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  2. Bargain for someone.
  3. Good luck! Looks like you could get the best of the weather as well 🤞👍
  4. Well still no light at the end of the tunnel, went and looked at my Range Rover and it’s still inside with all the front end striped out. The part they have been waiting for has still not turned up and they said they were not very hopeful of it arriving this week and they did not know when. I have now spoken to the ombudsman who said they will now look into it as I have complained to the insurance company who have now closed my complaint telling me I have to wait, I have never used them before so let’s see if anything happens.
  5. I’ll have this please if it’s available, PM me me payment details
  6. Knight - Sidelock £350 12 gauge Shotgun Trade Seller Used - Very Good Condition Welshpool, Powys Side by Side, -, -, 28" barrels Description Nice traditional English sidelock. Very well looked after. Nice wood, pretty gun. REF PG1931 This gun is being sold by Pigeon Watch member Powys Guns. Message them here View the full article
  7. Revo - K200 Duck Blind Model B £325 12 gauge Shotgun Trade Seller Used - Excellent Condition Welshpool, Powys Over and Under, Multi Choke, Multi Choke, 28" barrels Description Not seen much use, comes with all the original bits, chokes, ABS case etc. Nearly straight stock, chambered for 3 1/2". REF PG1897 This gun is being sold by Pigeon Watch member Powys Guns. Message them here View the full article
  8. Would it be possible for every one on pw to form a group like BASC and get our feelings felt. Plus get a discount on insurance and other cost as we all seem to be getting nothing in return for our fees. As i amazed our at times you guys have come together to help each other that shows PW is great.l
  9. Docleo

    Cheddite elite

    Try to give them a call 👍 http://new.ersg.com/contact
  10. It (or something very similar) is also available in iOS, and there is an App called House Papers that details the actual white/green etc papers (presumably, I haven't downloaded it)
  11. Holds 130/30 brand new unused i won one in a raffle and one was a present looking for 55quid each posted
  12. I have found an old Russian airgun, it fires but I have never used it, was given it 15 yrs ago. If anyone would like it to tinker with then it's completely free but collection only from Dn8 (doncaster area)
  13. Deekers if you get stuck sourcing the correct bar mixer reducers. You could use a 3/4" bsp female back plate elbow and a 3/4" bsp stainless steel close tapered pipe nipple to come out the wall to your bar mixer.
  14. Cheers Lakeside, all noted. I think we saw the good numbers moving around, just may have been a little too late to the feeding party! My mate hit a cracker downwind within 5 minutes and we thought that would be the start of a good day... it just sadly didn't materialise that way. Won't stop me trying. Out again on Sunday so hoping for some better conditions, the right spot and a solid bag.
  15. lazybones

    ags swat

    on the look out for a ags swat scope, 4x16 side focus 30" tube cheers
  16. Hello all a bit of background to this head got a call from a farmer I know said he was having trouble with deer in his barley field. I said I would have a look, when I did there was 24 hinds there and a 22 point stag. Went up next night about 7 30 jumped the gate walked up to next field deer tracks everywhere, walked along ditch stopped 10 yards in,was only standing 3 mins and he appeared. Quickly got the 270 on the sticks and bang shot in the neck at 25 yards.As you can see he was a 12 pointer a baby and weighed 188 kg dressed out oh my back.The head will be bleached and antlers polished and mounted and given away to a landowner I do a bit of shooting for more photos to come from that thanks from paddyscot
  17. If you have an Android Phone there is an app in playstore called Commonsvotes which gives the details of the votes including who voted which way.
  18. 16Gb!, that is only 4 dvds worrth of data, just burn a few copies, they cost pennies and will likely out-last you by many years. You could even burm to blue ray, they take 25Gb each and cost maybe £1 a piece. Every 10 years or so you can sit down with your pile and move them to the latest and greatest system. RS
  19. Most brands of invector + chokes use the same Browning type key, Teague chokes have their own.
  20. If that was all the bother you got into 18yrs ago you will be perfectly fine
  21. Problem with .410 carts they are quite tight in the barrel once fired ejectors on some guns have problems ejecting them.
  22. Today
  23. Thing is with some of these orgs such as BASC they are barely proactive on shooting issues and certainly being less reactive with individual issues like what’s happened here. Time and again I’m seeing “they told me to pay”, “don’t rock the boat”, “we can’t go any further with this” etc etc... I’m glad I’m not wasting my money for advice or legal that never materialises!
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