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  1. Hi all, I live in Beverley (East Yorkshire) which is surrounded by plenty of farms. I have been clay pigeon shooting for over a year now, and am ready to try some wood pigeon shooting. If any farmers or landowners in the area would like some pest control doing (pigeons, crows, etc) please contact me by email. There are 2 of us, both responsible with insurance. We will also clean up all cartridges, and treat the area with care and respect. Many thanks for your kind help
  2. Many thanks for all your replies I bought a Miroku MK70 today, which I was told is identical to the Browning B525 (and made in the same factory), but it had a darker wood which appealed to me, and was about £100 cheaper at £995 for the basic grade. Sadly, it didin't come in a plastic case - but that doesn't bother me. I shot a box of 250 cartridges today, and it is a fine gun - the plastic butt plate does hurt the sholder, if you are shooting in just a T-shirt on a hot day like today - so maybe replace it with a more user friendly one soon. The MK70 is my "workhorse" gun, I will keep an eye out for something a bit higher grade as a second gun for driven shoots
  3. Hi paulos, Many thanks for your reply :( Yes, the Diamond is identical to the Talento in the action department, so it sounds like the same faulth to me. How old was your gun before it developed this problem? Any help in chosing a reliable new gun will be greatly appreciated - at the moment my eyes are set on the Browning B525 which is £1,050 brand new. Mirokus are also highly rated (being made in Japan), but I have lost faith in all things Italian - so Beretta, Fabarm, Perazzi, Zoli etc are not on my list. Any views on the Macnab Highlander / Lowlander range? (MACNAB)
  4. I bought a brand new Bettinsoli “Talento” 12G O/U shotgun in January this year. It has a nice stock, with plenty of engraving (machined) and gold-wash birds, etc. I chose this model because it came with 8 choke tubes – the 5 standard ones, plus 2 skeet (extended) and one extra full (extended). It is my “one gun for all occasions” – clays, game, skeet. I paid £849 which includes the VAT. The gun was working fine for the last 5 months, and was set to fire bottom barrel first. Last weekend I got bored and switch it to fire top barrel first, and it gave me a nasty shock by discharging both barrels at the same time when I first fired it. The problem persisted, more often to my mate who has a heavier trigger pull then me. I spoke to the resident gunsmith at the clay club, and he suggested that a light trigger pull may be to blame – the second barrel being fired immediately after the first. The problem is more common on older guns he said, when the sears get worn out, and cause the hammers to slip. But on a new gun it’s a sign of dodgy machining. I have now taken the gun for repair under warranty. The gun has fired no more than 3 cases of 250 cartridges = 750 cartridges, and has been carefully cleaned without allowing any excess gun oil to flow into the action and cause this hassle. The problem is that I have now lost faith in the gun – its like buying a brand new car, and finding the breaks are binding 5 months and a couple of thousand miles later. I want to swap it for a Browning B525 Grade 1, which should prove more reliable (being made in Japan), but its not a pretty gun in the basic grade with its varnished stock. It only comes with 3 choke tubes. My gun is only worth £600 in part exchange from the same shop I got it from, meaning I have lost £249 in 5 months (although some of that is down to VAT). Do I stick with the Bettinsoli knowing the same problem may return / get worse, or do I ditch the Italian rubbish and buy a decent make?
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