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  1. After some advice about ducks on our flight pond. At what sort of age is best for feeding them away from the pond and getting them up and flying?
  2. Am pretty sure the shoot i help on is not the only one to have this problem. In recent years on one of the dareas we shoot the deer are becoming a real pain with eating the wheat / kncoking over and damaging feeders. Does anyone have any useful tips on how to prevent this (Shooting the deer is not an option). Also any tips on helping prevent squirel damage would be great (Shooting is an option).
  3. Am starting to get the feeling that feeding them on the pond is an issue. Looks as if we need the lazy little **** a reason to get off the backside. Thanks for the replies. Keep them coming.
  4. The ducks are currently fed on the pond.
  5. Hi all. Am after some advice regarding ducks. On the shoot I help with we put a few duck on one of the flight ponds. We have done this for a few years now but have the same issue every year when the first shoot day arrives (Mid November). The ducks never seem to want to fly. We try and try but they will only fly a few feet. In the last couple of weeks we've been trying to get them up and flying but have been unsuccessful. Does anyone have any hints or tips that they have heard of or tried. Any help would be greatfuly received. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Had my last evening flight last night down at holbeach. The tide wasnt perfect but still manage to get a couple of widgeon. Just want to see how other peoples see how other peoples seasons have gone? There didnt seem to be as many geese about this year (Apart from Brent) as to last but plent of ducks. Probably due to the warm weather we had through November & December and the cold weather coming to late. Although not the best evening flight and it being over an hour drive from where i live, sitting on the marsh with the sun going down and the sound / sight of all the wildlife doesnt get much better!
  7. What kind of dosage for the Dextrose?
  8. Thanks for all the replies, really helpful. After speaking with local game dealer and getting advice what drugs etc are needed the birds seem to be on the up. Once again cheers for all the help / advice. Lee
  9. Having recently put the birds in on the shoot i help out on were having a few not looking good and dying (More than the odd couple as per usual). The birds seem to go into a huddle as if cold and wet (Although the weather has been fine) and the next day they have died. The seem physically fine and there's no coughing in the pen. One thing we have noticed is the crops are always empty of the dead birds. There is plenty of food in the pen with room for all the birds to get in and feed. Any advice would be gratefully received. Cheers
  10. Pilky

    Alloy Wheels

    For sale!! 16" Black Fiat Alloy Wheels, brand new condition, brand new tyres. Inbox me for more details and offers. Pictures to follow
  11. Cheers nickbeardo. Any other tips about hides and decoys etc would be very very greatfully received.
  12. When shooting Pigeons is there a particular time of day that seems to work better or is it just as and when the pigeons are about? Cheers Pilky.
  13. I spoke to this lady nice and polite. We put birds down on this area of land during the season and as you could well imagine the last thing you need is a wild labrador working in the hedges!!
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