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  2. Awful news, thoughts are with his wife and child ❤️
  3. I believe the licencing of air weapons is a good thing. If every incident involving an air weapon is recorded and categorised as 'gun crime', just how much less gun crime would there be if air weapons were licenced? The statistics would be tipped a lot more in favour of genuine shooters. Every year we hear of incidents where cats, dogs, swans etc are shot with legally held air weapons, but it isn't the likes of you or I doing it. It's the local vacuous contingent who really shouldn't be allowed access to air weapons in the first place. If the level of gun crime continues to rise, there's a risk of further kneejerk reactions that could be extremely damaging to our sport.
  4. Sporting Scene sold pending payment 👍🏻
  5. Sad new Lloyd. My condolences to you and his family.
  6. Thats called splodge where i come from, packet soup, add dried onions or mushrooms thicken to porrige consistency with instant mash, add tin of mince, meatballs, chicken or whatever, add tin of mixed veg or baked beans
  7. I'll also take this as the sort of thing that shapes my view of the world. The problem being, when I say the BiL of a chap on PW said this or apparently or according to, some may take that as heresay might they not?
  8. Just been watching 3or 4 hundred pigeon and crow's on a field of flat spring barley but he won't let me shoot it as he has someone go. Can't even shoot them heading to the field as they fly well past were I have permission.
  9. Looking down the barrel, the step from the original bore to the choke tube looked a lot bigger than I would have imagined.
  10. They're already up! It's the one I'll miss the most, to be honest. But in fairness it doesn't get used, so why hang onto it.
  11. Many thanks. Yes, as you say, we do need to be careful on this one. I do hope the new GLs will not be too prescriptive, probably wishful thinking. Grockle !!!! I lived in a Cornish village for three years and when I left they said "for an emmet you're not bad" An honour. It didn't spoil me. I still have my cream on first.
  12. With pigeons known to nest every month of the year and can bring up to three broods off throughout this period I don't think a shortage of pigeons in the ops area would be purely down to half of them sitting on a nest . Some places just don't hold big numbers and for those places that do hold a good amount are normally in a good farming area with plenty of roosting woods , if they have got somewhere safe to roost and a good supply of food then they are happy to stay where they are and have got no reason to move elsewhere , mind you , if they are getting a lot of stick then they might move on to somewhere a bit healthier
  13. Conor , A couple of questions that I would like answers to please . 1. Why was this podcast started before the communications was correctly connected ? 2. What was the cost to BASC to have the Media Centre built ? 3. Why is the Media Centre not utilised for communication with the Press , Media & Membership ? Thank you .
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  15. I don't think a single license is a bad idea but when it comes to FAC guns ground clearance is could be an issue. I personally think licencing air rifles is now a waste of time. It's one of those things where the whole system needs updating, but that's then an open door to far more unnecessary restrictions.
  16. I have had the misfortune to be involved in three car accidents and made three injury claims. Two were via firms who had advertised on TV. One is still running the advert and they passed the claim onto a Manchester firm. In criminal cases, they have an excellent reputation, but I found them amateurish. The third was a solicitor about 1/2 mile from my home. He was recommended by a member of my staff - who is his brother-in-law. Different league. Slower than the other two but more thorough, which was reflected in the payout and far easier to deal with. If you can find a good local solicitor, that would be my choice.
  17. I'm really confused now. In responding to my post you were greeting Charlie T. I know how it happened - our Devon Colours are designed to confuse the grockle and the foggy dews. As far as I'm aware Charlie raised no question - just made a couple of good and valid points. However, enough. To answer your question, I agree with you entirely. We do need to be careful on this one.
  18. You mean this? Not convinced... It's stationary for one thing and it looks like there's an out of focus pole connecting it to the ground. Much like the street lamp pole in direct foreground. Did you have a read of the wikipedia article I posted, dedicated specifically to Ammonium Nitrate going boom? 30 major incidents from all over the world, killing up to over 500 people at a time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammonium_nitrate_disasters
  19. North Wales Shooting ground?? They have offers for multiple tokens which can work out around £26/100 Catton Hall is £24/100 (although they put 10% on the card) practice, £30 birds only and £35 competition
  20. As far as I can tell no posts have been removed or altered by moderators on this thread. BASC cannot censor content on PW, there is no affiliation between the two.
  21. The bit i saw (lots of stuff stuck to my screen) looked like what ever it is/was was between the car and the blast, so wouldn't think there is much chance finding much of it!
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