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  1. On 10/04/2022 at 16:55, Old Boggy said:

    I bought one of these some time ago and find it pretty useful when space is at a premium in a vehicle etc. It`s also fairly well padded.

    Is that the sort of thing that you`re after?

    Unfortunately, mine`s not for sale as it`s too useful.




    Cheers for heads up 

  2. Hope shes found a loving home 

    Just a pointer to anyone who does advertise a dog always ask a fee and its worth saying they have been speyed (even if they haven't) and no papers as it puts the unscrupulous puppy farmers off straight away 


  3. Got bought 2 of  these TACTICAL JACK bags for Christmas cracking quality bag loads of storage compartments ideal to carry all your bits to the range comes up alot bigger than description on the cop shop site looking for £40 collected from dudley 

    NOTE ****SU NOT INCLUDED IN SALE (used for size illustration only lol) 

    Internal width 12 inch

    Length 22 inch

    Depth 10inches

    Tactical bag.png


  4. 5 hours ago, steve_b_wales said:

    Cheers steve ill check it out

    3 hours ago, bottletopbill said:

    E BAY sell the balls about £7.00


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