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  2. I’ve seen that a couple of times on older Audi A3’s. ive just fitted a complete second hand A/C pump inc clutch to keep the cost down for the customer. One thing to watch for that the old pump hasn’t shed loads of metal filings into the system as that can cause problems for the replacement pump
  3. Yeah, the finches have had a rough few years, plenty of Goldfinch locally, but have only seen one Chaffinch and one Greenfinch on the garden feeders all winter.
  4. True - the lawyers will take a large slice, then I suspect the 'dealers' much of the rest.
  5. And she also recently spoke out about her support of black people looting shops as payback for slavery.
  6. Never mind how many millions, they will soon be back on skid row and some businesses will benefit. What comes around goes around.
  7. My friend bought a new lander sporter just after they had gone bust. It’s had lot of cartridges through it now never been serviced and has never missed a beat. I’ve taken it many times crow shooting fits me really well. At £400 for one of them in 20b I’d say it’s bargain. Think he payed £800 for his in 2012 ish
  8. Fantastic shooting well done. Blackpowder
  9. Superb photos, very sharp dog?
  10. Well, I purchased a Jag X Type Estate AWD for £4000 with 54.thou on the clock one lady owner full service history. I have been overjoyed with it. Lovely car to drive and will come up trumps when you need to nip past that slow truck. OK it is our best car so mileage is irrelevant. I honestly cannot see the sense in laying out another 20 grand on four wheels when I could spend that on days of shooting enjoyment. The new Jags do look nice though
  11. Like many things in America - things are dressed up as 'social issues' but really - it's all about the Dollars. The BLM founder has built a huge property portfolio from contributions from her supporters. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/patrisse-cullors-blm-founder-home-b1832846.html
  12. Hi everyone Just wondering how much I should expect to pay for pheasant chicks?
  13. That was predictable as soon as we saw his luxurious coffin. Strikes me a somewhat better martyr could have been chosen.
  14. They have vanished from here in west Leicestershire but I was overjoyed to see a pair of Greenfinch enjoying the peanuts I had put in my live trap catges and also a pair of chaffinch. Let's hope they have youngsters and the nasty disease is history for a while.
  15. It's his relatives and their supporters who are celebrating. They have just got the equivalent of having won the lottery.
  16. 100% plus but of course no snowflake liberal lefties wish to look at that side of things, the criminal is always in the right.
  17. as the court has established floyd is the VICTIM here some decorum is definitely in order
  18. (Most) Americans don't 'do' decorum! Why is a waster and petty criminal worth $27M compensation?
  19. Ah, I see - could have been celebrated with a bit more decorum
  20. I believe they have a MASSIVE compensation claim - which will almost automatically be valid if he was guilty. I heard $27M https://news.sky.com/story/minneapolis-city-council-to-pay-27m-settlement-to-george-floyd-family-12244130
  21. If you've ever eaten wild salmon caught on rod and line (as I did when my father fished the Teifi) then pretty much you'll never buy farmed salmon. Pink soggy cotton wool mush it is in comparison with the wild caught river fish that is firm and solid in its flesh.
  22. Tough. Don’t take illegal drugs then - that’s on him. But I do agree Chauvin should have been found guilty. What is odd is the family celebrating...if Floyd wasn’t a criminal scumbag on drugs, he wouldn’t be dead so where’s the victory. the bbc just reported that the conviction is a demonstration of America’s systemic racism...I don’t see how, it just shows one dodgy cop killed a criminal, no racial element has been proven
  23. The police report said he was 'under the influence', so may not have been behaving rationally.
  24. This. when criminals stop resisting arrest and fighting with cops, they’ll stop getting shot as frequently.
  25. who needs any guidance with it all on video no doubt same people pretending this bully was not caught bang to rights will be applauding the video showing the 15yr old lunatic trying to stab someone was justifiably shot which was clearly the case
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