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  1. I've been out of pigeon shooting for some years, and having restarted now after retirement I'm absolutely bloody gobsmacked at the amount of people I've come across just wandering about the fields I'm  shooting. It must be a new thing as I can honestly say that when I was a regular shooter before I never experienced it, only the other day a woman with 3 little uns and 2 dogs came wandering across the field probably a mile and a half from the nearest footpath, when i challenged her i was told to "**** off i walk here every week" and that I should be ashamed of myself for frightening her kids with that banging. Do we not have enough bloody hoops to jump through with footpaths,  roads , houses and livestock to consider when out, without people wandering about where they shouldn't be, so can anyone tell me if this is commonplace or is it just rural Kent that full of bloody self righteous walkers?

  2. I've got 2 auto 5's a 61 which has the smaller year prefix numbers and the one above, neither tally with any of the serial no lists I've found online. I was told that guns manufactured for the European market were numbered differently than those for the us market that's why they dont tally as most of the list are of us origin

  3. 33 minutes ago, point and shoot said:

    Hi gents, I have been trying to date my A5 but without much luck. All of the above doesn't get me anywhere.mine is marked as follows. In small size 59 thenin larger size 7650. Any thoughts please.


    I think it's a 59 Les, most of the ones I've seen, the first two small numbers are the year prefix followed by the serial no

  4. 36 minutes ago, enfieldspares said:

    One check is if the gun has an autoload feature. This came in in the 1950s I think. If the gun is empty and the bolt back with the breech open insert a cartridge the NORMAL way from underneath. The gun will autoload itself loading your fresh cartridge directly into the chamber.


    If Belgian proofed you can work out the date, pretty much, from the receiver proof marks.

    https://photos.smugmug.com/Belgian/Proof-Marks/i-zRPkSfH/0/790724f3/L/Belgian date codes-L.jpg

    Yes the gun is fitted with the speed load, I'll check out the proof marks and see if that sheds some light, thanks

  5. 21 minutes ago, Opossum said:

    According to https://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=216472 it's 1914. I used this to date my 1907 along with the useful diagrams. I'm not sure when they used the year prefix but on my 1960 model it's obviously separate to the main serial so I don't think yours is a 1946 model for example.

    Thanks, I'd like to think it was a 1914 model, however the safety on this one is at the rear of the trigger and I'm led to believe that this was only on guns produced after  ww2.

  6. Hi all , just got this old auto 5 , having looked at all the browning serial no lists it doesn't seem to match anything, normally on european a5's there are two small numbers before the serial which is the date prefix,this one has me stumped and wondered if anyone could shed some light


  7. Having been out of pigeon shooting for 20 years, and now after retirement,  re starting, I read about all this kit available, electric flappers, rotary magnets, batteries, remotes etc etc and wonder how the bloody hell do people lug all this stuff about? I thought I had a lot to carry when I only had 24 shell decoys , net ,poles carts,all in a 60 litre chemical drum , which was also your seat with rope shoulder straps I made!!!

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