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  1. It`s a terrible shame about the fire. it really did knock the stuffing out of what was a great ground. Unfortunately It may be best to give it a miss... The Cambridge Gun Club is near by & it`s a very friendly club with good amount of sporting stands and a fab cafe... Well worth a look.
  2. As far as I am aware, this is "the wanted section then"... It says "wanted" at the top of the page. What section is it in your world....? Ahh!.. I also put it in the "guns and equipment" section because a lot of people look in it.. Sorry, did I do wrong?
  3. Hi all... I'm looking to buy an Invector DS IMP.CYL 1/4 choke to go with my other Invector DS IMP.CYL 1/4 choke for my 725... Anyone have a spare? Q
  4. Lovely... Count me in please. Q
  5. I'm up for it..It will be my first... Do I just turn up? Q
  6. Cheers Dibs... All makes complete sense Q
  7. Well.... Popped down to the CGC yesterday morning and knocked out 75 cartrages on the same stands (mostly pairs) with no problems what so ever... Everything fine & she shot like a dream. The only difference, was that I didn't wear gloves. I was kind of hoping that something would go wrong, but I'm very happy that it didn't. Spoke to a gunsmith about it, and he assured me that the pitting in the pin would make "no difference what so ever" Maybe it is all in my head &/or finger....!? Q
  8. I would very much like to join in. It would be my first Norfolk flush. What time does it kick off & is the shoot easy enough to find? Q
  9. Sorry.... Bisley. Bisley 12g 12 bore Shotgun Alloy Snap Caps x2 Product Features: • Bisley quality product. • Precision Alloy snap caps spring loaded. • Prevents damage to firing pin. • Pack of 2. Q
  10. When this has happened in the past, the second cartrage has not been struck. I have done the misfire drill on each occasion & then broken the gun... Maybe if (when) it does it again I should keep the gun at shoulder and just see if it fires a second time? Q
  11. I have just tested her out on some new snap caps.... The un-pitted top barrel pin left a deep precise round hole in the snap cap's centre, where as the hole that the pitted pin left is far more random and uneven and not as deep. So I feel that maybe the pin isn't striking the cartrage cap in the right place with the necessary force needed...!? Perhaps......? Q
  12. artschool.. I shall be down the local ground on Friday morning to test out the verious theory's & whatnot.. I will keep you informed of how things progress. To be honest, I'm very happy with her regardless of this little hiccup. I'm sure it will all get sorted. Q (x)
  13. How very interesting WINCHESTER SX3.. Please keep me posted on what happens. Cheers Q
  14. Cheers Shaun4860. Very helpful indeed. HDAV.. Thank you very much for all your posts... Very much appreciated. Q (xx)
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