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  1. Both the HW80 and the TX200 are as accurate and powerful (sub FAC) an airgun as you would ever need for bunny bashing. Both are built to very high standards and both are a pleasure to use. I would imagine if you put it to a vote, it would come out 50/50. It comes down to what type of airgun you prefer to use. Break Barrel or Fixed Barrel - under lever. It comes down to personal preference, so you would need to try both out.
  2. This made me giggle. BBC News article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/surrey/8005038.stm
  3. Hi all, Just getting back into air gunning after a break of a fair few years and joined up here to pick all your brains! I'm currently getting back into the scene by starting out with visits to my local air gun club (SEAC at Paddock Wood in Kent) and I'm looking forward to getting out on some proper permissions once my skills are honed again. Nice to see a dedicated 'Pigeon' forum. Jon
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