Welcome to the forum bud, enjoy 👍
  10. Totally agree with the above. Today's players(?) go down if they get a hang-nail.
  11. Now this was a footballer that would put today's pussys to shame, can you even imagine the sight of Nobby rolling around in agony because some idiot decided to clip his ankle???., God help the idiot I say!!, RIP Nobby.
  12. Mice!

    Elm hedges.

    I'm often surprised how bad the hedges look after they've been cut/smashed, I always try to be really careful leaving clean edges, but the hedges always look good again the year after?
  13. Jim Neal

    Elm hedges.

    Set a reminder on your phone for 18 months' time to go and look at it again. It would make a very interesting comparison. I have never seen elm hedges round here, I see a lot of beech hedges, particularly copper beech, and they look splendid when well managed.
  14. Just watched a clip of him being shot - not such a manly hero when lead starts hitting him is he?
  15. "Killings in the city of Nice, France" would have been a less alarming title, but hey, but it made me wonder what the... ! The cycle will go around and around unfortunately.
  16. My wife is a nurse. The policy is any and all COVID symptoms are marked and treated as Covid.
  17. So doctors, nurses, coroner's etc in America are falsifying patients treatment and death certificate to fraudulently claim money from the government. I think you are buying Trumps BS regarding CV19 death numbers, and conspiracy BS regarding hospitals falsifying numbers. Debunking the False Claim That COVID Death Counts Are ... www.scientificamerican.com ›
  18. Goes on in a few European countries big money bet on it however I’m not sure on the historic rules and bore size
  19. Zapp

    diana 52

    Lovely looking rifles these
  20. you have all lost the plot................the slime and the water needs to be removed from the onion whatever you do to it......... peel your onions first...wipe dry.....then put them in a plastic or clay bowl..and throw a good handful of salt over them ...then a quick mix and leave them in the fridge overnight....and you will see why.......in the morning all the slime and water will be in the bottom of the pot.... take the onions out wipe off and THEN......do your recipe....you can leave them in the jar (if you are doing ordinary pickled onions)...for 5 mths and they will still have
  21. Well good new, after calls of racism Walmart will be putting the guns and ammo back on the shelves.
  22. Yesterday
  23. I bought my Hoggs tweed off this very site - doubt that any amount of money could make it any better than it already is - wore it earlier this week in heavy rain whilst out with the Dogs, totally waterproof and warm to boot I can honestly say that without it the Dogs would have missed their daily hour and a half stroll despite me having several "modern" waterproof/goretex alternatives.
  24. I mate some nice young ladies when I briefly lived in Brum, but by god they weren’t a patch on the Scandinavian women I met when working abroad 😮 Bloody man eaters!! As regards to pickles onions, just buy Garnier’s. They’re the best.
  25. It still goes on in parts of America. There's bound to be some videos to watch online.
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