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  1. Hi, Here we have an Atn Paladin mk 390 paladin Nv scope. Originally gunna be sold with rifle, but as i dont want to post rifle have decided to split the scope. Excellent condition, Hardly used. Comes with Ir illuminator. £300 posted Specs (link below) http://www.nightvisiongear.co.uk/Night-Vision-Rifle-Scopes-Paladin-390.htm
  2. I normaly shoot at 25 -27 yards for rabbit, as depth perception becomes a problem. With rimfire you'd prob be able to shoot out to 70+ yards no prob. You pick up alot of eyeshine but its not all that zoomed. Moon light also helps with nv. Bit more about it here. http://www.nightvisiongear.co.uk/Night-Vision-Rifle-Scopes-Paladin-390.htm
  3. why are you saying payment sent, i already paid for the item!
  4. Be Aware guys, i was going to purchase this rifle, after doing some research into the user on www.airgunforum.c**, it seems he has traded under differant account names and was banned, upon enquiring why the other accounts were banned, they told me "Getting an exact location for that user was tricky, as far as we could see it was a caravan site. One account was banned for fraud and the other for selling an illegal firearm." the prvious names were "Airgunmaster" "game" + currently "pepsi" i dont think i'll be risking a trade now.
  5. Hi guys, just wonderd if anyone would like some free vermin control, im from redruth, cornwall, and have air rifle or shotgun. Have a lot of time on my hands, dedicated, and no vermin wasted as i eat what i shoot, apart from corvids lol. Im friendly and reliable, with references if needed. thanks. will
  6. hi mate, would you split and sell just the air bottle? if so how much? thanks. will
  7. i think i have them all now, not sure but maybe 1 called "the hunter", but i think i have enough too keep me entertained. i would like to thank all for the help. a truely great community.
  8. oopse, thought it was PM. cheers for the heads up
  9. thank you once again, top notch guy! i hope to return the favour one day. willantz
  10. Great, i have read his book and watched snippets of youtube, he was a top man and had a true respect for nature. im just hoping to get see more. let me know what the dvd title is pleas mate? and what you think? chrz
  11. hi, i was just wondering if anybody could help me find "the hunters secrets by john darling" DVD. i have seen a site which sells them at £25 for vhs, but bit too expensive for me, also i have seen "getting the kill" on the ebays, and was wondering if any one has seen it? and what there thoughts are on it? which is better, hunters secrets or getting the kill? any info will be greatly appreciated. thanks
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