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  1. Hi, New member - first posting. Newbe Pigeon shooter - long time clay shooter, but gave it up due to boredom. For some reason these pigeons are'nt coloured orange or flying in straight lines ! Also I keep shouting PULL.....but it doesn't seem to be working. Been pigeon shooting for a couple of months - bit of walked up, bit of flight lines and recently got a cheap hide and some shell decoys - some success with some kills, but feel I'm lacking some of the basic knowlege. Any advise from experienced hands, or gained knowledge learnt by shooters in similar position to myself appreciated. A few immediate questions: 1:One field I shoot was sewn with Haylage a week ago. No seeds left on the field surface now and just starting to sprout - still worth a couple of hours patience ? 2:Another field of rape, which has been desimated for about two months.....still worth a punt ? How late can you shoot over rape ? Thanks to all.....
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