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I've just bought a recoil pad which i'm going to put on my Lanber, and am after advice on the sanding down part!


I installed one on my old SBS a while ago, and markked it and ground it down off the gun, but I found that it doesn't really look right because it doesn't follow the line of the stock.


I was wondering whether it would make my life a bit easier if I taped up the stock with something to protect it, fit the pad and then grind it down on the gun.


Any help, or suggestions appreciated.



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Hi Guys,


It's looking like the best way to grind the pad is to do it fixed to the stock.


Cheers for the Youtube links, I have already seen them, but couldn't find anything on there that shows how to grind down a fairly thick 2.5cm pad.





Mark it and use whatever tools you have to take the excess off the pad.


Then fit it to the stock, tape the stock up to protect it and shape it with a file. This will allow you to the the same angles and the stock. Finish off with finer sand paper, wet and dry and wirewool.

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