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  2. I immagine that for this extreme shoot the guns are in a valley and the pheasants flight between two high points, something like two hills, correct? If you mesure the "height" of the hill from the valley (is there a different way?) you are not mesuring the actual height but the distance between you and the high point of the hill. It is a distance because you're not able to take a perpendicular mesurment (there is a slope). If the slope of the hill is 50 degrees (very steep) and you're mesurment says 80 yrds, when the birds is perpendicular on your head it would be 62 yrds high (if my math is correct 🤔) I'm just trying to understand, really. Did I assumed something wrong?
  3. ladyjack

    Aim Cam 2

    Do you know if they will go over prescription glasses
  4. Oh I completely agree, but we should not go down the Tony Blair route and expect everybody to go to University!
  5. Need to look at both hands and eyes as the majority have a dominant one of each and not always on the same side. A right handed cast gun will be difficult to use for a left hander with a left dominant eye. Ifhe was left handed but right dominant eye you were going for another 12b then i would have suggested a Bennelli 828 ou as shim kit would allow both to use by altering fit for who is using it that day similar to a lot of Semiautos. Otherwise it is seperate guns to be fair to your son.
  6. This ^^^ With the proviso that we must keep pushing the overall standard of education achieved by the population as a whole. Education (degree or otherwise) is about so much more than simply improving employment prospects.
  7. Kennel club insurance doesn't cover working dogs. PetPlan does and have been great for me, one dog had a £6,000 bill 18 months ago and they paid it without question and the policy hardly increased the following year.
  8. ditchman


    dont ask you know you will be disapointed...........
  9. JDog - totally agree. My post wasn't really about access to education but how well brought up individuals can be detached from what are perceived as real world issues. Like I said, I was generalising massively in lieu of writing a history essay on the Landed Gentry v the Serfs etc. It was about the perception of rich v poor, upper class v working class and north v south. They are all well documented `them and us` scenarios. I believe that Parliament is heavily influenced by that, hence my earlier statement that a lot of people in Westminster can be detached from the `real world`. I still believe, through life experience, that a being born into money makes a big difference in terms of your informative years and ultimately where a lot of people end up in life. Doesn't make them `better` but their views of what is/isn't a trauma/drama may be different. As much as everyone is entitled to an education, I'm not sure that everyone can afford £15-£20k a year, per child, to send their kids to private schools. Doesn't necessarily make them any better but it gives them a good step up in life (the old boy network seems to like a good Eton/Harrow education). A lot of politics and industry circles are based on networks, who you know (went to school with) etc etc. It's just an opinion - not trying to alter anyones views. It may be narrow, but it's just an opinion.
  10. Aled and Discobob, you both have it right to my mind. A successful education is the right one for the individual, it’s not about having a particular degree or a 1st from an Oxbridge or Ivy League uni. What makes it successful and right? The fact that it enables the individual to take advantage of opportunity afforded to them, to make better of their own abilities and deliver value into their own lives and the lives of others. That value isn’t necessarily financial either.
  11. ladyjack


    Yeah wondered how long it would be before morons surfaced Well said dutchman.
  12. Hi. This is my rifle Price reduced to £750.
  13. Hi, we are a small syndicate based near Banchory Aberdeenshire and are looking for a couple of experienced pickers up for this coming Saturday 16th Nov. Our expected bag will be in the region of 80 pheasants and possibly a few partridges. Please message me or give me a call on 07970 829944 if you are interested. Thanks Murray
  14. My son (13) is left and I am right. I was looking to use my 12 bore less and share a 20 bore with my son and had my eyes on a Silver pigeon 1. I am aware these models are handed but my question is if I bought a right hand SP1, will my son being left handed be ok to use it. Any recommendations and comments will be appreciated.


    Bit of what, or should I not ask?
  16. I guessed that was the one buy only cause it was listed as .20 There seemed to be a lot of cartridges listed, were any actually worth having?
  17. Absolutely bang on disco Bob. And well done, sounds like you've had an interesting time, cant be many folk who have been in the Army and Raf, and nearly the Navy.
  18. Farmboy91


    It was their idea, I'm heading to your neck of the woods Saturday so they thought it best I worked myself up to it a bit....
  19. I remember a mate having a Gat gun taking it up on the downs and seeing the pellet veering off course in the wind
  20. Sift through the **** is all. I wanted the goldstar as it was a awful beaten up lump, maybe the worst condition bsa ive seen in recent years, i was out bid to 60. It went for 70. Also a ultra se, rusty but holding air which most gauges dont do in auctions, i left at 170 it went for 180. If youve looked, youll see what i paid, its labelled as a crossman. Im not kidding, they are ******* useless at labeling guns, always get it wrong. My fx cyclone was a essex in the catalog. Got that for 260 last year.
  21. Great Video, really enjoyed watching. Thanks Mick
  22. ditchman


    have the social services been informed ?
  23. Thank you, much appreciated. I checked out that catalogue and it looked a good auction, wouldn't have minded being able to go to it.
  24. You may think this is going off topic but please bear with it I messed up at school and missed out on a technical apprenticeship in the RAF - I ended up joining the Army as an Operator in the Royal Signals just when a new field communication system was being introduced (Ptarmigan) and a lot of the work I was doing was the same as Technicians. I left after my year for the queen + 3 years man service. I then applied for the Navy as a Artificer (5 years training inc. a degree plus commission) but I had to be in by my 21st birthday. I couldn't due to my last day of Army service being the day before this birthday. I ended up joining the RAF as a Direct Entry Technician - this only garnered my an ONC, although I just missed out on getting a place at Shrivenham Defence Academy (University) . I then battled and got day release at college towards the end of my service and done a HND which got me launched on my civilian career, supported by my military service. I am a big believer in education - the RIGHT education. Noa days - and I see it with my kids who are in 6th form and Year 4 (GCSE's) - all I can see is that children are encouraged to continue on the education path be it whatever - to then go to University to study a nonsense degree - get sidled with debt (which some will never repay and their debts are written off - against the tax payer) while parents are means tested towards the cost of their accommodation etc.. while kids with parents on benefits get the equivalent of the living wage to pay for their University ancillaries. Again a lot of these will be doing degrees that are nigh on useless, or even if they are not, there are so many going through Uni that the competition for any jobs is tremendous and a lot don't end up in the career they wanted to do. I know of someone who got a first in Law from one of the top Uni's - they are now a teacher due to being unable to get any employment in the Law field!! In fact, a lot of employees are really unhappy at the level of Uni Graduates and some are now looking towards the Higher Apprenticeships, 6th form or even school leavers for their staff where right. All this kids going to Uni is to keep the kids off the unemployment queues, indirectly taxing their parents and giving a lot of kids false hope. I will reiterate my earlier statement - THE RIGHT EDUCATION
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